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GC Parks school holiday vs non-holiday traffic

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I love theme parks and my partner and I are heading back to the GC next week for 10 days. We will be visiting WnW/MW/SW but I have not been to them outside school holidays since I was about 10 years old. As a school teacher I must now always take my holidays during school holiday time.

However now that I teacher in a 'remote' area we actually get one week extra holiday, so the second half of our trip will be when the rest of the country have returned to school.

At this stage we are planning on going to WnW on Friday 24th which will still be in holiday time as we are going with my sister who can only go then, but we are going to MW/SW the next week on Tuesday / Thursday (planned, weather pending) which will be once school has returned.

I am assuming there will be a noticeable difference? Or is it common for many people like myself to go once school ends, hence creating a secondary peak time?

We last went there last year in July and at MW we barely scraped in a ride on every ride there by being there when the gates opened until when they closed. Can I expect to go on a few rides multiple times now that we are visiting outside holidays?

Also would you recommend going back to WnW again the second week when holidays are over? Or is this park okay when busy, given slides should operate quicker than mechanical rides?

Oh and one more thing; I quite enjoy riding Sea Viper, can anyone confirm if its been staying open recently?

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wet n wild will be packed for sure. any if you can you should try do that once the holidays are over and on a week day. movie world is hard to pick. the last time I went there in school holidays I managed to get 4 rides on Superman escape in an hour

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Sea Viper has been doing ok. I'd recommend doing WnW a second time after holidays are over if you're into slides as you likely won't get on everything during the hols - especially the last weekend which is also australia day weekend. I would expect the days you're planning to visit MW and SW you're likely to get through pretty quickly and multiple rides at MW are likely with short (<5min) queues.

Sea World is fairly steady also, and if you like the shows then I recommend either checking the website or alternatively downloading the app for iPhone or Android so that you can check out showtimes before arrival. (the app also has special offers for food and merch occasionally as well). Pick the shows you want to see, try and get them all in a block instead of spaced throughout the day - you'll rush a little bit between some shows, but it will leave you with the other half of the day clear to enjoy the rest of the park. As with previous advice, if Movie World or Sea World are busy, try to ride the more popular longer wait time attractions such as superman and scooby, and Vikings and Storm when the major shows - hollywood stunt driver and Imagine are on (respectively).

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