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  1. For Hagrid’s Magical Motorbike Adventure, and Velocicoaster alone, I can’t deny it is the best of the two; its a shame I visited Universal Orlando right during construction of Hagrid’s But it was still an unforgettable experience!
  2. They are adding more support structure for BD as I type this, and there has been more track installed as well. IMG_2205.MOV
  3. It’s funny because this event was originally intended to just be for the trades people who worked on the new and improved Luna Park! I guess they want a bigger show XD I’ve already booked my spot
  4. Yes sir! Been on The Hunger Game Capitol Bullet Train coaster at Motiongate Dubai, another Mack triple launch coaster The intensity of the launch is not very close to a single launch going full speed. I’ve also been on Velociraptor coasted at IMG in Dubai and that’s a Blue Fire clone like ST, just it doesn’t have the triple launch, just one. So I feel as though I know what ST will be like, given I have been on the two halves of it in two other Mack coasters. I expect the twisted spike to have a better appeal, but the vertical spike on the Hunger Games coaster gave great airtime! With a faster
  5. The mirror maze could probably be making a comeback... Or something else just as special, turning older attractions into haunts. This demonstrated three haunts and probably actors that free roam the park (think Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal). I also am intrigued by Mr Bowler... Preparing for his favourite season? Intriguing lmao, might see a house dedicated to the park’s newer creep?
  6. Yeah the pay isn’t bad at all! Around $26 for all positions rn which is cool, plus penalty rates for these holidays. Fun way to help pay my way through Uni I’m keeping my remote job still because it won’t be part time until December, big work break after the holidays haha.
  7. Also, I’ve been accepted as a rides attendant tonight for Luna Park! Training starts soon! Ever since I started playing RCT3 and watching Theme Park Review on youtube 13 years ago, I never imagined it would be this real! Dreams do come true guys haha!!
  8. Just saw Sledgehammer testing and WOW! When I saw it’s gondola swing above Coney Island I just ran! Looks so awesome! Got a little vid, absolutely nothing compared to how it looks in other videos (cause of Boomerang and Loopy Lighthouse blocking a perfect view). Still though, video doesn’t do this justice. IMG_2080.MOV
  9. I’ve been on turbo track (from that vid) in Ferrari World, and honestly it feels faster and taller than what it looks like on video. The fact you can actually choose what way you face is really awesome. Now, they could of course make a completely vertical spike with a faster and snappier launch if Dreamworld so pleased. We know what Intamin is capable of, and that custom attractions are a specialty of theirs in order to fit many different parks of different sizes (take custom impulse coasters like Taron or Velocicoaster for example). I still don’t think they would do something like this though
  10. I’ve heard they can be quite loud, but it seems (from others) they either get quiet or even more noisy. Usually it’s Zamperla’s Giant/Giga Discoveries that get worse though. Let’s hope for the best lmao, thank god this isn’t a Six Flags park and they will (hopefully) look after it well XD
  11. Wow! She’s absolutely soaring! Way more intense looking than I initially thought.
  12. Haha yes! I found that out a bit ago, from others making youtube videos, actually has the same max speed as MDMC (72km/h)! Not a bad launch in my opinion, definitely something that will be achieved quickly, as the launch tracks and the entire coaster are quite compact. I expect a great acceleration! Especially since Formula Rossa’s acceleration is 1.7gs of force, which is surprisingly only around double for what this model is capable of! Being on FR myself, I can definitely say even a quarter of that acceleration is enough! For a coaster going 240+km/h having only double the Gs of force on acc
  13. Just found a translated version of a French interview with peeps from Intamin, It was from last year, but offers the specs of the Big Dipper I haven’t seen before! Idk if this had been shared here before? But I found it on Reddit. Apparently will have a height of around 24m and track length of 600m which is interesting. They did change the speed to 72km/hr, so obviously these stats might change, but they give a fairly good insight on what the Hot Racer is all about. Here’s the original article, very good read! https://amp.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/in32zb/interview_with_intamin_in_fr
  14. Won’t they reuse the original Big Dipper entrance? The building that used to be the entrance to the Tumble Bug and actually says “Big Dipper” Lmao As shown in previous designs, we can clearly see a building at the top of the original staircase, with the track going in and out of the smaller building (boarding area).
  15. Just at Luna Park now, noticed they are adding the lift cables onto Loopy Lighthouse, so we might see the carriage and top being placed back on soon if all goes well.
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