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  1. I've heard reports of it costing around $20m Enjoy your grain of salt for today
  2. Other than water pressure, there's not much they could have modified
  3. Food trucks at a night event and a boost truck stuck in the middle of main street during daily operations aren't really the same thing.
  4. Coaster has done initial test runs. Will do its breaking in cycles once the zero car is attached and there's no more groundworks being done within the envelope.
  5. Or to keep their name on the media invite list 😂
  6. Village can't have wet rides in dry parks open during summer. Well they technically can but just seem to not bother
  7. Well TOT was advertised at the wrong speed for about 90% of its life. Seems on par
  8. Last I heard they were looking into that but it was before Osborne left and Yong took over
  9. They've also learned from Wipeout... that's literally what the last few comments have been about? Also no idea what other thread this could be posted but DW should probably have a quick look at the DreamWorks area for things to be cleaned up... before the ST opening
  10. DW aren't putting money into rides unless there's a pretty much guaranteed return of at least 5-10 more years. We've already seen this with a few rides, most recently, Buzzsaw. We'll still see that old Arrow coaster around for many years to come.
  11. Uhh, this definitely looks like someone installed it upside down... At least it should be an easy fix... assuming those letters easily pop off
  12. If it is, maybe we can convince him to install some rockwork above the rockshed tunnel
  13. It went great, as you can see in the video, they pulled it through at about 80km/h
  14. Highly unlikely but not impossible. The triple launch makes it harder to do a natural rollback too. Though I'm also very sure this ride computer tracks the speed of the train on the launches and will catch it if it's not going fast enough to make it over the first hill
  15. That would actually be a hilarious and great idea just for Brisbane nostalgia. Though I'm waiting for it all to end up like the "train" at Roma St Parklands
  16. It may not be a super exciting ride but it looks amazing with how it works around the terrain
  17. Curious if you have any examples of water parks that you do like the theming of? @New display name? Other than building a big ass building, it's pretty hard to avoid the oil refinery look of slide towers
  18. So anyway, word around town is leviathan and trident are opening together for Easter. That's a big oof for SW
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