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Luna Park Melbourne film

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Hi all, Not sure if any one has seen this film on Youtube but it is a great 7 minute presentation on Luna Park Melbourne. It has some great footage that I have never seen before of the River Caves and The Big Dipper. Luna Park Melbourne If you have an interest in Luna Park and its history like me, you will find it worthwhile!! Cheers Jobe

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Having visited Luna Park Melbourne with my kids in the last week, I actually found it to be inferior to Luna Park Sydney, IMHO. LPM at the moment, is looking tired and rundown. Both Parks have their pros and cons, it is true,and they both have significant historical items,which should be preserved. LPM is suffering from severe need of investment and it shows. LPS, having been redone in '95 and retouched in 2004, is a much cleaner and vibrant looking park. I think the best thing to happen for LPM would be for it to follow a similar path to New York's Coney Island. Have a ride manufacturer like Zamperla take over management of the park, invest heavily in beautifying the park to its former glory, and utilise the park to star the company's attractions. Keep of course, the historical attractions such as Scenic Railway, The Ghost Train and The Carousel, whilst filling the rest of the park with attractions themed to LPM's history. This has been done to great effect in Coney Island and Zamperla have also taken over management of the Cyclone Rollercoaster, so they are skilled in operating historical attractions. This then would keep the best of the old, coupled with the new and exciting attractions. Do you guys think that this model, having been very succesful in New York's Coney Island,would work for Luna Park Melbourne?

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