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Tender documents reveal Movie World's hypercoaster station

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This indicates that – like Superman Escape or Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy – it'll be capable of operating with two trains during peak periods but use only single train operation for much of the year to allow for maintenance work on the non-active train.


Does AA operate with a second train during peak periods? I've never seen a second train, let alone two operating at once...... but not that I'm there all the time (I also thought there had been theoretical discussions on this site about MW getting a second train to increase capacity).

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Yeah that wasn't worded too clearly; removed the reference to Arkham Asylum because it just made the example confusing. Of course the ride is designed to operate with two trains but they don't currently have a second train. The current Kumbak-built train uses the original Vekoma chassis and of course prior to that the two trains effectively became one as one was cannibalised for spare parts for the other.

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