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  1. Big Dipper has me the most interested to see how it is but can't beat what looks to be a great modern wooden coaster in Leviathan. It is something that has been missing in Australian parks and finally gives a good reason to head to Sea World
  2. Went on it yesterday. Wasn't bad but seemed a bit tame compared to what it feels like it could be.
  3. Because they haven't already been calling Vortex the new Wipeout they clearly won't make the same connection 🙄
  4. Mate, it is part of the guidelines for the community so it isn't just expected by @AlexB.
  5. Just looking at the video thumbnail is enough for me not to have bothered with the video. It screams TPR level style clickbait. Back on topic from the videos I have watched Vortex does look fun in it's own not Wipeout way.
  6. Could have been busy dealing with the munchies
  7. Claw is the only one I care about on that list 😂
  8. Think you've been watching too much Sunrise/Sky News
  9. Sounds like the one near my work only replace once with multiple times.
  10. Everyone forgets about Wet'N'Wild, even the company.
  11. There is more to a park than just roller coasters, Disney parks are a fine example of this. You can still go out and have a fun day without riding them. Sad to hear your first experience on one was a bad one. Out of curiosity is it just roller coasters or are rides like Wild West Falls also on your list of rides you won't do?
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