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  1. If there's kids involved, you need to work out what level the kids are with rides . I find there's an age bracket that rules out a lot of rides @ MW for kids, if the kids aren't quite ready for Scooby but to old for Tweety.
  2. It's not uncommon to go to MW at the moment and half the rides are down so you might end paying hundreds of dollars to go on a few rides @ MW. If it was me I would go to all 3 parks because they all have something good to offer.
  3. What state are you talking about? Some would argue "like me" that DW is currently the smoothest running park out of the big 3. Do I take it if you haven't been on Rivals before, you haven't been on Sky Voyager too?
  4. @DaptoFunlandGuyare you talking to yourself.🤣
  5. Burn that photo and we will never talk about it again.
  6. @Cactus_Matt Does MDMC becomes a classic when it reaches 20 years old? @DomMovie World without Superman idea makes sense because even after 17 years it's the one ride, I ride every time. Test of time isn't just about the age of something for me @Proshall Muttait's the ride that you continue and want to ride. AA while ticking the box of being around for ever, it didn't tick the box that I wanted to ride it.
  7. Me. In the past I have arrived at WWW an hour after opening and they won't let anybody in because they are full.
  8. A bit hard to be a standalone park competing with WnW when you're only currently open 3 days a week while your competitor is open every day.
  9. I've always seen a classic ride to be something like Scenic Railway at LP or It's A Small World at Disneyland. Something that has stood the test of time. Or even a new ride that the design has stood the test of time, like a Carousel. Now I'm wondering have I been looking at what it takes to be a classic all wrong.
  10. At what age does a ride become a classic?
  11. Stainless steel soothes the soul. Bermuda could do no wrong. Don't fight it. Why does DW have a fence around it? People are dying to get out. (still to early💁‍♂️)
  12. After we have finished with fences we are moving onto queue handrails.
  13. I don't know anybody said they liked the fence, the importance of the fence to be part of the theming every time is under question. (my take) DW have installed the fence to serve one purpose. No different to seeing a fire EXIT sign when you are on a dark ride, it’s to keep people safe because people are stupid. If people weren’t stupid there would be no fence.
  14. @DaptoFunlandGuy Having a pivot joint would take some of the load off of the running gear as the ride flexes during ride cycles but I don't know if that is why the arm is hinged.
  15. John Longhurst thought it was fine to build a roller coaster with minimal theming and chain wire fences, why can't @Slicksee sometimes it's ok?😬
  16. Taken when kids were the parents responsibility. Taken when it's your fault I wasn't watching my kids.
  17. @Slick If you were running DW you would send it broke in a week. Sometimes sacrifices must be made and a wire fence at the back of a park is one of them. I had no problem if SW went with a shed because of budget restraints but I had an issue with the colour smacking you in the face.
  18. You must be Walt Disney reincarnated. Finally, somebody considering other people’s point of view. Why would a kid want to walk down a tunnel of fences that they can’t see over or have an obstructed view on what’s on the other side? You just created a nice looking ladder that isn't a fence.
  19. @jozIt wouldn’t surprise me if the problems are out of managements hands. I have a few theories. 1. The company that purchased VR had a shocking year and lost a lot of money so maybe they have been told to rein in the spending. 2. VR had major staffing issues over Christmas and maybe this hasn't been 100% sorted. 3. Covid.
  20. You need to convert that to Australian currency. 1200 × a whole lot of crap = 127.
  21. I saw them the other day and I think the cranes were mating.
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