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  1. What was the colour of the car you were travelling in?
  2. It was good of them to design the stall location in an accessible area of the park for easy rider retrieval
  3. Looks like there's enough Karen's in the world for it to get attentions of the news.
  4. Or they just prefer not to put the heat on themselves and pass the backlash onto the small local coffee shop owners or the theme park.
  5. If you followed all the different health advice just within Australia you would end up inside out. It should be called health opinion because every state has a different one, as does every country in the world.
  6. I always find it funny that people jump up and down at the unvaccinated but decided the AZ vax wasn’t going in their bodies.
  7. Haven't they extended the passes when the park has been closed because of Covid?
  8. It wasn't the entry requirements when they purchased the tickets. Maybe the parks need to look for compensation from the Government.
  9. What has that got to do with a rule that didn't exist when you purchased the ticket?
  10. I think you will find the condition is new @Gazza. I'm also no lawyer so I'm not going to pretend to be. What I do know is the Parks could cause bad faith with up to 20% of their customers ( @DaptoFunlandGuyto check all numbers). This forced vacation to enter will not last forever and will be lucky to last 6 months so a pause on passes wouldn't be a bad compromise.
  11. Because it wasn't a rule for entry when they purchased the pass.
  12. 27th of November. Can you please update your calendar @DaptoFunlandGuy😄
  13. If that is the case, why is The Claw not scheduled to open to 9 days after Shockwave opens up?
  14. The theming was fine but due to the unpopular ride I don't think MW care about the upkeep of the area.
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