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  1. mission

    Seaworlds New Kids Area Announced

    How do you conclude there would be 'no benefit'?
  2. While I've only actually been on it three times, 1st time backwards then straight away forwards then the 3rd time backwards again (a few weeks later) I actually found forwards a little underwhelming. I think I was underwhelmed* with forwards because backwards is so good. And I agree, the air time on those 'little' bunny hills is awesome, I wasn't expecting that. * just to clarify, it's still an awesome ride going forwards but to me, backwards is next level.
  3. Probably this: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland-election-2017/lnp-pledges-100-million-for-m1-exits-20171109-p4ywwy.html
  4. mission

    Let's be honest about Topgolf

    Fair enough, my lack of knowledge on what it actually will be is probably got me thinking the wrong way.
  5. mission

    Let's be honest about Topgolf

    Yep, still never been. Isn't 'Outback Spectacular' primarily tourist orientated? While I don't know a lot about Top Golf, I'm not sure why tourists would go there. If I was an international traveller, or even interstate, I certainly wouldn't put a glorified driving range on my 'must do' activities - and I like golf *shrugs*
  6. Like those idiots that bought new apartments near the Story Bridge Hotel and then complained about the noise.
  7. mission

    Let's be honest about Topgolf

    Yeah, I don't really care. If I want to hit a golf ball I'd go to Victoria Park, not drive 40 minutes down the highway. Who do they actually expect to go there? It's not really a tourist attraction and it's a reasonable distance from the bigger population centres why would people go there (and probably pass something similar on the way). Golf and a few beers are buddies so it makes it even harder and more expensive to hit a ball and 'have a few'.
  8. My initial thoughts are that it's going downhill and likely won't recover while owned by Ardent. There has also been some very questionable management decisions: - why they persisted to repair wipeout. It's now been closed over 12 months... has there been any indication of opening it again? If it does reopen, will the public trust it after such a long time being repaired and the fact it's still near 30 years old. - reopen the mine ride? A ride that basically reached its use by date 10 years ago, and was very average to start with.... - no water ride for the summer? assuming it doesn't reopen by then. Granted there is a water park next door though.. There has been so much bad publicity etc that the Dreamworld brand is probably damaged beyond repair. I also think a lot of people hold Ardent responsible (irrespective of legal proceedings) and therefore aren't willing to support them. If it was sold off and opened under new management and ownership I think the public will respond differently. EDIT: just checked their website, it says 30 November for Wipeout reopening... we'll see...
  9. Are you referring to the $2 to keep your belongings safe (such as phone, car keys, a wallet with bank cards, licences, cash etc which cost $ and time to replace) while on a ride?
  10. $15 is a bit steep for a once off. $10 for going backwards is just palatable. When I was there, last Sunday afternoon, going backwards was like a fast pass, we walked straight on.
  11. mission

    Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    Because I looked for shade sails, not poles.
  12. mission

    Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    Ahh ok makes sense. I was just expecting something like AA where they do the VR stuff, not a card table near the entry to DCR.
  13. mission

    Backwards row - DC Rivals HyperCoaster

    I went of DCR for the first time on Sunday and my daughter and I opted to go backwards for our maiden voyage. We basically walked straight on and the ride was awesome. At $10 I wouldn't be doing it every time, but definitely will on occasions. We then went forwards, in row 3, and tbh it just didn't have the same impact as backwards. Still an awesome ride but backwards is something else....... I wonder if the up-charge will be permanent - where you pay for backwards looks very temporary and there doesn't look like anywhere that is set-up as a permanent pay station? They definitely need some shade sails in the queue area - how they overlooked that I don't know.......
  14. mission

    Cementing Movie World

    A path the links the Wild West area to Superman/AA area. It sucks walking the whole way around through Main Street when the areas are so close.
  15. It's the 11th commandment: 11. Thou shalt not open Hypercoasters on day post the sabbath.* *yes it could be argued which day is actually the Sabbath, but lets not go there.