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The Claw preview

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Guest Kyle
20-40 minutes? That's not very long for a brand new heavily promoted thrill ride is it? Was the park busy overall? I've seen longer queues at Wonderland and other parks for crappy old rides. I certainly hope it does well for the park. Regarding staff - how many staff actually work on the ride and what are each of their duties? In the on-ride video I noticed what I think was the main operators booth with dark windows and another little hut on the other side with someone standing/sitting in it. I assume this was the attendant?
The Claw works by three people: the ride operator, the attendant & the gate marshall. On the opening day, there were four: the extra person simply stood by the gate and watched. The Claw is extremely easy to operate compared to many other Dreamworld rides: The Giant Drop has 6 working operators at any one time, The Tower of Terror 4 & the Wipeout 3. Also, the ride is automatic, all the operator has to do is press a button and sit back! (Paying is extremely high, too...)

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Having worked in the industry for several years I can tell you that the vast majority or rides (99.9%) are run in automatic mode and the majority of operators are not shown how to operate in manual because there is no need for them to know. Those staffing levels seem to be very high and I'm sure DW could cut operating costs and keep safety at the level it's at by reducing them, but that’s not the topic here. All rides are one for two button operation, and I can tell you that the pay is not that good. "The Bus is now leaving for Big Button Grass, Tasmania"

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Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, where do you get your facts man? In a typical non-peak day, Claw will take just two people, one to operate and help with harness checks, the other to let people in and do harness checks also. If there is a third person, they'd sit, or stand in either the control booth (well, it is air-conditioned) or outside the gate leading to the computers. I have absolutely no idea where you got this six from for the Giant Drop mate. The ride only needs three. One for each side, and one to control the queue flow, although I suppose I could see the other three could say inspect those three extra seats each I spose. That'd definitely improve those lines that's for sure. :) Another myth busted.

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