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  1. Cementing Movie World

    A path the links the Wild West area to Superman/AA area. It sucks walking the whole way around through Main Street when the areas are so close.
  2. It's the 11th commandment: 11. Thou shalt not open Hypercoasters on day post the sabbath.* *yes it could be argued which day is actually the Sabbath, but lets not go there.
  3. Trim Brakes = the best way to ruin a roller-coaster.
  4. ^ and across the road on Hot Wheels. Superman is the only one that seems to work.
  5. Ekka 2017

  6. AA was an hours wait last year for the Fright Night that I was there - I can only imagine what the queue will be for this.
  7. I was in Katoomba mid-2015, I hadn't been there since the late 80's. Beautiful place. I remember that roller coaster being built in 1986 when I went for a school excursion (lived in Sydney at the time) and was super excited at the prospect of riding it..... but it never eventuated
  8. Cable supports for the, ummmmm, supports. You know, how like some power poles have cables running off them to the ground. In other words, dunno.
  9. ^ yeah I don't remember it being great, but probably not bad as a kids ride and the mountain thing is pretty cool. Theme parks are still installing crap rides so it's not like it would be out of place
  10. I would have thought more to build as well, the labour would be huge putting one of those together. Given that wooden roller coasters are somewhat rare these days, design would also be costly - no economies of scale here, design or construction. As we're seeing with Rivals, steel can be fabricated off-site (probably high automation using robots) and then bolted together onsite without huge labour requirements. Some of the wooden ones do look cool though. But that's only my thoughts a subject I don't really know much about!
  11. Are wooden roller coasters really financially viable, surely they'd cost more to build and maintain?
  12. Healthy food at theme parks

    ^ I like the cut of your jib
  13. Jesus some people are f*&ktards. What was the verdict?
  14. Maybe they are moving DD?
  15. Healthy food at theme parks

    ^ just drink water, no need to worry about any of that.....