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  1. Ryande16

    The Off Topic Topic

    Okay guy's, so I've purchased the 89 dollar vip pass from the parkz home page. I just wanted to know whether the coupon code that you get work's at the entry, or do i have to print off the barcode before?
  2. Thanks for input, i will now buy the pass 😂
  3. Quick question are those 89 dollar vip passes on parkz home page legit or is it a scam?
  4. Because im around 189cm so with shoes probs 192cm. And also the line would be short as.
  5. Man i wish the limit was between 185-195
  6. She did also say the superman goes 110km/h
  7. That Greg is a legend! I love his joke about the microphone 😂😂
  8. Which superhero or villain is in front of the underwater poster?
  9. Thanks for posting this. I've lost countless hours of sleep for not seeing this photo.
  10. The first airtime hill looks to be at least 45 meters high
  11. Just giving back what i receive.
  12. No im saying that the engineers wouldn't give a shit if it looks weird as long as its safe.
  13. @AlexB are you a world class engineer who knows what there doing. NO!! so shut up.
  14. @AlexB the only thing is the ride is about 3 minutes long so i think a slow chain hill is the best bet.