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  1. Hi All, just saw this on Facebook and was reading some of the comments and apparently WhiteWater World will just be part of Dreamworld not a separate park. Can anyone confirms this means that WhiteWater World will just be a world Dreamworld? thoughts?
  2. daveoparks

    Gold Coast Theme Parks 2050

    That’s a really good question! I think all of the parks (if we’re talking the main ones on the Gold Coast) will still be running rather different than what it is now. Judging from the timeline of many of the rides I doubt most of what we see today wont exist in 30 years time. Hopefully some of the roller coasters will still be around as updated versions. I do think rides like Arkham Asylum (Movie World) and Hot Wheels Sidewinder (Dreamworld) will be decommissioned as they will have been around for a while. It would be interesting to see if something like Disney Land did come to the Gold Coast not sure if it’ll happen though. Overall I think we will have various opinions about the parks and there will always be room for improvement.
  3. daveoparks

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Oh man! That looks so terrible! 😢 They’ll be forgiven if the upgrade is worthwhile.
  4. daveoparks

    Simple maintenance

    That’s a really good question Pushbutton. I was wondering the same while I was there. Perhaps they’ll have it working in the summer?
  5. daveoparks

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Went on the gutted ride yesterday, absolutely awful experience. I am hoping whatever they do with this refurb is well worth it.
  6. daveoparks

    Justice League effects stop before ride ends

    The same thing happened to me on the ride yesterday. The audio was still existent where the Hero’s at the end when they congratulated you for the mission, the visual wasn’t.
  7. daveoparks

    Dreamworld News

    One Day Holiday, you do realise that it is common knowledge that Channel 9 has started to build the new house and studios, they have said themselves as well as Dreamworld that the house is under contruction, and if you watched all eight series like i did you would know it takes 10 weeks to build the house from scratch. But I do agree Pipeline certainly needs a makeover Theme Park GC, he may of been referring to whats been said in the past but in terms of the Pipeline Plunge i think it may mean that the dated attraction might not be the location, maybe White Water World's extention may be sooner than we think(well I sure hope so) DJRappa, and it's not like we don't know half of this stuff wasn't happening, i'm sure he wouldn't of let something slip that he wasn't supposed to it's probably common knowledge pretty much
  8. daveoparks

    Dreamworks at Dreamworld

    lol they just tried to make it sound posh with the magestic Dreamworks voice
  9. daveoparks

    Sea Viper Closed

    Lol! Back on topic.......... As we know all rides go under repair, but honestly with Sea World's track record I can see why people on here have reacted the way they have about Sea Viper with Bermuda still SBNO and continuing to rot
  10. daveoparks

    Dreamworld News

    On my trip to Dreamworld on the 2nd of April, I took the time to speak to ride opperator (name removed) and ask a few questions, just thought I'd share his responses Big Brother is back at Dreamworld, when is contruction commencing? The previous site of the Dreamworld Studios will not be used for Big Brother it is being moved to a different location in the park. (he didn't say where, I tried going on both sides of the Giant Drop, there dosen't appear to be any visable contruction) Will there be another White Water World Expansion in the forseeable future? Not this year, but there have been talks Will the Pipeline Plunge have a Dreamworks Retheme? Eventually a Dreamworks Themed water-play area will be added to the park, as for the Pipeline Plunge watch out for more news later on in the year. (name removed) was working on the Hydrocoaster if anyone was interested I don't know if this news was in anyway useful to anyone but i thought i'd just share it
  11. So realistically we won't be seeing either of the rides replaced and opened until late-2013, it really frustrates me just seeing these buildings both empty but I'm sure we'll see amazing attractions for 2013, although it will mean both buildings haven't been used for 2-3 years which is disappointing Poor Bermuda must have a lot of spiders in it, that area of sea world is very quiet and it's so ugly looking at it all rusted and destroyed(not that it looked any better in 2010), I have heard it is completly gutted inside though, I would assume that the river ride would be the same
  12. Does anyone know what's becoming of these rides are they just going to sit there for another year? The 'has been closed to make way for an exciting new attraction' has been removed from both Bermuda Triangle and Looney Toons river ride
  13. I wanted to know if anyone knew if Dreamworks was also coming to white water world as well, since the pipeline plunge was themed to nickelodeon before
  14. I was at movie world a few days back and the line for lethal weapon was a ride on, the other rides in the park were absolutely full, about an hour wait for each(apart for kids wb), so I think it may be time for the ride to go its been at the park since around 1995 and its the only ride at the park that isn't really popular
  15. daveoparks

    VIllage Roadshow Studios Gold Coast 2018

    i would pay to go in and see that