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  1. Ahh good ole Americans hey...Just make it sound technical, throw in a few three lettered acronyms (TLA's) and you can sell them about any idea. Makes Homer look quite intelligent at times
  2. Yeah I agree Adam they are quite good...good for a laugh but thats about all
  3. Well DUH Adam!! To you and me this might be simple logic. However when something like this is advertised as "expert advice" and " a handy tutorial to recharge any battery" then it runs the risk of leading the not so informed down the wrong track. Trying to charge ANY non-rechargeable battery can be dangerious (which means it IS dangerious) therefore its worth a mention so people who dont know any better dont go and try this sort of stuff.
  4. You have to be kidding....Guys DONT try this with non-rechargeable batteries, you will be both wasting your time and running a minor risk of hurting yourself. Standard batteries convert their stored chemical energy to electrical energy in a non-reversible way. The elements inside the battery decay till they no longer function. Consider this like a boat in the ocean being left to rust...you cant de-rust it to make it new again...instead you buy a new one! Batteries that can be charged really wont be able to be charged in this way either. They require a flow of electrical energy to reverse the
  5. Dude even at $185 for a yearly pass that only equates to $3.55 per week. Assuming that you visited the park about 10 times in that year, your average entry price would still be below 20 bucks! Pretty cheap if you look at it that way. Prices unfortunately are only ever going to go up. Its just the way of the world. In about 12 months it will go up again anyway so you would be better off buying your pass now.
  6. Anyone got any ideas on the colour of the Zodiac? Seems to be red in these sat pics. If my memory serves it was only ever blue in the earlier days then purple.?????
  7. September!! Sheesh 6 or so weeks from nothing to all built hey, not bad!
  8. MMM sounds about as good as my "classic datsun 200B" Face it dude these are all crap carny rides!
  9. All the add says as far as im aware (and i could be wrong) its 3000 per train for the 2 BB trains, and 2000 per train for the Beastie trains.
  10. Yeah a couch would be awesome.... mmm lets see 3 grand for the whole train divided by 7 cars is approx 430 bucks a car....thats a cheapish lounge for your living room. Got 6 other people on here who wanna slice up a train with me??? I got dibbs on the front car tho!! :)
  11. Noticed the same thing on a recent trip myself. Mostly for me it was just a few things in need of a good lick of paint. In particular the paint job on the Claw!! yikes hasnt that faded in such a short time!
  12. The lap-bars were able to be shaken in their locked position but not opened very far at all. Like you could move it 2 or 3 cm at most. Would be almost impossible for an adult to come all the way out of your seat however. Because of the position of the lap bar over the seat, you'd need backwards bending knees to slide all the way out. For the most part when my friends and i were on the beast we tried to do full circuits without holding on....This was achieved by standing up as far as possible in your seat, with your thighs resting hard on the underside of the lapbar. This enabled you to hold
  13. So just do what we do....leave your extra crap in the car. These places have passouts remember.
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