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  1. ^Just to clarify. I didn't start this thread, it was split out of a line of conversation in the 2017 Movie World Coaster thread. So a bit of the context is lost. Some hyperbole in my "opininion", and if I'd known how seriously people take Dreamworld I would chosen another punishment for breaching the law discussed in the new MW Coaster thread.
  2. I liked it and I tried (unsuccessfully to some) to think of a humorous punishment for committing such a crime.
  3. The last visit was in Dec 2015 so that might be recent enough. To be honest with you I stuggled to think of a park that truly is punishment to make a humorous play on a previous post. If I'd known I'd irk all the badass DW fanboys I would have refrained lol. So anything new on the coaster? ^I apologise for apologising, I reverse my apology & will go back in time and vote for Hillary Clinton (disclaimer: that is a joke).
  4. No I don't actually. Dreamworld as punishment was a joke following on from the post preceding. How dare I raise the ire of keyboard warrior dreamworld fanboys. I love Movie World, generally enjoy Sea World, Adventureworld in Perth was fun, Luna Park Sydney is ok but does have some good points, LP Melbourne the same. Wet and Wild or White Water World don't really go to. Giant Drop is the best drop ride I've been on IMO, but otherwise I personally find DW a bit dry, lacking rides I'd go out of my way to visit the park for, and I've never been interested in their animal attractions. Again, I apologise for having an opinion on DW.
  5. ^I don't go there generally, I've been twice in the last 12 years. I agree with you it's all relative. I would probably think more of Dreamworld if I'd hadn't been fortunate enough to check out parks abroad. I apologise for having a personal preference pertaining to dreamworld. The original comment was a joke, next time I'll add a comment indicating such. Back to topic does anyone know anything about the new state laws?
  6. ^It is to me, it bores me shitless, but I'm jaded from going to parks all over the world. But back to the question, anyone know about these state laws?
  7. ^^I've never been a fan of Dreamworld (a matter of personal taste). Going to Dreamworld is punishment to me, but of course not to others. I guess you could substitute in a park that you would hate to go to personally.
  8. ^LOL that should definitely be a law, and the punishment should be a season pass to Dreamworld (and you have to go everyday).
  9. ^LOL maybe it will have a Raptor theme with them hiding in the tall grass...or Triffids. I'm hearing some new state laws that are yet to be passed on amusement rides may impact this project, anyone know more? (LOL I sound like Screamscape).
  10. In five days we'll at least how much the grass has grown by, I reckon a couple of mm at least. I don't think there will be any surprises when it is announced; I'll be interested to see what the customisations are on the base Flash model. Whether it's different (or more) elements or just making that style of coaster fit the MW site or both.
  11. I agree, I think they just got it wrong. If track had arrived, I would be typing this on page 200 lol. Hopefully there'll be some good sun today on the site today to help the grass grow nice and tall.
  12. ^Thanks for the post. "...parts for what will become the track" I wonder if they are talking about the actual track or just what we can see now. If it's track, they must have hid it well to escape the eagle eyes of local MW fans.
  13. ^Agreed, it was awesome seeing Exorcist and Halloween scenes recreated in mazes at Halloween Horror Nights last year. Though I must admit Knott's, California's Great America and Queen Mary Dark Harbor (haunts which I experienced last year) did some great work with no IP's for any their mazes - but that comes down to resources, and it's easier to re-create an IP (and also market), rather create something from scratch.
  14. ^^The Exorcist took years of wrangling with William Peter Blatty (recently deceased) and WB to finally get it on deck. At Horror Nights in Hollywood, for example, there's properties they've wanted to do for years, but they can't get the rights (cough* Salem's Lot *cough). The point is Exorcist took years to get the rights, so I'm not sure if MW would have to go through the same process. The Exorcist was a great maze last year (I only did the Hollywood version).
  15. ^Thanks for the update (seriously). The grass is growing nicely and the caps are looking rather spiffy and should ally fears from the media that the rebars (or whatever you like to call them) are a fatal accident waiting to happen. And amazingly in 7-8 months you might be able to ride this sucka.
  16. ^Maybe the whole coaster is there and built lol - the world's first invisible coaster...can't wait to ride Wonder Woman.
  17. I agree the loop is uninspiring, I'd prefer more balls to the wall ejector airtime. It would be more fun if the train went on the outside of the loop (think Premier Sky Rockets) IMO.
  18. The lack of hard news is driving us crazy. Meanwhile on site: the grass grows, might be a sunny day, good for photosynthesis.
  19. ^I know amazing, they had real people who knew how to be really still and impersonate wax figures and then boo!
  20. ^The guy from Mack said publicly it was a custom version of the Flash model coaster, and example of which is at Lewa Adventure in China. So it's almost certain there's no launch. Having a coaster with a lift hill being themed to The Flash (as opposed to just being called Flash, like the one in China) would be ironic. I think it should be themed after cricketing great David Boon, Boonie's Barf Coaster, will have an interactive element, where you consume as many beers as possible before the ride. The most beers consumed and doesn't throw up during the ride wins.
  21. There was a cool one at California's Great America last year where it was a wax museum and some of the wax figures would come alive, it was a lot of fun, and was able to cover the gamut of horror and non-horror characters.
  22. It's a shame Mitch Hawker's poll isn't going anymore, I found his methodology quite good, and it was fun doing it. Shame he had to weed out obviously fake ballots or one's skewed to make one coaster beat another. Time will tell on this one, already got overseas friends coming over after September lol.
  23. I go up to Coffs tom play sport every year and it's a shame I don't get to really check the BB out. Fortunately, we had a day-off in 2015 and got to do some laser tag at least.
  24. ^^^That archway using the outline of the Superman logo is really effective, especially at night when it's lit up. When you go through it on Superman at SFNE at night, it's awesome, the lights are quite blinding. It's quite possible this will be better than Flash at Lewa as MW really knows how to customise ride experiences, I guess it will be a matter of how much better. I'm a hard marker because I'll compare the MW "hyper" (lol) to stuff I've been on in all parts, but in any case a visit to MW will be infinitely richer for having this ride.
  25. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of very recent developments on the coaster, but over on the fake news front: Just when you thought it was safe to go to an amusement park. An unnamed source at a Portaloo contractor has revealed that the manufacturer Intamin believes the new coaster being built may stop unexpectedly during the ride. Leaving riders precariously suspended, their lives hanging by a thread. When will this madness stop? When will President Trump intervene and save us. A Trump aide off the record stated: "nothing a few Tomahawk missiles won't fix". Meanwhile: we watch the grass grow.
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