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hey everyone, not quite sure where this post should go, Thought here was the best place for it. I'm making a Rapid River Ride model. Like SRR, or dreamworlds one. BUt my own course desgin layout. I've got 3 delamars, one the track. With the track what would i make it out of? As its a diffucalt question i cant think of anything suitable. Any help would be great. 2. The lift. How and what should i make the lift out of? Thats a tricky one... 3. The rafts what should i make them out of and how? I want somthing like a real one. And finally, i want it to be real as possiable, i will post pics etc once i have started construction. I mean real as possiable, like a mini model of a real one. Any help would be appricated.

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I think the best thang to mayke teh channil out of is some srt oF clay that culd be molded into the shaype of the channil, you culd then apply a finish to it too give it a concreat look. As four the lift, i thing teh best ting would be neopreen or sumthing like that, just sew it into a loop, then have a cuple of spools at eech end with a motor attached to one. If youy wanted youy could attach little strips of wood to amke it look relasitic. The rafts wuld indded be a challenge, mayBe you could get the inner tyube out of a whelbarrow wheel, or use those clown balllouns but curl it around into a ring shape. From there you could make a balsa wood circile and attach it too the top and make the seats out of whatever you felt like.

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Lol. Indeed Gazza, indeed. I suggest buying a Faller model of a flume ride (I think it's a flume). If you buy one of those, you'll stand a better chance of completing in than you would building your own. The chance you'll complete your own is close to zero. kthxbai

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