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  1. Maybe they're keeping it open to substitute SE being closed early?
  2. Can't you just for once own the fact that you made a stupid comment and people called it out for what it was. That way we can all just move on with our lives.
  3. Changed it slightly to add to the realism.
  4. I got sick of taking screenshots, so here's some interesting looking ones. You can look at the rest. 356 - SEA WORLD JELLIES - TENDER SET.pdf
  5. Bit of a bump, but I used eServe twice in the last couple of weeks and must compliment the park on how easy and quick it was to use. Paid via PayPal and only had to wait 5-10 minutes over lunch time. This would have also been the first time I'd eaten at Gotham Cafe in years (last time was long before the new offerings) and wow, I'd been missing out. Those new burgers are great and I'd even go as far as saying better than the crap you could get at maccas. Now I know that's not a really high bar, but I'd always looked at Australian theme park food as pretty poor - my last experience not counting speciality places like Rick's or the DW buffet was the burger place over near WWF (the one that never seems open now) and the burger was like a rock and completely overcooked. Just to add- that was several years ago.
  6. All the notices are posted in the secret staff only walk though dark monorail ride which can make them hard to see. On topic - a little disappointed that this won't be up by the end of the year. There must be more to it than it looks as it doesn't really appear (to the untrained eye) to be something that should take another 9 months to construct. Though given the tender hasn't been listed as awarded yet, I guess it makes sense. Still, I'd hope SW is able to add something, anything, by the end of the year.
  7. ..... 75% of you will struggle to see what I did there.
  8. TRR: 410m @ ~45kmh - approx 4:00. Autopia - 782m @ ~9kmh - approx 5:10. Both good rides. I'd like to see the vintage cars updated to match the Autopia systems and manoeuvrability on the track. It's keeping a classic and refreshing it at the same time to keep it interesting. Well I'm going to be the non sensible one and say, why not? It's a good space for vintage cars.
  9. Awww, look at the little hill. So small and cute compared to the rest of the coaster.
  10. Those Disney rights would be so cheap too! --- I'd love to see something like World of Colour, but I can't imagine one of our parks having the budget or desire to do something like that. Plus it really only works well at night so that rules it out. Maybe they could do the whole area up. Cover the upwards seating pit for a start. They want SW to be an "events" park. They could make it multi-use I suppose. Fountain show during the day, laser+fountain show for night events. Failing that, beg universal for the rights to Waterworld and bring that in on a larger scale (to make use of the existing island).
  11. Most likely a new fountain. I would have referenced the new bridge ride, but then he'd be correct and we can't have that. Other than a generic copy/paste of some marketing stuff, it was just "construction update below!"
  12. excuse the crappy video, it's a slowed down hyperlapse (not sure why I did that, but here we are)
  13. Massive thank you to @JaggedJanine for the missing photo.
  14. I'd do it. Looks like fun. https://www.eventsinthesky.com.au/
  15. Getting there. Just need a front on photo of those bronze sections on the side to finish it off. Might be a while (October) before I'm back at MW unless there's another special event.
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