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'Fiend' NL sim ride

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Hey all, This is my new Euro-Fighter creation in No Limits. Ride took about a day to complete, and its the first time I have played around with my own 3Ds, like speed/position sensors on the track and copper braking fin's. Its a high thrill ride and is very fast paced, it puts through about 685 people per hour and the ride time is approx. 1:50mins Enjoy (you need No Limits track packager to open/ride coaster) Trackfile updated 11/4/09, added various 3D's : I will put a few Screen shots up if people want. I'll zip it just for you Gazza :P, only kidding....I should of done that in the first place! zane.

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Can you just zip it an upload it on here instead of some dodgy 3rd party? It's bull that I should have to wait around ages till it lets me download it: post-88-1239364769_thumb.jpg ...Sweet, ta for fixing that....Really cool layout there, its narrow and compact, the sort of ride that could work in a place like LPM. I quite liked that half loop and twist up into the MCBR, and those little track sensors are a nice touch (They should be in the real game IMO) Only change I would make would be speeding up the lift and removing the brakes at the top, since in real life they haul you to the top and dump you over the edge quickly:

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The holding brakes are there for a reason, I wanted the train to slowly 'uncover' the drop below before going down it (like a Dive machine) and the chain speed is just anticipation effect and to space the trains apart but thanks for the comment :D

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