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  1. pin142

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    Warner Bros. Nostalgia World sounds as good as "Classic Dreamworld"
  2. pin142

    Dreamworld February Update 2020

    Spiral queue also has the advantage of being able to hold a large number of people without the need for a long switchback queue. There's two ramps though, inside and outside so realistically no reason you couldn't get rid of one but why spend all the money when you have to pay to replace something that's working as intended now and would offer no real additional benefit.
  3. pin142

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    If parks did this you'd be able to get into Sea World for around $20 at the moment.
  4. pin142

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    Cue the "another ride in Ocean Parade" complaint
  5. pin142

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    A ferris wheel would be better suited between the two kids areas where tower occupies. The idea of a giant wheel immediately as you enter the park isn't exactly something I'd like to see upon first entering the park.
  6. pin142

    Shipping containers in Dreamworld car park

    Stack of pallets next to the tower track and a container in the car park. Surely not hard to put the two together. I'd be extremely surprised if this is new coaster and not ToT removal related.
  7. pin142

    Wet n Wild GC - Maintenance 2020

    Four months for calypso seems a lot too.
  8. pin142

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    Will this be another ride that Kumbak trains seemed to have killed on the Gold Coast?
  9. Some armchair specialist whose watched a video and is an expert on things after doing so. Wonder if this was Facebook they would have their school attended as the "School of Hard Knocks"
  10. BS? In the middle of the school holidays localised entirely to these forums?
  11. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Maybe it has been delayed due to someone stealing some of the blocks for a bookcase
  12. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    The slide was tested in Germany so it may be safe to say that is DC Rivals and possibly Dancing Oscar in the background.
  13. pin142

    The Off Topic Topic

    I understand the Movie World car park is a popular place to visit
  14. pin142

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Crazy idea but with all this downtime maybe they could look at the clearance issues and sort those to allow air conditioning