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  1. Let's be honest about Topgolf

    My reasons for going is it comes across as the "Kingpin" of golf. Public transport to accommodation in Surfers has become much easier with the light rail extension. Will be a stay down the coast for the night after some drunken golf shenanigans with a few friends thing for me. The idea of a normal golf range doesn't really interest me as much as the social and somewhat competitive nature Top Golf brings to the table. Ironically Kingpin doesn't really interest me as much as I can get cheaper games at AMF.
  2. Your experience is different to mine with them then in most I know aren't smokers.
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    Rode Kong last year, wasn't that bad. Preferred it over Arkham due to the stupidly heavy on your legs restraints Arkham has. Need to seek out a SLC with the new style trains to see how they compare.
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    They were installed on the Gold Coast least than 13 years ago, however they came from a park in Brazil that opened in 1996 so if they were installed in Brazil from opening they would be closer to 22 years old now.
  5. The Off Topic Topic

    Yeah, amazing to think at one time we had three in the country. Guess we are lucky to have one still.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    There is still this one in Indonesia operating according to RCDB
  7. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    That's got to be purely co-incidental
  8. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    1. Twisted Colossus 2. Tatsu 3. DC Rivals 4. X2 5. Superman Escape 6. Batman The Ride 7. Apocalypse 8. GhostRider 9. Big Thunder Mountain 10. Riddler's Revenge (couldn't really decide on a 10th so this was at random)
  9. I am sure Cedar Point would disagree with that statement.
  10. A beer exported by Australia to less fortunate countries who think it's what we drink.
  11. Great work Dreamworld for actually announcing the attraction before anything significant has begun construction wise! Loved Soarin' over California (didn't get to experience the new one as it was closed last visit) and to have something like that is a great move for the park and something I am looking forward to. The dark ride is interesting, could there be a chance of having another Sally Corp creation in Australia?
  12. WWW expansion 2018

    Free lockers wouldn't work with the dry side of the park next door now that it is one giant park. People would use all the free lockers in the water park instead of the dry sides which would be paid for making it near impossible to obtain a locker in the water park.
  13. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Given Movie World has one of the better setups for park entry for a park in Australia there really doesn't need to be another entrance for just pass holders when the main entrance is more than capable. The studio gate would be more than ideal for the sale of backwards rivals and maybe even video and photos. Having the backwards being sold there would help with guest confusion I have seen when it comes to accessing the backwards row when there is nobody near the ride selling the bands. A basic sign saying ride entry one direction and viewing area/backwards purchase the other would help even more.
  14. Not really a bad guess saying the park had a plan b incase they have ended up where they are now. Any smart park operator would have had something planned for this scenario.
  15. Go to the scrap yard where it will be taken and I am sure you can grab enough pieces to build part of it again if people are desperate enough to re ride it.