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Down before it was Up!

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Hi Guys. Sorry if this question has been asked before. This is all very hazy. I'm trying to find out about an adventure park, which I think was in South Australia, built probably in the 70's or 80's which apparently was very good, but the powers to be deemed it unsafe, or the insurance was too high, or something like that, so I believe it never opened. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Rod.

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The park is still there and operating, but not in its original form. It closed about 12 years ago and remained closed for quite a few years but has now been reopened but with all new equipment. New slides and a very good walkthrough maze. Its a free park and if your every over that way its well worth the trip the kids would love it. I could understand why it shut down as the equipment was quite old and the tall slides when you were at the top they used to sway from side to side quite a lot. No saftey bars or anything. Up the back there use to be a little coaster that you push up a ramp with a bar then jumped in and then look out if anone was in the road when the car went down as anyone the the way of the bar that u pushed the car up with it would of taken you out. Many of time i came away from that ride with grease and some very close calls. Link to wiki website:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monash,_South_Australia Here is sort of the best pic i can find of the new Monash park


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OMG!! I was just mentioning this park to a friend the other day. I remember going there when I was 12 years old (Gosh thats like 17 years ago), and the pure novelty of it all. Now being a mum with kids, I would have loved to have taken them there. But by the sounds, and the looks of things, it isnt the exact place it use to be! It seems like not many things are these days! But thanks for jogging the memory on its name ;)

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