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  1. I think our parks should look into buying second hand rides, 90% of the GP would have no idea it was recylced from somewhere else. I would be hoping the cost would be lower than buying a new ride outright. It would give us a greater selection of coasters ( rides ). While i would prefer something brand new ( Hyper, Wooden, anything by B&M ) I just don't see the parks dropping that sort of money anythime soon. This might be a cheaper way to go.
  2. Since this ride is being dismantled and we really could do with a new coaster or two, maybe they should go second hand and buy this from Six Flags.
  3. When Superman went down earlier this year, it only appered on the website ten days or so before hand.
  4. A rapids ride would be great, something well themed and LONG!
  5. O.k. i will bite, plan to add anymore info to that statement....?
  6. What does that even say, next time trying opening your eyes when you type.
  7. I might be wrong, but i don't think Richard works for any part of the Dreamworld group.
  8. Dreamworld, Sorry to hear that you did not get it, i do know of one other park that is taking interest in people wishing to gain employment.
  9. They went quick the email only came out last night
  10. It seems Wet and Wild are hiring, so if any one on the coast is looking for theme park work Imagine working outdoors at a theme park where management actually insist you have fun! Well guess what? You can! Wet’n’Wild Water World, Australia’s premier water theme park is currently recruiting for lifeguards and ride attendants. Lifeguards also receive specialised training and development providing them with formal national accreditation in Senior First Aid and Bronze Medallion - valued at around $400. http://wetnwild.myfun.com.au/Park-Info/New...P-FOR-GRABS.asp
  11. The all-new Kids’ WB! Fun Zone is set to open late September! The transformation of LOONEY TUNES Village is currently in its final stages of completion and the all-new Kids’ WB! Fun Zone will open in time for the September/October school holidays – Brave the ROAD RUNNER Rollercoaster or search for that wascally wabbit - BUGS BUNNY in the LOONEY TUNES River Ride, then board the YOSEMITE SAM'S Railroad and blast off on MARVIN THE MARTIAN'S Rocket Ride. The all-new Kids’ WB! Fun Zone will also be launching two fantastic new LOONEY TUNES rides these school holidays! So, for your chance to be o
  12. They have been talking about this for the last couple of years, G Burke gave the same interview mid last year about the building of new parks. At this stage i would rather see them add more to the Gold Coast park then go one a building spree across the country.
  13. Thats when it will get a name change to the "Little Bike That Could"
  14. Hang on let me call someone who cares Sorrry no answer!
  15. If there are going to go with a intercity type arcade ( which i hope they don't ), they should look at Galatic Circus at crown in Melbourne. Still once i pay $60.00 or so dollars to enter a park, the last thing i want to do is fork out more money for any upcharge type ride/games/things.
  16. Intencity is the name of the ( for want of a better word ) pinball palour type games centres that are attatched to Village Cinemas down south.. I cannot see them being free.
  17. Hey this week i think i am going to be the new CEO of Dreamworld, so let me see if i can answer this for you? Hang on let me just ask DreamworldRideOp for you! Sorry at this point we are trying to figure out why the Blue Lagoon is still closed.
  18. While the name is starting to grow on me, i for one am looking forward to this coaster, November just cannot come quick enough.
  19. Both of them seemed to be so full of crap that i had to wipe the computer screen clean!
  20. Don't you find this funny that Shaunernator claims that he is management at Dreamworld yet he had no idea that Blue Lagoon was closed? What did maintainence say?, no really when you went to them, what did they say, i am dying to know! Why have you not answered the questions that was asked of you in the Problems People Problems thread, do you see where i am going with this? So if history should follows it self, this would be the last time you will ever be in this thread, yes?
  21. Some of those new pictures great, Churros thanks so much for posting the update on this.
  22. I think i just threw up a little! Could they have came up with a more horrible name, but thats just what i think!. At least there has been some more info released on the ride and so far looking ( sounding ) better than any of us could hope have hoped for. Well time to head back to dreamworld, early October should be the perfect time to go! Did they happen to release the track layout as well today or was it just the naming of the coaster?
  23. Thats one thing i noticed when i lived Victoria, both Movieworld and Dreamworld would flood the market place with ads about there new rides and nearly every time it was after ther ride had opened. It would seem to me to be better to announce this months in advance, so people who where able to go on Holidays could be there for the opening of a new ride. In other words what nearly all of you guys have said! Shaunernator, anytime you feel like coming back into this thread, please don't be afaird too! Maybe it's time for a new park to open ( Universal, Disney etc... ) to kick these guys butt
  24. Well in that case maybe you would like to reply to some of the other threads that are on here, like how people think that Dreamworld has lost it's magic, that there is hardly any themeing for some of the rides or around the park? It would be interseting to hear a managers take on this, don't you think?
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