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  1. Well, I really like this new coaster! It's compact and it's unique! Way 2 go Intamin!!
  2. I think it's very difficult to say what my favourite park is, but here's my top-five: 1. Port Aventura (España) 2. Six Flags Magic Mountain (California) 3. Europapark (Deutschland) 4. Universal Studios Hollywood (California) 5. Walibi Belgium (België)
  3. My favorite indoor coasters are the Winja's Fear & Force in Phantasialand (Germany). It are Maurer Spinning-coasters and they have a great theme!
  4. You certainly need to visit Universal Studios Hollywood! They're great. SFMM is good for the thrills.
  5. Well, Marine World is a nice park, it's not really big, but they have a cewl woodie and they have Zonga!! Ofcourse the Medusa is very good too. If you're going to LA, I would advise you to visit Universal, Knott's and Disney/SFMM. When you go to Magic Mountain during summer-season, there'll be almost no other visitors in the park
  6. There are only ten who are still working, from which six are flywheel launched. But it's the only one in Europe
  7. It's a fine ride, but I like Rock'n Roller coaster more Also one of the finest launched coasters is the Shuttle Loop from Schwartzkopf. We're very lucky to have one in Belgium
  8. I was doubting between Wooden and Launched coasters, but voted for the launched ones. Launched: just love the speed!
  9. I'm 18. We don't have a Six Flags anymore, it'll change to Walibi Belgium (the original name). I'm gonna miss it
  10. here's a list of my coasters: 85 (and 96 inversions) Hmm, it looks to me that you guys didn't do as much coasters as the Europeans here
  11. No, everything from WB will be removed this off-season back on topic: another Intamin Rocket :eek:
  12. They also have this kind of strange towerride in Wiener Prater: http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/eas04/eas1.shtml It's a kind of Zierer swinging carrousel and a gyro drop combined. I must say, it sure gives you the creeps!
  13. "ain't he amazing" or something like that...
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