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  1. Also, I had about 10-15 people come up and ask me about Sledgehammer and Big Dipper. “Sorry, but Sledgehammer is under maintenance, and Big Dipper is still under construction”. Most people just couldn’t believe that the two star attractions were not open, but I explained the cost of the ticket is attributed to the scare mazes and event. I heard “Wait, they’re BOTH shut?!” too many times haha. I think that was the only issue last night, wasn’t great giving the bad news over and over.
  2. I was operating on and attending to Loopy Lighthouse for Halloscream tonight, rained a bit but people had a great time, felt good seeing smiles on young families Also me and my mate placed bets on when Boomerang would get stuck on the second lift hill again while it was raining, and the queue was dead XD Also, took a bit of footage of Boomerang today, just before I started my shift at 4pm IMG_4286.MOV
  3. No idea what particular attraction, as they tell us when we get there. It will be Rockin, inside or outside Coney Island, Tango Train attendant or Loopy Lighthouse. Those are all the rides I’m trained on haha. If you see a guy masking a beard, with a name tag that says “Gabriel”, that’s me haha.
  4. I will be working on rides tonight, can’t wait to see the park thriving once again
  5. I just looked up “Wonder Woman” at SFMM, and they have “Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth”. Just a run of the mill round-up flat. I think this makes it less likely for WW, leaving The Flash as the mostly viable option. Anything can happen tho. Also, it seems that the Six Flags chain does not copy superhero-themed rides in their parks, if there is a Batman: The Ride, that is the only one in the park. Not saying they don’t clone themes from one park to another, which is why WW was probably on some people’s minds, seeing as though another single rail WW coaster already operates at SFFT. So seeing
  6. They have been constructing an RMC Raptor for some time now. The footings have already been installed, and raptor track and trains have been spotted at the park. I’ve been following it’s construction recently. Looks awesome, many people think the yellow track and red supports represent The Flash, and with a new flash film coming soon with Michael Keaton’s Batman, I have little doubt this is what they’re going for! Check out Theme Park Tracker and Theme Park ERT for their uploads on the coaster, as well as weekly updates on the construction. The station is being built as of this time.
  7. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. I remember buying the history book from the gift shop when I was very young, with many of the photos you have so generously shared here included. I love Luna Park as a second home of mine, but I wholeheartedly agree that the 1930’s amusement charm has left. Recently as well, with the final removal of the Tumble Bug and Spider. I hope these names make a comeback sometime in the future. The River Caves, the Goofy House, even the Ghost Train. I miss them, even though I wasn’t even alive to see them. I understand bringing back the Ghost Train would be in
  8. No joke, that’s what my family was planning on doing next year in July: California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, NY and Florida. We ending up cutting Pennsylvania and NY out due to the time restrictions we have (my Uni and my little bro’s high school resume after two weeks of holiday). Also due to the fact that each park in Pennsylvania and NY is better visited in a road trip, as the 3hr distance between some parks makes it a time consumer as well, and my mum can’t do long drives so we scrapped it for now. And you are absolutely right about Florida, it is a trip in itself and that’s what we did th
  9. I’m a sucker for Arkham cause it was the first suspended/inverted coaster I ever went on when I was 10 years old (as I’m sure a lot of us Aussie enthusiasts can relate to 😂) Now 9 years later, I’ve been on Nemesis Inferno and the almighty Montu! Ye, I haven’t ridden any other SLCs, and B&M is just the master at inverted style coasters. I wouldn’t wait more than 20 minutes for Arkham when it was still breathing, and especially after seeing what the world offers in terms of coasters,I don’t think I would’ve gone back haha. I suppose Australian coaster enthusiasts who have not been
  10. Haha yeh, it’s funny the B&M Gigas are actually still called Hyper models, just instead exceeding 300ft tall. Absolutely get you, it’s just like a larger hyper, same restraints and everything. I do see that repetition at most of the cedar fair parks with Carowinds and Kings Island, two B&M Hyper models, one hyper height and one giga height. I think many people were disappointed with Leviathan, especially after riding Fury 325. But again, I agree that it is absolutely everyone’s own decision to make where that coaster sits in their lineup. That’s why I’m so excited for my first vis
  11. I know that Mack rides does controlled free-spin on their extreme spinning model and their family spinner (Cobra’s Curse at Busch Gardens Tampa). I suppose it’s the same deal here 😎 According to Mack themselves, there are eddy current brakes on their spinning trains that limit the spins to a bearable level, and I suppose motors are used (like on their family spinners) to align them for loading and unloading guests. Honestly though, in the video it seems like it stops spinning in the way that things do when spun manually. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just bloody gave it a push
  12. Yeh I find it just hilarious the hate it gets, I honestly think it will be an amazing ride for me, even if it’s mostly banking and the speeds or whatever people say it has and lacks, I think it just looks like such a rush with those T-bar restraints!
  13. I’ve always heard that the Intamin giga installations are disappointments in terms of airtime, and more or less focus on speed. Like the classic terms Millennium Forceless and Inferior 305, idk those crack me up some how! I will be heading to Cedar around July next year, still ready to make my own opinion on MF, and I’m still so pumped cause i’ve been wanting to ride that thing for over 14 years!
  14. Although I like your ideas surrounding the water ride, I do have to respectfully disagree here. The wild mouse is such a historical attraction, and is the second oldest coaster still operating in all of Australia, and one of 3 wooden wild mouses still operating in the entire world! It also takes up little space, so removing it won’t free up much anyways. What can I say? It just fits in so well there. Unless it ever becomes unsafe, I don’t see this ride leaving anytime soon, it would hurt the park line-up even more. I see too many parks removing iconic attractions, that were operating fine
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