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Nice! Can't wait to see more :)

Are you going to be doing a story for this (like on other RCT3 sites) or just general updates showing your progress?

For now I will post a picture every day or so to show progress. When it is eventually (hopefully) fully done I will post it like a story. So far I'm only posting it here so in the future I will aim to make it into a story :) Also, glad you like it!

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If you do make WWW, I would personally suggest doing it as a seperate park. RCT starts having issues with large parks, especially with a lot of custom scenery. You might be lucky, but it can be better safe than sorry

I have the World Pass Gates but I think I'll just finish DW and if my computer copes fine then I'll build WWW afterwards. So far no issues, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I like to see you do Pandamonuim! Sadly there's no CFR for that!

Yeah I won't be making a CFR so I'll have to settle with another spinning ride. It is also a CFR and it'll have to do... for now. I will also run into the same troubles for the Giant Drop. :(

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Change is here! I have decided to ditch what I have done so far and start over. Except this time I will post updates showing all my progress so you guys can give me feedback. I have visited the park many times and know it very well, but it's always good to hear others opinions! The first update will come later today. EDIT: UPDATE #1 So far there isn't too much to show but I have the entrance building and have began on the surrounds. Hope you enjoy! 1012350_1393452514203333_46094294_n.jpg Overview of the entrance and the beginnings of the car park. 1012854_1393452537536664_1127646209_n.jpg Park entrance building. 1017276_1393455620869689_393619907_n.jpg Screamworld possibilities? 67717_1393452757536642_1232907403_n.jpg Last picture for today, the main entrance is done but the facade still has to be completed around at the exit. All feedback (good and bad) is welcome and will be taken on board!

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