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Wet 'N' Wild Sydney @ Determination Stage


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I couldn't find any topics on an updated status for Wet N Wild Sydney so I'll post this anyways. Looks like good news, according to the NSW Major Projects Website. http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=4327 If I'm reading correctly they have finally given approval, got a little worried reading some of their initial submissions and requirements, seemed to me like it was just dragging on forever. Maybe they can start construction ASAP. Anyone else have any new news regarding this new park? I can't seem to find anything else since the initial announcements in 2010.

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I just did some poking around, and have come across two proposed dates: 1. Late 2012 2. Summer 2013/14 Now, maybe I'm just being hopeful (because I so really want a decent-sized water park in Sydney), but from what I can see, the Summer 2013 date seems to be from older news stories and the like. The 2012 one was on some stuff from the last few months (sorry, I was only having a quick look around, I don't have webpage sources at the moment), and yes, on the official (albeit not-very-updated) website too! Just putting it out there...

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