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  1. JDB


    I voted Green Lantern, Superman Escape and Scooby Doo. Cyclone and Jet Rescue would be my runners up.
  2. I would absolutely love to see this re-themed to be Arkham Asylum. The theming possibilities would be endless.
  3. JDB

    MW Attraction maintenance 2010

    Damn! A group of us is going on the 10th for a friends Birthday. I'm really quite disappointed that SE will be closed...
  4. JDB

    WVTP Changes

    From what dates does Movie World usually get the busiest?
  5. I love the whole pre-launch bit on the SE. It really builds up the whole ride.
  6. I haven't had a chance to get back to MW since this attraction has been open. Overall, is it worth seeing?
  7. Hey guys, On Monday, six friends and I are going to Dreamworld. We're catching a train in early and are going to stay all day. I'm sort of new to Dreamworld, I haven't been in a while and don't know when are the best times to do what. (I had an annual pass for Movie World so I know a lot more about that!) If anyone could recommend that we do certain things at specific times, it would be really helpful.
  8. JDB

    Movie World Soundtrack

    I've heard them playing 'Men In Black' on Main Street as well.
  9. JDB

    Time for something new..

    I agree with you here. I'd love to see a new ride like this over a themed river ride too. Even though I really want it to happen, I can't see The Simpsons in Movieworld any time soon.
  10. JDB

    Time for something new..

    Regarding the people saying the "polluted river" Simpsons themed ride wouldn't be a good idea because it is only mentioned in one or two episodes, I think this ride would fit in well. This is "Movie"World and in the Simpsons Movie, the whole story revolves around Homer polluting the river/lake. This is in the Movie, why wouldn't it work?
  11. Are the Bumper cars and the Sylvester tower ride in Looney Tunes village open yet? Edit: Whoops, just remembered it's not called "Looney Tunes Village" anymore...
  12. JDB

    Scooby-doo spooky coaster

    Wouldn't they have seen the person holding the camera when the photo was taken under the swinging axes?
  13. JDB

    New rides confirmed for 2007

    Apart from the new kids rides and the Dodgems, are there any plans for more new stuff to come in 07?
  14. I went to Movieworld today as well. I don't think the new additions look too bad. They fit in with the kids section nicely.