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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    Quite a few parks advertise the fact that the water park is free with admission so don't see why this couldn't be done here. Sure they lose a gate but they gain a "now includes" for single day entry to Dreamworld.
  2. Next you'll be saying the latest Fast and Furious movies were good. Jurassic World wasn't that bad. There's certainly worse movies than it.
  3. Dreamworlds New Simulator

    Can't see Dreamworld going back to IMAX due to cost. It is a shame Brisbane is the only east coast city without an IMAX (still counting Sydney even though theirs is closed while they make the building housing it even more ugly). Think South Bank is at the point now that IMAX would survive there. The only issue now is people are used to the stupidly cheap pricing offered at South Bank and wouldn't consider paying the approx $30 per ticket of an IMAX session if they ever did restore the IMAX theatre to how it should be.
  4. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    If I have learnt anything for major companies when it comes to refurbishments doing things the most logical and sane way is not the way to go. Backwards and most confusing/stupid is how it is done. Oh and cheap, can't forget doing things as cheaply as possible.
  5. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Think it is safe to say the cable will be hidden tomorrow
  6. Bet the same people going on about Tiger Island are those who were going on about horse racing on Melbourne Cup day. Guess it is almost the weekend and at the rate they are going they will be back to complaining about Sea World by the weekend. Nothing like armchair activists jumping on the bandwagon and blindly following whatever is being complained about. Think it is safe to say if the park was mistreating the animals there would be little chance they would still have them nor would any organisations affiliated with the saving of tigers have anything to do with the park.
  7. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    As said before there is no land in any of those areas, people may stay there but as far as the amount of space required it doesn't exist. Why pay for land when you already have free space on your existing property, kinda makes no sense from a business point of view. The area near the main carpark for Sea World becomes overflow during peak periods so another no go there. Helensvale is about to be connected to the main tourist area by light rail so it really isn't that far from public transport when it opens (a short uber trip to the station).
  8. Mark has an idea about the industry, Ardent seem to be filling positions with those who have no real background in the role their in so wouldn't make sense for Ardent to put someone like Mark in charge.
  9. Gremlins was a dark ride and not a show though. Think you're thinking of the Studio Tour where you went to different sound stages and shown how things are done.
  10. The Off Topic Topic

    Why go to the effort of putting up a sign to say you're going to announce a new attraction soon and not just announce it now? Seems a bit backwards to me.
  11. White Christmas 2017

    Maybe you have to pay extra to get a set of augmented reality goggles to see the whole tree.
  12. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    I will give it a go depending on price. I can see how it is to golfers like Kingpin at Chermside is to people who bowl. I am willing to give both a go but don't see me going to it or Kingpin on a regular basis (well Kingpin for bowling) when the pricing is much higher than what I can pay to bowl at an AMF centre as I guess those who play golf won't be regular visitors to TopGolf.
  13. These trams sound like they would be an ideal way of getting between Movie World, Wet'n'Wild, Paradise Country and when it opens TopGolf. I am surprised they didn't look into a dedicated road for the tram to travel along between the properties.
  14. Is this the ad you're thinking of @AlexB?
  15. Fright Nights 2017

    Was this when they gave a crap about the look of the entrance and went all out with it instead of the current "band aid logo" solution in use now? Makes me sad seeing photos of the castle they put up compared to what they do now.