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New Rides at Six Flags

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Absolutely agree with you! I've been saying for ages that this would be a fantastic addition to either of the Gold Coast parks (MW or DW). They are relatively cheap, they look the business (check out Mumbo Jumbo in Flamingo Land in England), they ride really well, they have decent capacity and yes, they have a silly small footprint. Apart from the fact t isn't a B&M flyer, it is the perfect choice! Cheers!

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I've been on Insane at Gronalund and Kirnu at Linnanmaki, and they are a unique experience. Some people on the tour loved them, I just thought they were interesting but not great. If you are facing outwards when you hit the bend on the drop it really punches you in the guts which is obviously uncomfortable (even moreso after the amount of alcohol I had consumed at Gronalund prior to our ERT session). I'm surprised SFMM got one of these just simply because they don't really have the capacity that I would expect a large park like SFMM would require. Hopefully they will have an entertaining queueline.

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