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  1. "The new front gates for the Doomsday attraction, Welcome to Centennial Park!" - thanks to @Clayton on Facebook
  2. Is there a full list or does anyone have photos of all meal options for the Hunger Busters deal? Considering all that is available at Gotham, as per TPG's photo, I could only assume the participating outlets will have a similar amount to offer? It is a very tempting deal and would be worth the money considering how often my family visits.
  3. this pic is from tpsn facebook page I just went back and had a look, and people in the comments are shooting it down and informing him that it is a sulfur hexafluoride high voltage circuit breakers as @bluman stated above.
  4. ha ha. he only posted it last night but who knows when he actually acquired it.
  5. So it's safe to say that these are real electrical items and not part of some elaborate theming? I haven't seen the movie, but the trailer for Batman V Superman gives of the vibe that Doomsday was created with the help of electricity?
  6. Found this to be quite humorous. TPSN has posted a photo shared by another user stating "More theming has arrived at Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia For the new Doomsday attraction!" As you can see in the photo, this was taken from a car travelling on the motorway with no indication it is being transported to MW. I guess we'll wait and see what turns up on site.
  7. today's update from everyone's favourite tpsn Bonus Arkham maintenance update:
  8. Theming starting to crop up in the new area backing onto the existing amenities block
  9. You would have just missed seeing them. (Original photos posted on tpsn facebook at 11am)
  10. Well said Alex. Perhaps they could do it one slab at a time to still allow access. But I see how doing this would create havoc with foot traffic and there is no real way to get around it. There is no real spot for a temporary access path/point without jumping the hedges and trampling the garden beds. Kinda sucks that that is the only entry/exit point to that whole area.
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