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  1. Omg can everyone please stop talking about the theming and other irrelevant bullshit, its seriously getting real annoying now. Lets just wait for the bloody track to arrive and be built before we even think about the god dam theme, jesus christ people have some patience!! Btw my birthday is in 5 days so it could be a good birthday suprise if the track comes then 😊😊😊
  2. The track will arrive within the next week. This might be a stupid question but is all the foundation work done??
  3. @nitromefans go back about 10 or so pages, i did a much better sketch of a possible layout given the information at the time. @Jamberoo Fan sorry mate but your 1.9km guess is way off. Realistically it would be between 1.2-1.4kms
  4. It's been a while guys, schoolies got the better of me. About the theming of the coaster, i highly doubt they would name/theme the new coaster towards wonder woman. Im not sexiest or anything (maybe a little 😉), but it would just seem a little weird IMO if the biggest and fastest ride at the park is themed towards a female superhero. I mean i wouldn't have an issue if it was themed towards her, but i just dont see it happening. She would suit a family coaster but not Australia's first hyper.
  5. The height might only be 196 feet but if the drop went underground 20-30 feet it's actually drop height would be 216-226 feet, which is considered a tall hyper. P.s im on schoolies so if you can't read this im drunk
  6. Even if construction doesnt start till march i hope the supports get delivered well before then to atleast keep everyone excited.
  7. March, Really? What more needs to be done in the next 5 months? Please explain @Jamberoo Fan My bet is late December early January
  8. anyone know how or where rcdb get their information from, because im smelling bullshit?
  9. I agree it adds a great touch to the ride, but when you're in the line for over an hour it does get quite annoying haha
  10. Dont forget these bad boys that annoy the crap out of everyone.
  11. knowing WBMW they will get three trains, but only use all three on like two days a year.LOL
  12. Well superman is 40 metres which is 131 feet, add another 21 metres would make it 61 metres 200 feet which is the height of a hyper. Anywhere from 210-230 foot is my guess Sorry @Intimidator305. but why would you add it 300 + feet when we know it's a hyper? ?
  13. B&M flyer like the one at Seaworld Orlando would be a nice addition.
  14. A giga 😉
  15. Ever since Seaworld removed the Pirate ship they haven't been the same. 😢😢