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  1. Well, theres a tabboggan ride at Jamberoo recreation park that is quite exilirating when riding brakeless. There is a beginners and an advance track, what adds to the thrill is that deers tend to jump over the track a lot. So if your going 70 or so km/h, and a deer jumps over the track right infront of you, you get a great 'body chopper' effect ~Flea
  2. My friend Andrew (aka androooo) and I will be going to Wonderland tommorow. We will be getting our wonderpasses processed in the morning. We are wondering if anyone would like to come to make our day more interesting as we would like to be with fellow enthusiasts. I am 13 and andrew is 12, aslong as you are an enthusiast, your welcome to join us! Meet us at 9:45am on the steps at the entrance I'll be wearing a light brown lethal weapon (the ride, not the movie ) shirt almong with some 3 quarter cargos. I have sorta curly hair and have dark coloured skin. Look for me with my friend, who is very tall. Thanks, Flea
  3. Imperial, yes, it is very rough at the front of the train on Demon. That backwards loop sorta ruins the ride as you 'crack your back'. However, to enjoy the coaster at its full potential.. Sit in cars 5, 6 or 7. These cars provide quite a smooth ride, for a vekoma boomerang that is. To enjoy the ride even more, raise your feet a bit and start wiggling them around, when they are hard to wiggle, you are experiencing extreme g-forces Real fun as it takes your mind off the rougness. ~Flea
  4. Zamperla Baloon Ride- 'The Great Baloon Race' Location: Just to the left when you enter goldrush. Wizard's Fury was removed and was replaced with Galleon's Graveyard (the flying ships ride) Location: Old wizard's fury site. Merry Go Round and Dino Bumpers were relocated to Old Botany Bay. Merry Go Round Location: Just infront of Transylvania sign. Botany Bumpers Location (Not sure of name..): Just across from Jousting Ring. The plane ride with the joystick is now named Little Monsters Flying School. Little Monsters Flying School Location: Just across from "The Batty Chicken". That's it I think.. ~Flea
  5. I woke up at 9, all excited that this would be my 6th visit to a theme park in only 2 weeks. It was to be Wonderland Sydney, since I have returned from my trip. My good friend Andrew Kew and I had organised for us to go on the last saturday night trading day possibly forever. We originally planned to meet up there at 9:45am, but my mum had to get some money out of the bank, so I arrived late, at 10:05am. We brought out tickets, and headed straight for.. Bounty's Revenge This is a fun little ride, but the OTSR's and lap bars are way too tight. This ride actually stops you from putting your hands up, since you have to concentrate on holding the heavy OTSR around 3 inches from your chest. This would have been an excellent ride if more comfortable OTSRs were in place. Still, hanging upside down for a long period of time is still fun Rating: 6/10. We took a walk heading for Goldrush, as we saw the new relocated ride doing some test runs. It is the Zamperla Baloon Race, and is called "The Great Baloon Race". I thought that the colours were inapporpriate for an 'olde' section of the park. Anyway, Goldrush was closed so we headed to.. Demon This ride was only a 1 train wait. This is just your standard vekoma boomerang, but is surprisingly smooth in cars 4,5,6 and 7. Definately worth re rides if the line is short. But the front is nothing special, since your head gets brutally beated through every single part of the track. Oh and btw, my friend Andrew and I have this 'thing' when the train departs the station. It sounds as if the wheels are very sticky, and it makes a slurping noise. So yeah, we ahh.. just love that sound Next up was Space Probe.. I had to drag Andrew on since he doesn't really like freefalls. Space Probe Space Probe, to our surprise was a complete walkon. As we boarded car number 1, Andrew was quite 'relaxed' so to speak. We ascended up the mammoth 225 foot tower, at an approxiamate speed of 20kph. We reached the top, my arms and legs were extended.. while Andrew had his hands firly grabbed onto the grab bars. '5, 4, 3, 2" *click Andrew was silent, and so was everyone else on the car with us. I was enjoying the awesome Intamin freefall. And then, it was over 'shrroooom'. The magnets kicked in and our picture got taken. 'Liam why did you do that to me?' Andrew said loudly. I just laughed After our ride, I took some time to admire the Intamin badge on the side of the car. Goldrush was open, so we decided to run to TBB. The Bush Beast As we were approaching TBB, we noticed something that we thought never would happen again.. 2 TRAIN OPERATION!! Loading times were great. We boarded the yellow train, and were off. As we were ascending up the lift hill, the red train was in the brake run. Andrew and I were in the front of the train, and I had my video camera running, for a great POV video. The drop isn't as intense at the front than the back, but still delivers a great thrill and some airtime as you go up the hill. The train made a slow turnaround, and then stopped. The brake released, and we made our way down the relativley large drop, over the hills and turnarounds we went. Quite a fun ride, and actually quite smooth at the front.. that is though compared to the back. Rating: 7/10. We grabbed a few more on TBB and then headed for Tasmanian Devil. As we were queuing, I decided to grab some footage of the ride. I turned my camera on, and a weird thing started to appear. "F02" it said, as I was getting more and more worried. I had to take the tape out, it looked fine, so I put it back in. Presto! Problem solved. We grabbed more rides Demon, SP and Bounty's. As we were on Bounty's, my friend Andrew asked one of these guys to place my bag on the platform below. The guy literally chucked it, and the bag landed hard on the platform. I was furious at the idiot who chucked it. I know I should have told him that there was a $3000 video camera in there, but still, you dont just 'chuck' peoples bag. Total disrepect. The 5-9pm trading went quite well, with lines that werent too bad. It was truly amazing to ride TBB, Demon and SP in near complete darkness. The highlight of the day would have to be that Andrew and I got the last ride on Demon for the night.. and the last late night trading ride possibly forever! Unfortunately, there is real serious problem with the video camera. We have to take it to a repair place to fix it... Anyway, it was a pretty cool day. ~Flea
  6. I think the camera should be built in a different location, since it won't really capture people's 'terror' so to speak. Maybe on the backwards drop would be more appropriate. But it would be funny to see people ducking for cover from the axes Btw, does this mean Scooby Doo will close for a short period of time? Or will they do construction in off-hours? ~Flea
  7. Interesting, I remember rumours about Wonderland adding a ride similar to Wild West Falls a few months back. I hope this is true, since WWF is a great ride! ~Flea
  8. This 'the park is too big' stuff is really getting out of hand. By reducing areas of the park, this will surely mean the closure of some rides, and god lets hope it would be TBB that will be closing down! Highest drop? At Scenic World? That would mean this coaster would have to be higher than 420ft.. that is extremely unlikely!
  9. Tsk Tsk.. that $100 000 could've been put to a new ride.. unless (being very optimistic here) they have already brought a ride and have some money left!
  10. Hey guys, I'll be going to Queensland next week, and should be going to all four parks during my 10 day visit. I'm sure that I will take pics on my digital camera of this new construction site, so be sure to look out for new pics in 2-3 weeks! ~Flea
  11. 3 times that day. It's not like it was the first time I had been on Space Probe Probally the 200th time lol!
  12. Here's my RCT2 recreation of TBB. http://ourworld.cs.com/Flea110/TBB.SV6 Enjoy! Other Wonderland Goodies: WLS Trip Report 8/3/03: http://www.totalthrills.com/forums/viewtop...0156a7782233530 My On Ride Photo Of Space Probe : http://www.totalthrills.com/forums/viewtop...0156a7782233530
  13. Hmm isn't that 'never had so much fun' song for dreamworld not wonderland? Nice pics btw, but it isn't an exact clone of TBB.. I think!
  14. I'm the one on the far left, enjoying Space Probe with my hands up That's my friend next to me there.. terrified as usual! This picture was taken on 8/3/03. Read the trip report here: http://www.totalthrills.com/forums/viewtop...8056fe61e4d9f8b My hair is done there.. seriously! And you can't see me that well because the flash wasn't quite powerful enough to show my relatively dark skin Promise I'll get a better picture next time of me.. with the flash powerful enough to expose me better, heehe!
  15. I got up at 7:45am, and started to get ready for what should be a great day at WLS! My friend and I organised to meet just outside of the entrance of WLS, and we did so at 9:50am. So we got there at 9:50am, arriving at exactly the same. We brought our tickets, and headed for the turnstiles when to our shock.. we found the turnstile gates were closed, at 9:55am.. "Their probally scared that we will get a extra ride for the day or something" I said to my friend. He chuckled. Characters were tormenting us inside of wonderland performing their 'amazing tricks and stunts'. (i.e jumping onto a brick wall 30cm high) Spiderman was there (aka man in tights) so as Stuart Little and Blinky Bill. After their 'amazing tricks and stunts' one of the staff members opened the gates at 10:05am. We scanned our tickets, and headed for... Space Probe: Why not go on this ride if there is only 100 people roaming the park for the first 20 mins? So we got on this ride, a complete walkon, I asked the op if I could take my vid camera on SP, he obviously said no.. And so we went up and down getting that nice 3 seconds of freefalling, the tv's at the top are a real nice touch to the ride. '5 4 3 2 1 0' the tv's turned off, and about 3 seconds later, we dropped. After the ride I looked on the side of the cars and found the almighty Intamin Badge Unfortunately, I forgot to video the Intamin Badge Rating: 9/10. Any work of Intamin is a masterpiece, and the theming to SP really gave it high marks. This ride is a definate re ride. My friend needed a 'breather' before we went on Demon, so I used the 5 minutes to get some awesome video of Demon and SP. After that 5 minute break, we headed for the demon to find our good friend as usual, Kevin! He was on the train about to go, and he was repeadily saying that BR is nothing and SP and Demon are way better. I somewhat agree with him After a 1 train wait, we got on the front, once again unsucessful of taking the video camera on. The Demon: Quite a nice Vekoma Boomerang, it's quite smooth for it's age (and maker) and packs a punch. The on ride photos are situated at the end of the station, so it always gets a great photo of the scared rider Not much more to say about this coaster, other than it has a great paintjob on the trains. Rating: 7/10. Although that it is smooth for it's age and it's maker, it is a bit rough through the boomerang. After this, we were heading for my friends favourite ride, BR. Bounty's Revenge: This ride is overated, it isn't that much fun and the restraints are the worst ever. You are forced to hold your harness (which is quite heavy) about 3 inches off your chest throughout the whole ride or else the harness will lock right on your chest, which will give a very harsh squashing feeling. The lap bars are also very umcomfortable, especially when they have to put extreme pressure, on your legs when they start up and finish the ride. Rating: 5/10. This could be re rided over and over if it had comfortable restraits. Not much more to say, other than that it's a pretty bad ride. After our chests being squashed, and our laps getting penetrated, we headed for TBB. To our suprise, we found no one at the operating box when we arrived, so we got the impression that no one had tested the ride for the day. Anyway, we hopped on the ride to find to our suprise.. The Bush Beast: An American coaster enthusiast! He told us that he loved coasters, and he loves to ride them all the time. He was a very nice person. Anyway, we were dispatched out of the station, and went through the u turn, we were about to hit the chain lift, when I noticed that it was not turned on. When we were a 1 metre away from the chain lift, the op finally realised and turned it on. The drop on TBB is pretty good at the front, but extremely rough at the back. We both held up our hands and went down the drop. The first turn around is extremely slow and boring, and to make it worse, they stop the train when it's about to go down a pretty small dip.. so I had kiss my hopes of airtime away, and prepare for some non stop rough madness. The rest of the layout is not bad, but if there wasn't a brake that would completely stop you at the top of the 2nd hill, then this ride would be O.K. Rating: 6/10. This ride is still good for re rides, but not if you are hurt in any way. After this we decided to go on some flats.. we went on The Tasmanian Devil and H.M.S Endeavour. Not much to say about those, other than they are quite fun. We hit the food area in Gold Rush and got something to eat. After that we did a re ride of BR, SP and TD. Then we headed to Snowy River Rampage... Snowy River Rampage: We only waited 20 mins for this extremely fun, popular ride! Now, yesterday was very hot, so they had the water fountains set to absolutely drench the riders. We got on, and after 30 seconds into the ride, we were drenched by 4 water fountain, 1 after another. I was quite sick at the time (runny nose, sneezing) and to make it worse, I swallowed abit of the creek water.. yuck! The ride continued to deliver more thrills and spills throughout the ride. Unfortunately, my hair seemed to be wrecked, but the water actually made my hair much harder Rating: 9/10. This ride is undoubtedly the funnest and best ride in the park, especially if it's scorching hot! After this we did more re runs of rides and then watched... Spellbinding Sorcery: Formerly Millennium Magic. This show is one of the best magic shows I have ever seen, and the end act is quite amazing. The music gets you pumped up, the lighting effects give a great atmosphere to the show, and most importantly, the magic is amazing. After seeing this show about 40 times, they always seem to come up with new acts every time I watch this show. The Feline Fantasy act however, needs more to be involed with the Tiger. But still, that trick is amazing. Rating: 9/10. Nice show! And so we did more re rides of SP, TD etc. and we left at 6pm. When I got home, I started to feel an excrutiating pain in my throat, and the blame was pointing to accidently swallowing the water on SRR. I still am sick right now (it is now 10:39am, 9th march, 2003) and probally wont be able to go to school tommorow.. Overall Park Rating: 7/10. Some rides need some improvements to them. Other than that, the park is nice. However yesterday, attendance was quite low until it hit 5pm. (obviously ) Video of rides will be coming soon, I hope to edit this video and put it together. But please, don't mind 12 year old sqeaky voice on the video (I'm 12 ) Note: I was talking to a game operator, and she said that wonderland is getting new rides. I said "isn't that just relocating from Little Wonders Land?" she said, "yes, a few rides will be, but we might be getting some new flat rides!" Exciting? Yes! Only time will tell I guess. Anyway, I've spent the last 30 misn typing this, and I'm feeling quite sick, so I better go lie down. Thanks for reading!
  16. Hey Jaggs.. Today was awesome, all rides were running and running very well (except for TBB since it was only running 1 train operation. - I didn't stay for late night trading since I had to go at 6. - The park is quite good, but attendance today was quite low, and they really need to retrack TBB before someone gets hurt! - I didn't talk to kevin today, but I saw him on Demon and SP. He kept saying that BR is nothing and that Demon is way better - The magic show was good, but I expected way more to be involved with the tiger. The rest of the show was the same, except the one new act at the end (bout time they changed the end bit, since nearly everybody knew that they were sneaking round the back ) and the 2 new act's that invole a child and a married couple which were real funny! I will express more of my thoughts in the trip report I will write soon!
  17. Well, I should see it today, I think I've seen the magic show about 200 times now Can't get enough of those magic movers!
  18. I currently dont have a wonderpass, since I don't visit enough to get one. Maybe I should since I live only 15 minutes away from WLS (wetherill park) I used to have one 2 years ago since that in the 6 week school holidays, I went every saturday and wednesday with my brother Anyway, my friend and I will be going on Bounty's Revenge today first, so if you do to, make sure you scream out 'Flea!' and we will meet up for the day. I will have a small video camera with me today to get the best footage of wonderlad ever See you there! (I hope)
  19. Kevin eh? Well, I'm going to Wonderland tommorow and I should see him there. Maybe I might have a little chat with this guy I'm sure he is going to be a real nice person!
  20. Every time I go to wonderland (every 2-3 weeks) I find this mysterious daily WLS visitor. He is always at WLS, every day it seems. This person seems to be an I.O. But obviously, he loved WLS too much This person knows every single staff member of WLS. It really freaks me out to know that this peson practically lives at WLS. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this person? From memory I think he has a mullet and a kind of long hooked nose. And he loves to bring his little rabit toys on all the rides he goes on. Wonderland Op, have you seen this guy?
  21. All coasters really are painful in the rain. Wether it's B & M or Togo, they are all painful in the rain. It just depends at the speed of the coaster, obviously, if you are travelling at 80kmp/h, the rain will feel like someone is throwing stones at you at very high speeds.
  22. Amazing, funky, incredible. Job well done!
  23. I wouldn't say 'make over' really. Wonderland is a very well themed park and is in no need of a make over. All Wonderland needs is an extra ride or two.
  24. Hi everybody, I've been around these boards for quite a while now, and just decided to register Living just 15 minutes away from Wonderland, I make frequent visits to Wonderland. It is still quite enjoyable, as the Intamin Drop Tower, Space Probe, makes me come back to Wonderland for more There are some quite good rides, such as snowy river rampage, Demon etc. But they are extremely old. The Bush Beast certainly needs to be pulled down or re tracked, and The Beastie needs to be open again.. I mean, atleast The Beastie is much more decent than it's Father. I have been emailing Wonderland almost every week, begging them to add a ride. And their response.. "There are currently no plans to add a new ride to wonderland" I certainly hope Wonderland does add a new ride soon, 8 years without a new ride is quite.. lame to say the very least. ~Flea
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