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  1. Village again just displayed their lack of respect for public health that they have had through the entire crisis. They have failed to sell the public that they take it seriously at any point. Might be why their attendance ain't all that great.
  2. Yes but the length of time is what 30 seconds, barely a single breath? Close contacts in Australia are getting defined by more than 15 minutes within 1.5 metres. Not impossible but realistically very low.
  3. I'm inclined to agree somewhat, especially shut for a day for cleaning and contact tracing. But I think the risk of an outdoor ride operator catching it off a guest is really very low. Same for other food outlets where the case has not visited. So forcing them to close for 14 days would also be pretty harsh on the back of a single case.
  4. Based on the way they are working through these things the people in a restaurant are likely to be deemed close contacts and everyone else in the park deemed a casual contact which is actually pretty different. And I'm sure the park would prefer to only lose a few staff rather than have the entire park's operations knocked out based on a single case. That's a pretty good incentive to have contact details well organised by key locations.
  5. There's the federal entitlements guarantee that also pays out workers everything except for superannuation if the company they are employed by gets liquidated. And I'd also assume that the government would take on all staff liabilities as part of taking on the business. Workers are unlikely to get burnt in any significant way. I'd assume that it is basically secured against all assets.
  6. Of course no-one is expecting them to repay the loan in three years, it is just the point at which it will get refinanced at a different interest rate. If that fails, it is secured so the state government would essentially take possession of the business while every other creditor would likely lose their money owed to them. So really what has happened is the state government has secured the long term future of Dreamworld as if it goes badly they'll be in control of the major decision making, ie who it gets sold to or potentially directly operated. The government is unlikely to lose
  7. I'm really not sure why people are unhappy that certain things may be shut-that's just the reality we are in which is a lot better than the rest of the world. I fully support our parks opening earlier with fewer attractions. The fact that Sea World has put on extra shows I think is a really solid commitment. Water parks are being forced to close up in Arizona now. Disneyland in California is shut for the foreseeable future and there's still a good chance that WDW won't open in July as anticipated. Tokyo Disneyland reopens tomorrow but I wouldn't even be too confident about how long th
  8. Eh, their messaging has been poor and their attempted strong arming a failure. At least they're getting back open so and taking the reasonable expected steps which they could have announced in early May and should have done to build public confidence. Dreamworld opening later is a worse overall performance from them. If you can't get enough people through the gate to pay for the extra electricity and water used due to opening (labour costs being primarily covered by JobKeeper and they still have to feed their animals anyway) then yeah that's a total disaster. Could be at some risk of
  9. Nothing really surprising in any of what they have announced. Street Parade cancelled and character interactions altered-predictable. None of this is that hard to comply with despite their earlier protests and are all measures they should have announced in early May. As opposed to their demand for a capacity they were never going to fill on first reopening.
  10. Toshimaen in Tokyo, Japan is to close for good on August 31. To be replaced with a Harry Potter Theme Park apparently. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/06/13/business/toshimaen-close-harry-potter-theme-park-2023/#.XuRpzxiuaDY
  11. This isn't really what that person said but is the media's way of simplifying complex statements. And it has been corrected now with up to 40% cases depending on the model being transmitted from asymptomatic people. Another fantastic mess in WHO communication.
  12. I would also expect restrictions to continue to rapidly ease while Queensland reports zero community cases. SEQ is up to 33 days without community transmission-26 days statewide. NZ have just gone 56. Queensland could be in a position to drop all restrictions in 23-30 days if it maintains a border depending on Victoria numbers (which are also looking much better than 14 and 7 days ago). At the moment where the government in QLD is allowing 20 I would expect that to go to 50 by sometime next week for example if current trends continue. And further easing two weeks after that.
  13. I'm not a buyer of the parks can't open without thousands. VRTP average ~6-7K per day across 4 parks over a whole year. Also they're getting Job Keeper so the marginal cost of opening is really electricity and food and maintenance etc. They may still be net unprofitable but they're more unprofitable not having their doors open at all. In the first instance they should be trying to reduce their losses which means getting some revenue in. If Australia Zoo can open so can Paradise Country unless they really believe demand is totally lacking in which case they don't need approval
  14. Australia Zoo is to open on June 12. If GC parks have any form of reasonable Covid Safe plan I'd expect they'll be cleared to open in the next few days as well. Health Minister Miles yesterday was also pretty clear in that stadiums will get to open with low numbers at first and then those numbers can increase. Pretty clear that parks should get the similar treatment with fewer attendees allowed at first and then a ramp up in allowance if the situation remains stable.
  15. More like if you're building this ride make sure you get paid upfront as you don't want to be a creditor in case they enter Voluntary Administration.
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