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  1. Given the history of the park it isn't too much of an expectation. Kings Island is currently owned by Cedar Fair but I bet the International Street section of the park looked a lot like it does now when the park opened. If Cedar Fair are smart enough not to do stupid shit to buildings in the park is it really too much to expect the same with Dreamworld?
  2. pin142

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    Would say look at least $2-3k for the Cedar Point one excluding airfare to LA
  3. Would say they could do worse but think they already are!
  4. pin142

    Theme Parks during Ekka

    It's known for being a place where the cold/flu likes to be spread around. Some other regions have their show holiday on the Monday so things might not be as quiet as you expect it to be at the parks.
  5. Would ask why you can't just buy a season long refill cup but that would stop the crazily overpriced reactivation fee if you wanted to use it a second day. For those complaining about soft drink you're not being forced to buy it and heaps of people choose it. I don't drink soft drink at Dreamworld but that's because the only options there are water or beer.
  6. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    Would suggest we are finally getting Coke Freestyle machines by that post but no way we would be getting nice things like those which have powerade as an option.
  7. pin142

    Green Lantern work

    Anyone else find it funny there are two Green Lantern coasters currently closed with no real explanation?
  8. pin142

    10 Year Plans

    Some parks are dreaming if they think they have a five year plan let alone going as far as a ten year plan!
  9. pin142

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    It will become the new paddle steamer
  10. pin142

    Traveling fairs!

    Pavilion looks to be the same size, main difference is the wood chop has moved to the the Bowen Bridge Road end of the alley taking up that space.
  11. pin142

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    This is one attraction that has never really made sense to me. It seems more at home in sand dunes than a water park. I go to water parks for slides and pools not to ride a dirt buggy. The park needs to invest in new slides not contract third party out of place pay per use attractions.
  12. The same theming it has outdoors?
  13. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    Looking at the photo of Sea World used with it the maze part would be in reference to the entrance to the park
  14. pin142

    Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    If that's the case they really should have gone the Premier Sky Rocket II but if that was the case they would have ended up with something way more fun 😂
  15. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    A Top 50 Theme Park Influencer list has been posted by Blooloop.