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  1. Would be on there regardless for the fomo factor. People think they are selling fast they are more likely to buy now rather than later.
  2. If they fix this then how will they sell as many Fast Track passes for rides?
  3. Surely a new click bait article for dieing media eventuates each time.
  4. Ooh, a News Corpse click bait article to get the attention of idiots. Was only a matter of time before they posted shit like that again.
  5. Would you like a gold star? This makes as much sense as saying "possible showers" shouldn't be the forecast on a day that looks clear in the morning. Yes there is a chance but I bet you'd be the first to have a bitch if you got to the park and Levi was closed for the day and there wasn't anything posted saying it wouldn't be when the park knew it might not open that day.
  6. If you think Vortex is boring compared to Wipeout then you don't want to ride one of these. They are all looks and minimal thrill.
  7. Looks to be pre 2000 as Mammoth Falls isn't in that photo.
  8. How do you know if you have never tried? It was still possible to miss it if you didn't know what to look for
  9. I'd argue what was there before it was more noteworthy than the off the shelf replacement.
  10. Think it has been there for a while now. It wasn't uncommon for it and other parts to be at Movie World as that's where maintenance is usually performed.
  11. Probably dues but due to the closed off nature nobody gets to see it.
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