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The shark was there on the day I went with Spotty, however he was not going around the circle, this was on the 4th of October, and then the next day I was there (the 5th of October) the shark was gone, the rod and all. I have heard he blew his motor. As for the Wipeout, it scared the living day lights outof me, being a first time rider, but the ride was damn fun.

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The shark is gone? it adds to the theming. Have they replaced the computer or upgraded the software? because everytime I go on it it's always the same cycle, I even went on it twice in a row and it was the same but that was back in June of this year so they could've changed it since than.
Yeah there is no shark now, just the track it use to run on. the cycle is the same, but with different twists in it, if that makes sense, it goes for the same amount of time, and basically the same way. But with us, the computer made it lock upside down, the operators said they have never seen it before and the ride cycle actually went longer than usual. It was so fun but. lol hey t-bone, the best thing to do on it is stick ur feet horizontally and let go, when you go upside down relax and u just fall until the restraint catches u, u can almost touch your toes when you do it, lol. Edited by mickey_079

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I also noticed when I went to Dreamworld with T-Bone, that the ride program was modified slightly to flip more and a little bit longer, I think this is because of a certain someone getting there hands on the booth... but I think the program will stay at this slightly more intense level for a while now :D And just ask T-Bone, I was nervous when I found out it had been beefed up... but I still liked T-Bones reaction on the WipeOut :P That incident with the Computer stuffing up, there is no release to flip the Gondola upright, it is done by weight (I think)

Edited by Spotty

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