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  1. To add on here they also revealed the logos
  2. ahh 5 minutes late!!, anyway here is the full images of them
  3. I made this an unlisted video but luna park have added a video on the home page to prepare for the june opening with a nice animation snippet of Boomerang and sledgehammer and if you want to check the website out https://www.lunaparksydney.com/
  4. There is something wrong with your link
  5. I love them too and how they also have a boomerang on the front seat is also pretty cool plus I have a couple more photos to share
  6. Some photos have emerged of loopy lighthouse out of its container (credit) coastersodaa on Instagram
  7. Loopy lighthouse is now on site and looks amazing, Sledgehammers controls building is also being built now, But that’s all for today
  8. When i went to islands of adventure in june 2019 we got there at 7:30am and had to wait about 8 hours to get on Hagrid's motorbike adventure which was insane but it was definitely worth it after riding, that was on the 14th of june the day after it officially opened so i think it was expected
  9. I think that it is cool how there is a global leaderboard to see who has had the most rides at the park, I think that it will be great to bring in this app to the park and i hope it prompts other parks in Australia to get a park app down the line with the changing times, Especially Dreamworld I sent luna park a message last week and they said that they hope that by the time they reopen that restrictions are further eased and they can go back to a free entry park like they did pre covid, Fingers crossed!!!!
  10. Sledgehammers main arm is being assembled and they are finally installing boomerangs train
  11. Photos from a good mate Noah that also made those drone videos of Leviathan
  12. Boomerang testing? Might need a good eye for this
  13. That video took me 2 minutes to make 😂 Here's the more descriptive one that i make every week
  14. Sorry, I thought it doesn’t show the link and actually embed’s the video like what's down below, More track is being installed around the loop area
  15. I actually think Sledgehammer is the next ride they will build since they have that area the tidiest compared to silly sub and loopy lighthouse
  16. I think that would be the case because also if you look at this photo the concrete pavement looks to be less than 5 cm thick, but also in the concept art if you look closely in the second photo they look to have a platform over those areas which would hide Those slabs for boomerang
  17. Little nipper has been testing and we also have the coasters logo
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