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  1. Probably still programmed as one. Don't see the point of changing the brake type especially when it means if something happens between mid and final brake the other train has somewhere to stop safely.
  2. It is cluttered, tacky and ugly as fuck. That is what is wrong with it. You don't need big walls up promoting an app especially at what is the first impression.
  3. So it seems you can polish a turd. Neat!
  4. Formatting wise it would have made more sense to write Sunday - Friday.
  5. Concept art was close to what was originally found until they gutted the theming and opened the queue line up.
  6. One themed to Scomo and Gladys and their handling of coronavirus
  7. If they are getting a new train it makes perfect sense to upgrade the braking system too.
  8. Decent menu and IMO better than the buffet that was offered there.
  9. You were planning on visiting LPS for your birthday? Weird flex but ok.
  10. Only two issues I can see is it isn't DC themed and it is themed to a level I doubt we will see locally again for some time however that is something I'd like to be proven wrong on.
  11. Given it is released a week after the celebrations end on HBO Max it kinda makes sense to try and go for the marketing the new movie angle to tie in with celebrating the original movie.
  12. Wrong on so many levels. It is world class. Sure some things could be changed to make it slightly better but it deserves to be called world class as it has all the right elements of a world class coaster of it's nature.
  13. Big thrill ride? Sure. But a kids ride extending maintenance isn't something I am sure will upset a lot of people.
  14. As long as what needs to be worked on isn't in the way I don't see any reason why they would delay something like that when they don't have a real reason too. If it means the ride is opening sooner I am all for them working on two things at once.
  15. Wonder Woman at SFFT. Will be interesting to compare the two.
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