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  1. decided to head down to dreamworld today. Not going to go on too long about it but the hot wheels sidewinder had a couple of men up, working on the track. In particular grinding the steel back in some spots. Very noticble while riding tailspin at about 5:30pm with obvious sparks fying down. Tower of Terror was being tested also today. As everyone has stated above the staff of dreamworld and white water world have been very happy and they looked like they truly wanted to be there. Great vibes going around both parks. The fire machine is a great show that dreamworld should be proud of. And
  2. sorry man. was on my phone when I uploaded and couldn't turn the pic's
  3. spent the day at seaworld today and i saw this as we were leaving. Staff there were telling me there was an accident down in dolphin cove but they wouldnt comment any further on the situation. Storm coaster was down untill 3pm and when they re opened they were only running one boat. Wait times were nearly 2 hours. Later on though they added another boat to speed things up. sorry about the phone quality pic's btw
  4. does anyone have a time frame as to when the plaza will be finished?
  5. I was up at Aussie World about a week ago and the Wild Mouse was under closed for scheduled maintenance and the entirety of the ride was surrounded by scaffolding. I didn't go over and investigate although it looked pretty serious. When the Wild Mouse goes down for maintenance, is the entire ride usually covered in scaffolding?
  6. Oh sorry @westical. yeah tapping. Sorry I don't know what them being Asian had to do with anything either. excuse the racism.
  7. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Wild West and this new DC Villain area are going to clash a bit?
  8. Went down to Dreamworld today. Looked like a nice day till about 1.00pm then the rain moved in. Quite surprised that only 2 rides (MDMC and Giant drop) shut in the rain today. everything walk on all day. Saw the cubs for the second time today. they have grown so much over the last couple of weeks. not sure what tiger cub it was (one of the orange/black tigers) but it was playing around then all of a sudden sprinted at the glass/plastic panel things and jumped about head height into the glass. The tiger was alright but got a bit of a shock. some dumbass was taping on the same bit of glass just
  9. nice wok joz. this would be amazing!
  10. kinda sad seeing the old girl ripped from her tracks.
  11. do you guys think Dreamworld could fix the motocoaster? (without removing it)
  12. I'll keep my list Aussie as well. favourites: superman escape, wipeout, green lantern, storm, Bermuda, aqua loop. worst rides: pandemonium. MDMC. terrible theming and ride layout (the vintage cars were better here also) but in my OP still more enjoyable than pandemonium.
  13. nice collection ninja. I never got into the amiibos but collected skylanders for a bit. I got every skylander for the first game and giants then I lost interest when swapforce came out.
  14. idk just to say its not always empty as alot of you are saying it is.
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