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  1. Agree the risk level is not really any different from sporting matches, which were largely operating "as normal" until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately as we're seeing in Melbourne it doesn't take much to go from normal to outbreak lockdown at the moment, which is why I'm surprised that Village are powering ahead. Regardless, has been too long between haunts for me, glad this year's event is going ahead and hope to make it up there!
  2. Bearing in mind that a good portion of the target market (under 30s) are unlikely to be fully vaccinated by October, I’m surprised this is going ahead. Seems an ideal environment for a COVID superspreader event and much harder to enforce social distancing than during the daytime.
  3. Unless it's one of the smaller dive coasters, I tend to agree that B&M's offerings are probably too big for the market. Something like Vekoma's Lech Coaster or a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster would be about right size and budget-wise.
  4. Still 60+ minute waits for Superman, Scooby, GL. I guess Rivals being closed doesn’t help but it’s definitely not quiet.
  5. I might be misremembering but didn’t they start out with 7 trains when the ride was new?
  6. Green Lantern only running 2 cars today as well, is this a Covid thing or are there other reasons why the park has fewer trains running on the coasters?
  7. It’s a hard choice, probably Leviathan for me as a brand new woodie is always worth getting excited for. No doubt Steel Taipan will be a great ride, the blue fire layout is very very good, especially the final inversion which always seems to come as a surprise. Big Dipper is a bit of an unknown, looks good on paper but Intamin prototypes can be very hit and miss. Hopefully it’s at least as good as an RMC Raptor. All three will be worth a visit, 2021 is an excellent year for new rides in Australia!
  8. New theme looks great, much better fit with that corner of the park and the whole Ocean Parade/WWW area.
  9. Also true, I was more surprised at the inclusion of Africa, not a region I'd typically associate with the idea of Carnivale.
  10. “One of these things is not like the others...”
  11. That second week of March with both Jet Rescue and Storm Coaster closed on the weekdays... ouch!
  12. By "separate spinning gondola" I assume they're just talking about the spinning car at the back, a la Time Traveler's whole train, or I have missed something?
  13. Unless they manage to snag a secondhand Batman clone I don't see a B&M going in as a replacement. If not an RMC Raptor maybe a Gerstlauer Infinity would be a good fit. Would be great if they could somehow integrate the track layout with Superman's helix and make a better use of the space back there too.
  14. Genuinely excited to see a decent woodie being built here, hopefully borders are opened up once it’s ready to go.
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