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  1. Wrong on so many levels. It is world class. Sure some things could be changed to make it slightly better but it deserves to be called world class as it has all the right elements of a world class coaster of it's nature.
  2. Big thrill ride? Sure. But a kids ride extending maintenance isn't something I am sure will upset a lot of people.
  3. As long as what needs to be worked on isn't in the way I don't see any reason why they would delay something like that when they don't have a real reason too. If it means the ride is opening sooner I am all for them working on two things at once.
  4. Wonder Woman at SFFT. Will be interesting to compare the two.
  5. Yes? I would make an effort to see it. The only thing "stunt driver" has going for it is removing a large portion of the crowd from ride queues.
  6. Because who doesn't love a good photo of a rake?
  7. At least 12 months between new additions isn't really a bad thing, just as the passes are about to expire announce something new for next year.
  8. So queue times are greater than usual due to running only one train and fast track is now $200. Surely can't be a co-incidence.
  9. Big Dipper has me the most interested to see how it is but can't beat what looks to be a great modern wooden coaster in Leviathan. It is something that has been missing in Australian parks and finally gives a good reason to head to Sea World
  10. Went on it yesterday. Wasn't bad but seemed a bit tame compared to what it feels like it could be.
  11. Because they haven't already been calling Vortex the new Wipeout they clearly won't make the same connection 🙄
  12. Mate, it is part of the guidelines for the community so it isn't just expected by @AlexB.
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