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San Andreas

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It's set in the early 1990's. The PS2 version was released on Thursday the 28th of October. It was supposed to be the 29th but a store in Queensland had started selling it early - Rockstar then found out and told all stores to release the game early. The exact PC release date is not known but is expected some time next year in the third quarter. The game is great. Yes you have to eat & excercise to stay healthy although you don't have to eat that often (once every 5 days or so). If you don't eat and excercise you will loose muscle.

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No. There was a rumour floating around about a month before the game's release that the Australian & Kiwi version would be edited, but proved to be false. An online gaming store in New Zealand called GPstore took advantage of this rumour and began taking pre orders for the "uncut" version from England. A lot of people were convinced that the Australian version would be cut, so they ordered their copy from GPstore. They were guarenteed to get their copy on or before release , but ended up getting it days late. I've read on various forums that the copies from GPstore weren't from England at all - they just slapped pre made "Restricted 18+" stickers over the MA 15+ rating box seen on the Australian & NZ cover.

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