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  1. djsupersleuth

    Main Street In for a Change...

    Think of the cred this roof will buy Movieworld with the local authorities. I bet that the very thing it will block will be captured for use within the park - if they have not designed this into it they are crazy.
  2. Ah yes, what a pain in the rear end the old lady was. Every other day during the dismantle of the park she would be there. We would see her car up at security and all of us would scatter like mice. She wanted everything it all started with ALL the Billabong Grove shelters and quickly spread across the park. Nice old thing though just annoying. Towards the end she bought in frozen roast legs for a few of us (there was only myself and two or three others left at this stage) I knew of where she took it all as Alex said up at North Richmond and a few years ago I ventured up there drove down her drive a bit, saw some of the old park but then got out of there for fear of being stuck there the rest of the day talking to her. The green tubular steel is from the roof/shadecloth structure from the freshwater croc area in the WLP. That kangaroo coming out of the bin is pretty trick!
  3. djsupersleuth

    AMF Bowling Confirmed for Dreamworld

    Interesting to note the guy that heads AMF for Macqaurie Leisure was responsible for managing the construction of WWW. Looks like he has a project to run there again.
  4. djsupersleuth

    Dreamworld Radio?

    Funny how any link to youtube leads you to spend 15 minutes sidetracked looking at other vids!
  5. djsupersleuth

    Dreamworld Radio?

    Are you talking about the inter park communications radio or the music you hear when you walk around the park? Either way you do not have much chance - the comms radios would operate on a fixed frequency that Dreamworld have the licence to operate on and as said by Mattcrombie the park music would run from a CD.
  6. djsupersleuth


    Do you know what composite the alloy is? Just wondering as it must bean interesting make up.
  7. djsupersleuth

    fav ride

    In all the years I worked there I never once went to a breakdown on the Goldrush ride, therefore that deserves to be my favourite.
  8. djsupersleuth

    Dreamworld idea?

    That would really make Anthony Mundine happy!
  9. djsupersleuth

    Extreme Engineering Coaster Special Discovery Channel

    Ok, Thanks for that Gazza.
  10. djsupersleuth

    Extreme Engineering Coaster Special Discovery Channel

    Yeah I know - when I was creating the post I was looking for the way to make it hyperlink and could not find it so I posted and it came up automatically as a hyperlink.
  11. djsupersleuth

    Extreme Engineering Coaster Special Discovery Channel All 5 parts of this episode - sorry I dont know how to hyperlink on here.
  12. Discovery channel now - repeated at 3:30am tomorrow. Goes through how new coasters are built etc etc.
  13. djsupersleuth

    It SW really worth it?

    I wholly agree with what Richard has said regarding Sea World, I think it is the better of the main 3 parks on the Gold Coast. Last year I was lucky enought to be granted free entry to all parks on the Gold Coast (Sea, Movie, Dream, WnW, PC) and after going to Sea World the very first day we went to Dreamworld then to Movie World and were meant to do PC and WnW but because we enjoyed Sea World so much we forfeited those to go back which was nice of them to allow us to change prior arrangements. We would be representative of the young family demographic. I think Sea World is a park not to be missed because of it's fantastic variety of animal exibits and shows with more than decent rides to mix it up a little. The location, layout and lack of imposing facades/seemingly confined spaces are second to neither of the other two parks.
  14. djsupersleuth

    DisneyLand Possible SE QLD??!!

    In that case who here would welcome Disney on the Gold Coast?
  15. djsupersleuth

    Where do they go?

    From Wonderland the Demon went on a ship from Sydney to New Orleans then trucked up to Birmingham AL and sat in the carpark and was repainted there.