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  1. 1. 2006 Calendars

    • Option One - Standard 12-page A3 Calendar
    • Option Two - Single-page A3 Calendar
    • Either (you would realistically purchase whichever is offered)
    • None (you are sure you won't buy any calendar)

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I'm starting to plan 2006 calendars and I'm just after general ideas and numbers. There are a few options available this year. Note that at this stage we are looking at featuring international parks/rides or a mixture of Australian (non-WVTP) and international. The first option would be a standard calendar as with previous years. A change of printer from last year however will mean a higher quality print job, larger calendar (A3 sized) and spiral binding. Each month will feature a different ride/park. Approximate cost will be $25.00 (including shipping within Australia). The second option is a little different - an A3 sized single-page wall calendar. This will be a single full-sized photograph or a montage with the full year's dates at the bottom. Approximate cost will be $12.50 (including shipping within Australia). This year the plan is to go to print earlier than in the past and get them out perhaps a month or two before the end of the year. Current subscribers will be offered concessions on these products. Please go ahead and vote for which you'd prefer. If you think you'd be willing to purchase whatever were made available, vote for that option. If you are undecided leave it blank and maybe come back to it when you are. All I ask is that if you really aren't interested or wouldn't purchase either, just vote no. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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Definately the first option mate. Really not into the tacky full page calenders that take up half the wall and the wall just wouldn't look the same without the good ole R-C calender up there. We need the 13 page version so that we get the little surprise each month as to what the next photo will be :) This month is Road Runner month :)

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