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Who thinks that either Six Flags or Cedar Fair should build another theme park in Western Sydney

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I believe that either Six Flags or Cedar Fair should consider building a theme park in Western Sydney. Yes there is plans to build a new Wet'n'Wild in Prospect but I think that there just isn't enough theme parks in Sydney. We basicly have luna park which is a 40-50 min trip from where I live and you can't really count Jamberoo as that really isn't in the Sydney region. There is still alot of land available close to majors roads like the M4, M7 and Great Western Highway, near to where Wonderland use to be. With the success that both these companys have I'm sure that they could find building a theme park in the Australian market quite profitable. It has been six years since Wonderland closed and I think its about time that not only the theme park companies but also the gonvernment should wake up and realise that the population of the Western Sydney region is growing and that this would benefit everyone. I have attached an image of a block of land which is opposite to where Wonderland use to stand which is quite a good size land to build a theme park. http://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&ll...mp;t=h&z=15

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^I agree, I couldn't see them building a new park in the US or other large markets), let alone Australia. It would be nice if they did, I wonder if a top notch park could be a success in Sydney. Put in an Intamin pre-fab (like El Toro, Balder or T-Express) and a an Inatmin hyper like Geforce or Superman/Bizarro and I'd never leave Sydney to ride a coaster. So what I mean by a top notch park is one that doesn't have an Vekoma Boomerang as it's marquee coaster. The main reason I mention those two coaster types is that they seem to have enduring popularity, people would keep going back to ride them.

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