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  1. pin142

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    $99 is somewhat more reasonable. Will say anyone who's a local and has a pass shouldn't really be complaining about the cost of the line skipping passes as they aren't the target audience.
  2. Doesn't matter if it is slides or a lazy river one park is getting something new the other is getting forgotten.
  3. Based on the video Dreamworld posted with a coaster that looks a lot like Superman it isn't just the general public who are easily confused by what is where. For anyone who doesn't follow the parks closely the similar names will easily be confused. Either way they will end up in a park full of animals, kids rides and closed/missing thrill rides.
  4. pin142

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    Guessing it isn't kissing the brakes like its super brother 😂
  5. When seeing that logo this came to mind
  6. Can confirm the same for Wonder Woman Golden Lasso although it uses a non-stop station and would require more staff than the California option for that reason.
  7. Actually Gravitykraft Corporation and Great Coasters International both do "wooden" coasters that have a hybrid steel structure. As long as the running rails are wood it is technically classed as wooden. I severely doubt we will see something as great as Steel Vengance here especially given it is over 200 feet and would steal the thunder from DC Rivals. If the park was to get something RMC then the obvious choice is raptor. For those worried about capacity running two trains the queue isn't as bad as you would fear plus it would offer a perfect Fast Track upsell opportunity.
  8. So a coaster higher than 30 metres but less than 60 metres? Who says it needs to be a full wooden coaster? The Fun Spot parks in Florida have wooden coasters with steel supports. Steel supports with wood track apparently still make for a wooden coaster.
  9. pin142

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    Highly ironic given how they have treated the movies release dates in the past (and by the looks of it the future) which is why I never have and looks to still be the case never will pay to see it in a cinema locally. Village even went as far as to say they won't bring the release in line with the rest of the world for The Lego Batman Movie due to the fact it won't be pirated enough to justify. Noticed on Sunday night they now have a Lego Movie 4D movie in Roxy so a Lego based ride isn't too much of far fetched idea just a matter of where to put it as it kinda doesn't fit in the WB Kids area or the rest of park.
  10. pin142

    Interviews with Coaster Manufacturers - EAS 2018

    That GCI interview has me wishing we had something of theirs locally. Great interviews and thanks for sharing.
  11. For those wondering if they close these rides in a slight breeze like windseekers? The answer is no. It is a bit of a thrilling experience being on the SFoT one of these with the wind blowing you about.
  12. pin142

    Gaming Collection

    Nope, I'm older than 13 and don't want to put up with people that age and younger yelling into a mic.
  13. pin142

    Superman Escape: Third Train

    I would say they could build one of them running between SE station, TopGolf and WnW but that would actually be a smart idea
  14. No point doing an article if it isn't properly researched
  15. pin142

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    Would be surprised if they weren't also a company that claims piracy is having a massive negative impact on films in cinemas but delays movies because they wouldn't be pirated enough to warrant bringing them in line with almost every other countries cinema release dates.