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  1. Guys i was at Dreamworld today and the Wipeout has had a face lift! new paint and the water area below it has changed. Maby this is a park wide clean up?
  2. If indeed they do build in Asutraila I dont think you will see a Disneyland duplicate, as it would not fit the culture here. You may see a OZ themed park, like the Disney Sea Parkm in japan. Just a thought~
  3. They would have to follow the original track, if they havent taken anything else out (eg. walls and themeing)
  4. Hope this helps Please correct me if im wrong
  5. Hi guys, i was at Dreamworld today, they are putting up a huge shed like structure just beside the BRO slide.???? and that's it nothing else has been done!!
  6. Im sure it has gone, unless i was trippin, i dont think so though????
  7. Guys i was at dreamworld two days ago and the blue lagoon area has been demolished??
  8. Mate, you missed out! As you approached the top of the conveyor you came across artificial bats scampering out of the abandoned mine shaft There were old style lights and theming. Then you came across a ghost that tells you to stop and go back, the flume proceeds, and then he shoots at your flume and hits an electrical box! It sparks and smokes every where. As you approached the top of the hill, you came across a huge barrel of gun powder that's ready to blow! Two more ghost appear and tell you to "get out she's going to blow"!!!!! Then the flume does the 180 degree turn facing the shut do
  9. Here you go, at a quick look the new vintage cars ar added but also they have taken away the Kodak Chair Lift Mountain finnaly. anything else please let us know......
  10. by looking at it, i would say no. there are very few banks on any of the corrners?? the helix at the back may be the most exciting part. and the launch.
  11. Hi guys here are some new photo's of the new ride, the track was started today.
  12. I’m not so positive that they will build so many Themed hotels. The hotels are not the stupid with there money. Families don’t spend money in hotels. If the hotels were built they would have to be very loosely themed so that quick and with minimal expense it could all be removed. The Nick, teeming is a very temporary thing, I just cant see a company like Marriot putting money into something so unstable, and something that is just a fad.
  13. IHG the world's largest hotel company has already got the Licence, and has done for 4 years now. The Brand name is "Holiday Inn Nickelodeon Family Suites". It is a great brand and hope to see it built at dream world?? Craig
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