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Wonderland's Fear Fest

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I don't know if anyone managed to get to Wonderland's Halloween Event this year but it wasn't too bad. Crowds were around the medium mark. The park did all ride ops up with Halloween themed make-up (bolts through their faces etc.). There were a lot of costumed characters roaming around the park too. First thing I noticed entering the park was the sign that said - "Wonderland is expanding for the future. As a result Little Wonders Land is now closed and attractions from this area are being relocated throughout the park". Expanding for the future.......I'm hoping that means what everyone else is hoping too. One thing is for sure, the park is soooo much smaller without the HB Land area. As a result queues for some attractions are a bit longer than they used to be, but I guess that was the plan. Snowy River Rampage was closed for the night for rehab and it had been completely drained. A few of the smaller attractions (Antique Autos etc) were closed too. One thing is for sure, the park needs something new. Zodiac broke down at about 6.30pm and people on that were stuck for about 10-15 minutes. At exactly the same time, the Demon got stuck between the last loop and the second lift hill. A shame it was raining a bit at the time for the people stuck on that. Zodiac remained shut for the rest of the night. Demon re-opened at 8.50pm - 10 minutes before the park shut. This left the Bush Beast as the only operating coaster for most of the night - With ONE train operating (really cheap of Wonderland). So lines for that were between 40 mins to an hour. After the Demon shut, Space Prove lines increased, lucky I rode it before the Demon broke down. Wait times: Demon (rode at 9.20pm - second last ride) - 30 mins Bush Beast - 25 mins before demon broke down - 45 mins after. Bounty's Revenge - 10-15 mins Space Probe - 5 mins

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"Wonderland is expanding for the future" For those that followed Cedar Point's construction, my understanding is that this is the slogan, or something of this nature, that they used to describe their ride that is rumoured to top 400ft (121m), and speeds over 120mph (192km/hr). I'm certainly on your wavelength on this one - just home WLS are too. :)

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