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  1. Richard's correct. I have an old brochure somewhere for Dreamworld from when The Giant Drop opened. It stated $12M was the cost IF they had built it as a standalone attraction. I guess they thought that it sounded more impressive.
  2. People go onto US theme park forums and ask for suggestions / tips / directions for trips and members bend over backwards to help them. On here people nit-pick and complain.
  3. I had the same experience on Sheikra, except it was in the middle of the Immelmann.
  4. Sorry to bring this back up but, as someone's already mentioned, wasn't it clear from newspaper articles that the park was looking at expanding in that direction previously? It's not unheard of that a theme park has ordered a coaster before deciding on a location. I don't think you can dismiss the idea that they were planning on expanding the park in that direction completely unless you have some inside knowledge.
  5. It is to the right of where the Big Dipper's entry used to be from memory. So now it is past the Big Top entrance but before the Tango. It's not large, so it's easy to miss.
  6. Whitsy seems to have some sort of weird fascination with all things "gay". Strange that.
  7. Vertical drop coaster (ala Sheikra and Griffon)
  8. Yeah because that's exactly what he did. Randomly picked up kids off the street. And say what you will, but I don't think anyone could ever honestly agree that Michael Jackson was a talentless hack.
  9. The disappointing part of this for me isn't the attraction being added (or even that it's a sport-related attraction) - it's that it is another example of Dreamworld not keeping coherent themes throughout the different areas of the park. (Although, that being said, MW have become guilty of this more recently as well). MDMC in Rivertown? The Giant Drop in Rocky Hollow? The Tower of Terror in Village Green? All I would like to see in DW's choice of attractions is a little more thought as to their placement and a little more effort with theming (ala The Claw).
  10. What a stupid thing to say. It's not as if you were being felt up.
  11. The Chiller has apparently already been sold to another park, so it's not really a possibility. Besides, given the cost of dismantling, shipping, re-assembling and fixing the bugs that have plagued the ride since the start, MW would be better purchasing a new ride anyway.
  12. Farenheit looks like a great addition - and the price tag of $US12.1 million means it is within the price range of Australian parks. Great way to get a lot of inversions into a relatively compact footprint.
  13. What on earth are you trying to say? Sorry, but that's not even understandable in the slightest.
  14. It's been so long since I went to see that Special FX show, but I always thought it went: 1) Memphis Belle 2) Superman 3) Lethal Weapon sound effects Not that it matters, I'm probably way off the mark...
  15. Fine, if we're going to split hairs, perhaps I should've said "For anyone that believes these classic characters are dead to children today is severely mistaken and it is not necessary to re-direct the focus of the Looney Tunes Village area of the park towards more contemporary cartoons"...
  16. To me that suggests a re-naming or slight alteration to the concept of the area - not necessarilly a removal of the Looney Tunes characters. To be honest, MW would be mad (or incredibly stupid) to not utilise the characters anymore. While people on here seem to be claiming that kids aren't "into them" these days - they really are cultural icons that are timeless - along with Disney's classic animated characters. For everyone saying that MW should retheme Looney Tunes Village to suit the taste of children today, let me just say this - Does anyone else remember the Pokemon store at MW? Enough said.
  17. I get the feeling that'll only happen when attendance starts languishing. The more I see this ride the more disappointed I become. I mean, any new coaster in Australia is good - it just seems that DW has taken the cheapest possible route to bring us one - especially considering they haven't added a new ride in what - 3 years? Will be interesting to see what MW's next planned attraction is though and how that impacts DW's next step.
  18. Perhaps to you, but I have no doubt it'd do well at dragging families into the park. I always thought Happy Feet could work well as an attraction similar to Crush's Turtle Talk at Disney World - except with Mumble in the zoo. Movieworld seems to be really reinvesting in the park of late - which is great. Probably just minor additions this year, but that's to be expected considering the capital expenditure that the park has invested in lately.
  19. I would've liked to have seen MW use the Matrix building for a walk-through haunted house in the meantime (assuming they have their Halloween event again). In the longer-term, I'd say another walk-through attraction too. Not sure what it will be themed around - Warner Bros haven't been producing the biggest blockbusters of late. Perhaps some sort of Happy Feet attraction that was rumoured?
  20. I'm curious as to whether they are going to make any effort to re-theme the whole area to fit the racing theme. There's only about 2 months to go before opening. Is DW going to make a new area of the park or will it just be another attraction that's "plonked" in the middle of Rivertown? I agree - the logo looks great - but I still hate the name...
  21. How ironic for you to be saying that...
  22. Nice photos... I always hated the Luna Park face they had during the 80s. Does anyone know what happened to it? It used to be outside the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney but last time I went there it had been removed. Not sure whether it was for restoration or whether it has been scrapped? The Paddlesteamer they had moored alongside the Crystal Palace around that time used to be kept at a wharf near Pyrmont after the park closed in the 80s. Not sure if it still is.
  23. Am I the only one that hates that name? While the name needs to be linked to the whole theme of a motorcycle coaster, I'd much rather have some sort of generic name than one with a particular person's name in it. That being said, I also hated the name "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" for a coaster
  24. Um...What are you on about? Blue Lagoon was confirmed to be closing down permanently when WWW opened - not for two weeks. Why would DW give guests a water park included with general admission when they have a separate gate park offering exactly that right next door? Or am I the one that's tripping now?
  25. That depends if you're talking about the local or interstate/international visitors. I have no doubt that you're more likely to get multiple visits from visitors living in or near Queensland if they aren't aware a new ride is coming until later in the year. But, that being said, I have no doubt there are also potential benefits of announcing new attractions earlier. Heck, Universal / Disney often announce their new attractions years in advance. (Although - they're a lot more impressive than what Australian parks can dish out)
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