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  1. So strange. No red carpet for me tonight. Guess I'll have to fire off another complaint and demand more.
  2. IMO so does forcing people not to bring shit onto a ride. It's $2. Less than half a coffee at most places. Money most people rarely bat an eyelid to. Sure they could probably come up with some station drop off thing if they really wanted but that's just going to slow operations again. The free locker idea whilst nice would most likely get abused by people somehow because people are dicks.
  3. @AlexB is right. The ultimate terror "tour" includes a guided themed tour as it has every other year. It's not like the fancy universal VIP tour you've just done @pin142 . At the time of purchase nowhere advertised it as the babysitting experience. I wonder how those other guests, (sorry, "entitled assholes who have to do everything first", right @djrappa?) felt about their experience when they purchased the tickets without knowing the full details. I guess based off that logic the first nights hyped tour should have been empty, or full of assholes.
  4. In that case @AlexB why not enclose the entire ride for a world first?
  5. More than 10. Interesting for someone who's bored. Take the pph figure for each ride (from rcdb) and work out how many people they could push through all rides during one hour if they were all open. Everyone rides one ride only and then gets frozen on the spot at the exit.
  6. Calm down, just asking. There didn't seem to be any context around the dates and what they specifically meant.
  7. I'll reply in full after work, but one thing I did forget to mention was having the VIP area where it is actually worked for this event unlike when it was in the same place for the DC parade. Actually, once again I tire of you and your constant need feel superior over me. I must say I'm disappointed in you that you didn't bite to that last comment given how easy it was to get a reaction from you the first time I posted it. Anyway, I'll leave it as "a customer has a negative experience with the park and provided feedback. Follow up discussions have occurred and the matter is being resolved." I'll be taking my gold plated ticket back to the park this weekend where upon I shall walk the red carpet as all the staff bow down and diefy me while handing me wads of cash throughout the night. I hope your night is as enjoyable as I demand mine will be.
  8. Nope. It never left the locker til the ending show. Was going to get photos but decided against it. Just didn't seem worth it by then, and the crowd was dead. Camera wasn't turned on once while in the park.
  9. So the park should be given a free pass because they sold a product at a premium price before they were able to get their advertising arranged or sales staff trained for it? What about looking at it from a non-enthusiast point of view? Guests paid for a premium product, missed half the shows and are just expected to suck it up and pay to go back again? Don't call the product an "Ultimate" product if you don't expect people to want a special experience. With early entry, a welcome drink and canapés, themed buffet, bottomless non-alcoholic beverages and Unlimited Fast Track, plus Behind the Screams tour, exclusive access to secret Terror Rooms within selected mazes, a NEW tour experience which is off the beaten track with special effects and actors and much more, it’s the ultimate way to experience the horror of Fright Nights. That doesn't suggest it should be a special experience to you? Solid product? Yes. Marketed correctly from the outset? No. Does the VRTP marketing team dislike or hate me for continually complaining about them on here? Probably. You're really clutching at straws on this one. So you have seen the email then to know it came from a different email address? It was much easier to open outlook at the time that it was to get into gmail. One click vs three, and everything's about speed these days. And it's not about "bowing down to my every need". It's providing feedback in a manner that I chose to at the time. I could have posted on here and made it much more public but chose not to. Instead, I had my rant on here, a larger rant to them and moved on. I know the email has been sent around management. I have no doubt it's been shared from then on. I also wouldn't be surprised if complaints were likely raised about me on the night in a post show debrief (logic tells me they have these either same night or the following day). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Was wondering when you'd get a chance to chime in to defend the park. What I sent wasn't "like" what was posted here. It was a lot worse. I stand by the comments made in my email, and on here and I'd sure hope that I wasn't the only one who sent something through. Assuming that what you're saying is true, and you haven't seen the messages, how do you know there's "vocal self entitled enthusiasts"? That's an assumption you're making. Did the emails claim to represent the entire community? So no one should provide feedback (regardless of your opinions on how, when and where it should be provided) and we should all just bow down and take whatever shit is shovelled to us? Where has anyone in this thread said they were demanding to be treated "special" or as an "insider"? Other than the acceptable where the park is promoting a "VIP" tour and having a few people not feel it was value for money? Theme park enthusiasts are in to theme parks. So what you're saying that we should appreciate that a theme park is ......a theme park? And herein lies the main issue. Tickets for the Hyped tour on night one were sold before the website was changed. They were sold via the contact centre from staff who did not know any specifics of the tour. These staff never made mention that it was a fully guided tour. Half the questions posed to them were answered with a "I think so" or "that sounds about right". They did not know if the panic rooms were a voucher to do when you please, they did not know much else at all other than "you get 4 extra things". Makeup, laser tag, rivals and a panic room. The only knowledge anyone had of this "Hyped" tour was a very basic text message telling people to call and book. Ah yes, lets take things more out of context to suit the argument. If you're on the Hyped tour, the tour that costs the most amount of money out of any possible upcharge during the event (excluding multiples of anything), it is 100% impossible to see everything. It's designed that way. Is it designed in an attempt to ensure a return visit? Possibly, but who knows for sure. And once again with assumptions on the "enthusiast community". Where in this thread has anyone stated they wanted "gold plated doors" to open for them? People were sold a product which did not live up to their expectations. People were not completely informed on what this product included due to an apparent lack of knowledge by those selling it. Those people are supposed to just sit there quietly and go "oh well I guess that product wasn't supposed to be something we'd enjoy anyway"? Or the kiss ass nature of those vigilant white knights stepping in all the time to defend the parks' honour.
  11. I never thought I'd see the day that I actually agreed with @djrappa over @AlexB
  12. Has anyone worked out how to tell the difference between the two trains yet? Visually, not just by the apparent wheel alignment issues.
  13. Why don't you go and find out? Read the review thread to avoid spoilers for others.
  14. You mean it's not just as simple as chucking a smoke alarm in there and calling it a day?
  15. Alrighty, it's not 3am like it was when I sent my rage-fueled email to the park and said what I had to say, and I was certainly not holding back in my feedback. I completely acknowledge that some of my feedback is purely creative differences. I 100% agree with that, as humans, of course we are all going to share differing opinions on how things should be done, and hey, they're the ones getting paid the big bucks to do it, so more power to them. Fright Nights are the highlight of the theme park year for me so there are a few things I do have to give the park credit on. I want to get one major negative out of the way though. The laser tag. Don't bother. Really, just don't. It's a mess and handing over money to the park to do this is only going to encourage them to bring it back in future. No doubt they spent a ridiculous amount of money on this and they really shouldn't have. The guns don't work, the story doesn't work, the receivers on the zombies don't work, the groups are too big, I could go on. It's a walk through, not a laser tag game. It's not worth the 10 bucks. Now this is certainly one of the times where the creative differences come in. I'm a metal music fan. I'm not really keen on EDM at all and personally don't feel it has ever suited the event, but someone does and again it makes a heavy appearance. That aside, let's cover some positives. And despite my earlier comments, there was quite a few positives to come from the night. The Hyped tour itself. This is the first year they've done it. Of course it's going to have teething issues. That's to be expected. On paper, it sounds like a great idea. The first night didn't go so well in practice, and I'm certain the feedback they've received from many people will ensure that this is worked on and only improved for future events. I might do it again later in the month to see how things went. The panic rooms - I've done a few escape rooms and really do enjoy them. All credit to the park for these. In such a small space, they've pulled off a great experience and I'd put these rooms on par with some of the permanent fixtures around Brisbane. Just a heads up for anyone planning on doing them - we did The Crypt with a group of 5 as one person chose to sit out. They say the room can hold 6 people. I'd recommend at most you do it with a group of 4. The experience itself is great, but it's a pretty tight fit trying to get everyone in with space to move around. The terror lounge was once again a great set up and well themed. Plenty of room to move around. My only complaint there was for the past few years they've had this amazing pasta dish which sadly didn't make it back on the menu last night. I hope it makes an appearance later in the event. I'm sure everyone remembers last year's 'tour' portion of the night and how much it was widely condemned on Parkz. A huge credit to the park for recognising this and fixing it. This year reverts to an actual decent length tour that isn't just standing in a room. The tour is great. Sure, there's a bit they can work on, especially the ending, but overall, it's a great tour. I must say. As far as first nights goes, from the parts that I saw, and from the 'tour' portion I experienced, I was expecting a lot of "opening night issues". Those being things like mistimed audio or lighting, staff forgetting their lines, parts of costumes falling off etc. To their credit, I didn't think there was as many as previous years. The tour portion could have used some boosted audio levels so the whole group could hear clearly but overall, from what I saw, it was one of the better opening nights in a while. I'm confident there's going to be a lot more positives to come from this event and once I get a chance to experience it again I'll actually have a chance to get my camera out of the locker and take some photos. I'm all for second chances, and I only want to see this event improve and return year after year so I will be back to try it again. So please guys, take it from a lover of fright nights and someone who's usually a huge advocate for the event. I may not have had the best experience on night one, but even with that taken into account, it's quite clear that the park is trying to improve on last years offering. Don't be disheartened by my experience, please do go and support the event, especially towards the end of the month when it's more polished and complete.
  16. It's funny to see how little the mountain was actually held up with. Makes me wonder if it was done today how much different it might have to look. Those photos just make it look so flimsy.
  17. You mean some white sheets covering a body? No one has shown the actual remains of the victims.
  18. Ok, originally I said I would post a full review of the night. I've changed my mind since it was opening night, and I really do love fright nights. I'm going to give the park the benefit of the doubt and instead of posting here, I've sent a 5 page, 3042 word email of feedback about tonight's event. Make of that what you will.
  19. To put it politely, the hyped tour is a clusterfuck on night one. Full review later. I'm confident it will get better as the event goes on though. Please note - It's not all doom and gloom, this was said in the middle of a VIP experience that certainly did not seem enjoyable. In saying that, there's a lot of positives to come from the event which I'm outlining in a post further down the page. Don't give up on the event just because of some night one issues. I want nothing more than to see Fright Nights grow and improve.
  20. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-30/government-could-prosecute-dreamworld-over-thunder-rapids-deaths/9003820 Well this was kind of a given really. That's the good bits, here's the full article:
  21. Dragons or snakes are coming to mind for some reason. @Roachie help me out here. Wouldn't you have been doing media for them back then?
  22. Back before the IP mazes I think. It was in the Chinatown alley. Might have even been Darkness but I feel that was elsewhere.
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