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  1. Yes, multiple times. Don't let travelling solo put you off having a good time.
  2. Can't blame them, it is something I will be doing myself once I am allowed out again.
  3. Something like a pirate ship style ride would do great at Sea World.
  4. They look to have just bought new track so if they were going to move it they would have done so. Can't see it leaving the park anytime soon.
  5. Can't charge people $20 to skip the queue if there is no queue.
  6. You're essentially comparing a Commodore from the 80s to a Tesla. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
  7. No reason it can't be added in the off season. Priority for them would be getting the slides open.
  8. It isn't a boring figure 8 with nothing special to it so I think you don't have to worry about that happening.
  9. I'd be hoping the crates are opened before Boxing Day
  10. Blue slide was having issues opening day so could be from then.
  11. ftfy Got as close as purchasing, the ride closed before my timeslot.
  12. The Flash looks to have let himself go a bit.
  13. Honestly seemed the most logical otherwise I'd have gone with the Thursday/Friday to lead into the holidays.
  14. I'd say this pricing is a joke but I'm not laughing.
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