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Theme Park Design

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Here is another one of my Theme park designs, It is called "Docklands City" And would be located on Footscray Rd near where the Southern Star Wheel will be. The park has 6 themed areas: McSqeakys Factories, An Intermediate ride area themed around a wacky factroy and its wacky machines, Babylonia, an area with rides centered around Ancient Babylon, Jungle Jam, a rainforest kids Area, Stony Habour, An English fishing village with a variety of rides, Scream Sector, an extreme thrill area themed to Various monsters taking over the area, and blizzad Valley, an area with rides themed to various snow activities.The park also has a 1600 sq/m entrance piazza. The park would have an Emphasis on Quality over Quantiy with its attractions. The park also has nice wide paths to help with the crowds. The rides are: 1) Lunatic Lever – Interactive rides sky skater 2) Wacky Waterworks – Flume 3) Spinsanity – Maurer Sohne SC3000 4) Crazy Cogwheels – Zamperla Telecombat 5) The Beast – Intamin Accelerator 6) Exterminator – Sally Interactive dark ride 7) The Vice- Topspin 8) Carnivore- Huss Jump 9) Iceberg Iceboats – Bumper Boats 10) Half pipe – Ride Trade Half pipe 11) Snowball Fight – Breakdance 12) Vertigo – Floorless tilting gyro drop 13) Trailblazers – Zamperla Jeeps 14) Parrot Chase – Vekoma Junior Coaster 15) Bug Off! – Zamperla Crop Duster 16) The Green Tree frog – Zamperla Jumping Star 17) Treetop Flyer- Zamperla Barnstorm 18) Rafts, Rapids ‘n’ Rocks – Dry boat Waterslide 19) Temple Of the Gods – Vekoma Madhouse 20) The Power of Tiamat – B&M inverted coaster 21) Ocean Adventure – Intamin Simulator 22) SS Green cheek – Zamperla Rocking Tug 23) Sea Storm – Ride trade double hammer 24) Bilge Water Barges – River Rapids 25) Monkey Business – Kids Play Area Future attractions might include a Mack Boblsed, An Intamin Super Splash and a Zeirer Star Shape thrill ride. If anyone has any suggestions for better names for things and comments, post them up. If i get time a i may also post up some sketches of how some of the rides would look.

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Here are a few of those sketches: The first is for Vertigo, a floorless tilting gyro drop, as you enter the queue you wander through a mountain expedition base camp, past parked snowmobiles and other equipment, the queue would also go through tents in the camp, the queue would reach an ice cavern and this is where the loading area would be, guests would be told they were beggining their final climb to the sumit, they would load in and be pulled to the top, but at the top loudspeakers would play the sound of a gust of wind and a fan system would gust onto the cars, at that moment the ride would drop, so it would be like you ahd been blown off the summit. The second ride is The Power of Tiamat, The babylonian goddess of chaos, the queue winds its way through the streets and buildings of bablylon, with the track twisting and turning above, awnings would add to the theme and stop any stray loose objects, at the station the riders would load in and Tiamat "unleashes her chaos" The lift goes straight out of the station and into a great bear style first drop into a trench, then comes a zero g roll and then a wraparound corkscrew. Riders are then whipped up into a vertical loop and around an overbanked turn befre beeing hurled around a imellmann and a u turn and into the brakes. The ride would make use of near misses with the buildings.

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