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  1. Cementing Movie World

    You're complaining about the front of Justice League? Have you seen the area in front of the one at Six Flags Magic Mountain? It is plain concrete! Ours is fine as is. Even our outside queue has shade.
  2. I'm sure if you asked Brooke Shields she would be able to tell you where it is.
  3. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Have you seen plans for it as I don't recall anything be posted as far as photos go so to assume that Sea World are putting something like that in is a bit of a laugh.
  4. Happened to stumble across a website the park has created for the coaster. Has a bit of information on the construction of the ride as well as side view of the ride with features and usual buy tickets stuff. Has some detailed statistics on the elements of the ride too including mentioning g-forces.
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    Or you could just do HHN where it is an option.
  6. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    If it was something that Village had nothing to do with I would still be interested. Add to the fact light rail will be accessible to Helensvale shortly it will mean staying on the Gold Coast overnight and being able to do Top Golf while having a few drinks and not worry about driving makes this part of a fun day/night down the coast.
  7. Actventure Sunshine Coast

    Not too bad, without traffic Google says it is usually a 45-50 minute drive to give people an idea of what the Bruce Highway can be like on a weekend. It is the main reason why I also avoid the Sunshine Coast.
  8. Down comes Sea World Water Park

    The question is could Sea World get away with a tower ride or would all the nimbys nearby have a massive cry over one going in. Would be an ideal location for a sky flyer or windseeker especially with the views.
  9. Jobe's September Orlando trip

    Must be the time of the year to visit the USA given the number of people heading over this month.
  10. Possible New Rides for Dreamworld?

    Speaking of RMC a Raptor Track wouldn't do too badly at Dreamworld. Might not be the highest capacity ride but one of those in the Blue Lagoon/Goldrush area would draw some people away from the Ocean Parade side of the park. Could possibly be cheaper than their Wooden/Hybrid creations too.
  11. Possible New Rides for Dreamworld?

    Thinking and maybe there should be a F.A.Q. or similar topic posted for new people with a list of commonly posted or suggested things that new members can check out to prevent the lynch mob grabbing their pitchforks and torches whenever someone new joins and suggests things that have already been suggested a million times. Would certainly make the place a little bit more friendlier for those who just joined.
  12. Movie World - general state of things

    "Smoke" from the pipes disappeared when it also disappeared through the "fly through". Something to do with hot things and discomfort to riders IIRC.
  13. Possible New Rides for Dreamworld?

    Think if we were ever to see a B&M it would be built at Movie World now based on what has been rumoured to be spent on Rivals. Ardent seem more interested in selling what is making them money to throw into their US operations of late so doubt we will see anything large scale at Dreamworld for a while.
  14. Not the first time changes have been made to a ride after initial testing. A number of Intamin coasters have had whole sections replaced due to forces. I'm sure the ride is still going to be great even with the trims installed.
  15. Six Flags Announcement Day

    If the past is anything to go by it will be "Empty Space - The Ride"