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  1. Having not been there, curious... what are the design, capacity and operational problems since day one?
  2. brissy phil

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Appreciated, thank you. So in theory every other time the pumps failed (dozens / hundreds of times)... luck / observant staff / more experienced staff intervened in time.
  3. brissy phil

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    Genuine question... sorry if it has it been covered here... do we actually know what caused this? We know how it played out but all this talk of pumps and water level... was it that that caused it and if so how exactly... or did the front raft not get released when it should have to create space... or did the back raft not get stopped when it should have to allow time? I might be wrong but I think I recall being on the raft when a kid on the conveyor belt and the belt stopping when it needed to to buy time / give space? The inquest is of course identifying two dozen items that were dodgy, but what literally caused this do we know?
  4. brissy phil

    Dreamworks Trolls Village

    You're absolutely right. One that really grates me is Mick Doohan in the bush setting and not up the end in the Ocean Parade area. Breaks my heart too that the whole Australian bush theme was destroyed with the vintage cars moving, the paddle wheeler closing and the unique bushranger show gone. Hate that ABC / Wiggles is squished into where it is too. All that should be in the larger kids area in Madagascar. On that, Pandamonium is out of place there. It should be up in Ocean Parade too. The massive waterfall off the Wipeout Wave was awesome but didn't last long after opening. And the list goes on! Dreamworld used to have tightly themed areas, and space between those themed areas, adding a sense of leaving one / arriving at a distinctive place. Now's it just one big shopping mall where every spare space had a kiosk added. If Dreamworld were a Westfield, we've got a butcher next to a clothes shop and dentist next to a fruit shop. The really sad part is that there is just no practical way to ever fix these poor decisions and lack of planning and vision #fml Ps I also hate that ToT runs through the park, killing the vibe and tranquility of Every. Other. Area. Pss Hated Buzzsaw being added to Goldrush... never felt right. I guess they wanted something to advertise to the carpark and highway but by doing so they disrespected the park further. Buzzsaw should have had a different theme and been up in Ocean Parade too. The old Thunderbolt area could have been nicely filled and themed.
  5. Last weekend when I peaked through fencing to the Wipeout, and excuse my lack of technical knowledge here, the big left cog looked all rusty and old, and the big right cog looked shiny silver, brand new (with cling film like plastic over it eg when something is new).
  6. brissy phil

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Plus: Backside of Giant Drop Upstairs of ball playground (the fun part for hitting people) Merry-go-round Of course the log-ride and all of Gold Rush country One daily show at Tiger Island and most other shows No face painters (have three young girls) Flow-rider (I think) And the Tower or Terror II and Mick Doohan's Motocoaster were both closed on the weekend when they weren't listed as such 20 minutes spent (wasted) getting pass photos taken Plus all the closed rides listed above Piss take much?
  7. brissy phil

    Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster in many years. Went to Dreamworld yesterday for the first time in two years... it would have been quicker to write a list of the rides and shows actually open (seriously). Quite an eerie no-people-around feeling, which to be honest I didn't mind. Thank fully it was a day for the little kids and every ride they went on was "next on / no queue" and some you could just stay on. Feel sorry for the place. They're at a cross-roads... they need some serious investment from people who get themeparks, or from I saw, the future looks bleak.
  8. I wouldn't be too harsh, I think their approach is an appropriate shift, and their creative licensing is OK. I don't have an issue with Lynx deodorant in that every time I use it hot women don't appear and throw themselves at me.
  9. brissy phil

    Dreamworld's 30th

    New arrival as in a few boxes of coke and chips or new arrival as in 38 shipping containers? :-)
  10. brissy phil

    Sea Viper - New Ride

    I find this whole Sea Viper affair highly embarrassing for Sea World.
  11. brissy phil

    Cairns water park seeks approval $3b theme park dream revealed Thomas Chamberlin Wednesday, October 28, 2009 © The Cairns Post PLANS for a $3 billion US film studio, water park, extreme sports complex, resort and hotel precinct have been unveiled publicly on the eve of a Cairns Regional Council vote on a separate water park proposal. Designed to mirror projects in Los Angeles and Florida, the theme park and film studio from proponent Tropical Resort Developments Pty Ltd would be the centrepiece of the development, due east of Edmonton. Organisers say the project would cost about $3 billion and be completed by 2027 in three stages, starting in 2012. Tell us what you think. Does Cairns need a theme park like the one proposed? Post a comment or vote in our poll. But the matter will not go to the Cairns Regional Council for approval. Earlier this month, Queensland Co-ordinator-General Colin Jensen declared the plan, in development since 2006, to be a "significant project" requiring an Environmental Impact Statement assessed by the State Government. The proposal is on behalf of Melbourne-based TRD Consortium Holdings Trust Pty Ltd, which includes members Paul Davies Film and Television Enterprises, Housing Industry Promotions and Tom Blair. Mr Davies is a past director of marketing for the South Australian Film Corporation who has produced Australian feature films, television mini-series and telemovies. He is also the founder of the Entertainment City Consortium which included Paramount Studios US as the major entertainment partner. Mr Blair was the senior project manager for Disney’s new Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, California, and has other connections with Viacom and Paramount Pictures. Their proposal lists an association with the Cunningham Group, an urban and community architect and design firm which works with the likes of Disney, Universal, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe said a significant project declaration was not an indicator of government support but signalled the start of a whole-of-government environmental assessment process to be managed by the co-ordinator-general. The development is an area zoned R1, utilised for growing sugar cane, between the MacAlister Range (to the west) and Murray-Prior Ranges (to the east). Advance Cairns Chairman Russell Beer said the project would be a boost for the region and a great opportunity to diversify the local economy. But Cr Paul Gregory, who represents areas south of Cairns, was sceptical of the project going ahead, saying it would have a "large number of obstacles to get over" because the proposal was in the rural landscape area of the Far Northern 2031 regional plan. Former Cairns mayor Kevin Byrne said a similar proposal came before the council in 2006 and he thought it had "very little chance" because it appeared far from Cairns and needed a large amount of government environmental approvals. "We need to be very careful at the moment about embracing proposals because some proposals are achievable and other proposals are frankly not achievable," he said. Meanwhile, the council will today vote on Paul Freebody’s plans for a $35 million water park at Smithfield, which council officers have recommended not go ahead because of flooding, environmental and planning concerns. Mr Freebody said it was "fantastic" there was now another proposal similar to his, but he was sceptical about its size.
  12. brissy phil

    new stunt show a real let down!

    Because I am new on here I can't quite tell if you are being sincere or sarcastic... probably the latter :-) Haven't had a chance to read all the different posts yet and catch up...
  13. I like the ride actually. But to improve it: 1. much bigger TV screen in the library 2. better acting from the staff on microphone in the library instead of some Gen Y punk just going through the motions in an almost sarcastic manner (in fact I would prefer an old guy playing Alfred) 3. it is obvious where the "secret" library door is going to open up at because there is a red rope there instead of the gold railing, suggest putting a gold railing there to make people guess more and that part of railing can just lift up and fold back 4. the mechanical Batman in the lamest part! Firstly you can see Batman's ears wiggling before he pops up and then when he does there is just really lame jerky movements... very C64 5. funk up the batcave a bit... smoke, cold air, water, bats flying around, bats eyes in red, something, get creative
  14. brissy phil

    new stunt show a real let down!

    This attraction is a copy of this one from Hollywood Studios But the Hollywood Studios one is MASSIVE compared. The grand stand for the audience is around 3 times the size, the stunt area is easily twice the size in every direction and there is a water mote between the crowd and the stunt area which includes jet skies and boats in the show.
  15. brissy phil


    Ok you have a point. All I was suggesting is that a good addition to the Wild West area in terms of theming would be an awesome mine ride and where as the SDSC has a very open / warehouse feel, a mine ride could / would feel much tighter (like the Dreamworld feel / layout but bigger and better), a similar raw ride yes but quite a different experience due to theming and proximity of walls to track etc. Anyway, I would love the Spiderman ride tomorrow if I could wave a magic wand. Although the Spiderman ride cost around US$100 million but part of that cost, I think around US$15 million was for software development. 7 minute duration too - awesome!