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  1. pin142

    Theme park stories

    There is more to a park than just roller coasters, Disney parks are a fine example of this. You can still go out and have a fun day without riding them. Sad to hear your first experience on one was a bad one. Out of curiosity is it just roller coasters or are rides like Wild West Falls also on your list of rides you won't do?
  2. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    If that is something that looks great we really are setting the bar quite low for standards when it comes to presentation of a ride that looks in that photo literally thrown down, bare minimum done and called a day.
  3. pin142

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Jesus, Jesus cares. Also lifeline.
  4. pin142

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    As the old saying goes assume anything you post on the internet as public and don't post what you wouldn't want to be seen by just anyone. Also agree with the above "Yes".
  5. pin142

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    It's the gullible click bait, as long as they get clicks and idiots paying for their waste of money subscription they have achieved their goal.
  6. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Yeah, but that shows art for a ride that is no longer part of the plans so it kinda hard to go by concept art for the area anymore as a guide to how it will turn out.
  7. pin142

    Australia needs another drop tower ride

    Nearby residents would love that!
  8. pin142

    Australia needs another drop tower ride

    It isn't the only drop ride in Australia. Luna Park Sydney has Hair Raiser.
  9. I am also loving after years of "stop throwing everything in Ocean Parade" people are eager to throw shit in Ocean Parade. Sure a water ride would suit there well but there is no law saying all water rides must be within 50m of a water park and one would be better placed elsewhere in the park to spread out groups of people.
  10. pin142

    Aussie World RCDB listing

    Might have something to do with this which was announced around 3-4 years ago
  11. pin142

    Forum to chat about ff7

    Fishing Fantasy 7? I hope they really up the details on the catfishes whiskers!
  12. A quick search on PD Online for the Gold Coast brings up this map and enabling the environmental significance overlays highlights the pink areas. If the island is protected think it is more than safe to say the waters around it wouldn't be allowed to be modified easily either. Of all the community leaders here I think you have chosen the worst to doubt about information relating to Dreamworld and what the park is able to do with the land.
  13. pin142

    WhiteWater World New Slide Ideas

    The park only really needs a lazy river. Most of the other slide types are well represented. The original expansion plan could still work maybe replace the double tornado with a combo (tornado wave into tornado 24/32) to have less of a double up. What is in the image Tim has posted would round out the park and give it enough to last a few more years before they really need to do anything.
  14. pin142

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    The proposal for the sale of VRL has an additional offer price of an extra 12c per share if the parks are open 3 days prior to the sale. Could this be one of the reasons why Village are pushing so hard to open sooner and the other operators are somewhat quiet in comparison?