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  1. I still think that the "whats up" looney toon stage show should be in the old river ride building and then that frees up that shed for a indoor ride which would give that area an additional ride. (Which is more then needed)
  2. smash210

    Movie World Halloween Fright Nights

    Got my tickets. Haven't been to one yet so can't wait!!!!!!
  3. smash210

    Unique Underwater Project.

    I was looking around on e-bay and came across this item for sale. Thought i would share it with you guys. I'd like to see how he goes.
  4. smash210

    Big 6 Early Entry [Dreamworld]

    I think this is a bit of a rip off considering if you buy your tickets thru RACV (or RACQ depending on what state your in) You get discounted tickets and early entry into the park for free.
  5. smash210

    Ten News 19th&20th October?

    I did see that on the news. It said that they had purchased 4 new rides to be in place and reopened before the end of the year. I can't remember the name of the park but it had the old boot in it.
  6. smash210

    Wet'n'Wild: New 2007 Attraction

    I must say that i went on the surfrider the other day and it was very good ride better than i thought, smooth and i got very wet. Only about ten min wait but i did see the line was longer at other times in the day.
  7. On the movieworld website it says that "There are currently no Rides or Attractions scheduled for maintenance" Where did you get that information. As i'm on the Gold Coast for two weeks starting Nov and i don't want to miss them two rides.
  8. smash210

    Loonytunes Construction/Demolition

    Are you trying to tell us that the upgrade of loony toon town cost 10 mill for a couple of small rides and a paint job?
  9. smash210

    Superman escape rollback

    Thats a good one
  10. smash210

    Down before it was Up!

    The park is still there and operating, but not in its original form. It closed about 12 years ago and remained closed for quite a few years but has now been reopened but with all new equipment. New slides and a very good walkthrough maze. Its a free park and if your every over that way its well worth the trip the kids would love it. I could understand why it shut down as the equipment was quite old and the tall slides when you were at the top they used to sway from side to side quite a lot. No saftey bars or anything. Up the back there use to be a little coaster that you push up a ramp with a bar then jumped in and then look out if anone was in the road when the car went down as anyone the the way of the bar that u pushed the car up with it would of taken you out. Many of time i came away from that ride with grease and some very close calls. Link to wiki website:-,_South_Australia Here is sort of the best pic i can find of the new Monash park
  11. smash210

    Loonytunes Construction/Demolition

    Won't be going on them then
  12. smash210

    New Coaster in Ohio?

    I just been e-mailed some pics of a new roller coaster. I thought it looked unreal thought i would share. Does anyone know anymore about the park?
  13. smash210

    Loonytunes Construction/Demolition

    Do youn know when the 'renovations' will be completed by??
  14. smash210

    Blue Lagoon Area Gone

    I think you would find that the blue lagoon area was shut down just prior to white water world opening. This was done so the two parks didn't compete with each other.
  15. smash210

    Blue Lagoon Area Gone

    Really? Didn't know
  16. smash210

    New Sesame Street Land

    In my RACV mag i got today they say that Sesame Street Beach is opening this summer with a host of interactive rides, shows and attractions. And also they are saying that the eye will still be open in summer as well.
  17. smash210

    Wet'n'Wild: New 2007 Attraction

    Just recieved my RACV club magazine in the mail and in a advert from WetnWild they talk about the surfrider opening in september. "The surf rider, a giant U-shaped water rollercoaster which resembles a giant surfboard, will shoot riders through a jet stream of water and 30 meters into the air - then free fall back to the groung up to six times in just 60 seconds!." Good to see some offical word from them.
  18. My daughter started school this year and she had wednesdays off and in preshool she had wednesdays and fridays off so that doesn't fit.
  19. smash210

    Mick Doohan Motocoaster construction discussion

    Thats would be good as the family and I are going early Nov. Fingers crossed
  20. smash210

    Spacewalker Shut

    What was the spacewalker???
  21. smash210

    Matrix Exhibit - Closing!

    The train from the harry potter exhibit is still there right? It would make sense to put Harry Potter back in the building as what is the point of the train there???
  22. Hi I was just wondering if someone could explain to me the relationship between our Sea World here in Australia and the other Sea World parks around the world. Is it just the name that they share or are the part owned by one company? I’m just a little confused about the ownership of the Sea World brand. Thanks for you help.
  23. smash210

    25 penguins die at Sea World

    Or will they bring in some more from somewhere else?? They can't let them breed with just the 12 can they?? There needs to be more of a gene pool? Corect? Or is the 12 enough??
  24. smash210

    What is with Batwing's Themeing? - You decide

    I have to agree with gazza completly. I think that we should be very happy with what we have. Considering the population of Australia compared to other parks that have alot more money avaliable to them we should be greatful to the level of rides that we have.
  25. smash210

    Captain Sturt Show

    I really enjoyed the show, It was good to sit and relax for half an hour. I know my kids would of loved it when i take them there later this year. So what does it do now? Just drive around the lake??