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Silly question re. Knotts/Disneyland/Magic Mountain

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Ok, this is going to sound like a pretty stupid question at first ... We're going to Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland in April. Usually when we go to MovieWorld/DreamWorld etc we just turn up wearing thongs, and just take them off on rides where we might lose them, and ride barefoot. Just wondering if anyone has any idea about footwear policy for the US parks - whether or not we would be permitted to just take off thongs and ride barefoot ... or should we make room in our luggage for joggers? I'm not keen on being confined to joggers, but I'd hate to turn up in thongs only to be told we couldn't ride.

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Disney is fine with that sort of stuff so you can wear them all day. With SFMM you would have to take them off to ride Deja Vu, X2, Scream, Tatsu and Batman and leave them at the station. At Knotts you would have to take them off for Riptide, La Revolucion and Silver Bullet and leave them in the station or on the ground. SFMM and Disneyland are big though, are you sure you want to do that amount of walking in thongs?

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You'll rarely find me without thongs at a park (or anywhere else) as I'm not really a fan of shoes. Most rides you'll be fine to wear them on. With certain inverting rides, especially those without floors (inverted or floorless coasters for instance), the common practice at parks over there is to sit on them. Just remember to call them flip flops if you decide to ask an attendant if it's OK to wear them on a ride. Asking if you can wear thongs will probably be met with odd looks in the States.

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