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  1. Why waste time typing a paragraph when you can sum up his post in 2 words?
  2. You sure about that? Looks at least 30 Retard alert 😂 Sorry mate but c'mon you can't be serious?
  3. This thing makes humans look like ant's😂😂
  4. I didn't realise how big the gap was inbetween the 2 sections of track
  5. Anyone got a pic of track piece 55?
  6. I'll just leave this here.... MW contacting Mack and Lewa Adventure 😂 😂
  7. I think another 5-7 metres until this element reaches its maximum height. Thoughts?
  8. Judging but its size and distance from the lift hill i think we will see a very large loop just before this element. My guess is anywhere between 47-53 metres
  9. The twist got me thinking maybe it could be something like this? Btw how high is the pole they put in today it looks a good 20-25 metres?
  10. Looking at the photo from a distance the far left support at the top looks like its angled a fair bit, which means the track would have twisted. But i was wrong and didn't know how to delete my comment.
  11. Based off that last picture i wouldn't rule out an inverion like a heartline roll/ corkscrew of some sort. Wait nvm i thought the top of the big support was angled more