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  1. Let’s not forget that Village already did a massive redundancy sweep a few years ago which saw quite a few departments gutted and left a lot of admin areas bare. So would there be many left to make redundant that aren’t there for day to day operations?
  2. Agree there, which is what happened with Sky Voyager. It possibly would have been quicker and more beneficial for them to build a new purpose built building for the ride, rather than trying to shoehorn it into the existing cinder block building. That’s just my 2 cents I guess
  3. Ride design is not intense, but the way it’s situated puts a lot of people off it. It is quite an intimidating looking ride, mostly because of the way guests view the ride.
  4. Remove the splash down tubs, put in remote control boats, now the abandoned pool has a use and can make money.
  5. Just on the Dolphin pool proximity to the Vortex, hopefully Bikash/ Management can confirm that thought has gone into ensuring the safety of the Dolphins with a ride right next door. All it would take is a hydraulic leak.. but even things such as the rides noise could have potential impacts on the animals. Justice for Captive will have a field day when this ride opens and if the dolphins move back in.
  6. I saw it hit the O in its final legs, I also saw it struggle to hit the F, it’s reach was variable. It was really only at the beginning of the rides life that it hit close to the very top and kiss those brakes. If what I’ve been told is correct, it was a struggle to get it that high during those early days.
  7. It’s not really that much higher than how high it was going towards the end of its life. You just can’t see the letters to reference how high it’s going, and also you are lower on the eastern side of the tower than you are if you were on the western side.
  8. Whilst they are at it, Disney should demolish Sleeping Beauty's Castle because it has been there for a really long time... The castle at Sea World is sadly another case of Sea World neglecting what was once an icon (much like the light house). I am with you, going by the recent trend at that park, it will probably be unceremoniously removed, much like the light house was, but what could or would they put in that location? I mean, it would give them a chance to help flatten that area, perhaps even re-work the pathways around storm, they could fill in the splash down pool for Vikings and make the area more and easily accessible.
  9. Does it matter what they are called? The world has gone mad, but if people are now getting offended by what people call a parking space, then I don’t know if I want to live in this world anymore. When did everyone become such snow flakes?
  10. Some solid ideas there mate. Agree with you 100%. LookinG forward to seeing how the rest of the area turns out, but if this any indication, it is looking to be expected sadly. Also disappointing to see the mentions of the monorail removed, that is also painting a picture. The sea world we once knew and loved is now dead. Can someone please just build @joz’s boardwalk idea, please?
  11. No free hand sanitizer? Are they atleast selling it in the shops?
  12. It looks nice, sure. But it doesn’t look world class, cinematic, or heck even as good as wipeout did. Wipeouts theming atleast told a story, this so far seems to tell the story of how Sea World turned into Westfield The Spit. Looks nice at night though, when 90% if not more of the parks guests will never get to see it. I guess a high five for trying?
  13. It seems unrelated to Covid. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSL4N2DV29H
  14. Was there ever an official finding that stated the fault was 100% undetectable by village engineering for the GL incident? Just remember, a very well known Head of Engineering at Dreamworld who had been there for many years when the 2016 incident occurred, was previously in a highly paid engineering position at Village Roadshow theme parks, and has often been cited as the reason for many attractions falling to disrepair, and eventually removed. Who’s to say Village were just lucky to not get caught with their pants down? I know your position Rappa means you were very knowledgeable of the business and I don’t deny that knowledge. I’m not here to pick a fight, but I would also like to point out that village aren’t the holy grail as mentioned above. No one is. Not even Disney. Whatever you do is only still as good as the last persons effort. If GL gets a pass because it was a manufacturer’s defect, then technically TRRR was a manufacturer’s defect or oversight, since the ride was built and maintained in house.
  15. Also worth noting that some of the ride restrictions such as weight and age have been removed from the website. For example, Sky Voyager when it opened had a height limit of 100cm and must be 4 or above, now it’s 100cm, and under 4s and upwards are required to be accompanied by an adult. Claw’s 10 year old age restriction is also removed. This is a fantastic thing that makes some rides more accessible.
  16. Well if anyone wants a Roller Coaster in their backyard, bring a crane and many many trucks..
  17. Thanks for the reply @Bikash Randhawa It would be a shame to lose the monorail, after all I believe it recently had a complete mechanical overhaul. Not only is it a historic attraction for Australia (being the first and only remaining Monorail) but also as a vital transport attraction for your park. Sea World is a very big park, and after already losing both the Sky High Chairlift, and the Sea World Railway, it would leave the park without any transport for its guests. If the monorail is indeed not to return, I hope Sea World is able to afford and install a new, innovative and World class transportation attraction. One more question to bring this back to Covid (perhaps there should be an “ask Bikash” thread on this website? Are you, as the GC’s Tourism Leaders, working with your opponents (Ardent plus other organisations) to ensure tourism thrives in a post covid world? Do you feel the requirements thrust upon your industry in response to Covid-19 are over the top at all? Best of luck and thank you for answering my question.
  18. Hi @Bikash Randhawa I know this isn’t Covid related, but since you are answering questions, I am wondering if you can advise what the status is of the status is of the Sea World Monorail? As you know it has been removed from the maps and website. There was speculation that it’s time is done, including information from a University Student Study stating the park advised them the Monorail was a defunct attraction more or less. I saw you refuting these comments, advising that it was due to construction of the Vortex and Leviathan. Are you able to publicly commit to reopening the parks only (And vitally important) transport attraction, and advise when you expect the Monorail will return?
  19. Just use this mods and BAM, the stain is gone!
  20. Oh come on, nothing screams more cinematic than blue screen and shade structures! Over time you’d expect as ideas get more refined and cheaper to implement that we’d be seeing stuff by now that makes us go “Bermuda What?”, but sadly with each new iteration of attractions, the operators keep trying to pull the wool over the guests eyes.
  21. We were never going to get what was originally promised. The way each concept has changed so rapidly, and everything has been rather vague, you are in denial if you think Covid has had made them change the plans for what we see today. Sure future additions may be adjusted, but what we get for Vortex is what was originally intended. Smoke and mirrors people.
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