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  1. RossL

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Should happen pretty easily IMV if they have proposed reasonable modifications to their operations. If they expect to operate as normal though then yeah they'll get put in the bin but surely they're not going to be that silly and out of line with community expectations?
  2. RossL

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    I think all parks need to look to do what they can that is within the rules and ways to build public confidence in their management of crowds. There's some pretty obvious solutions to a partial reopen of at least SeaWorld and that is just make it so people can view the various exhibits only in a structured walk through. Let 20 guests in every 15 minutes from 10am to 4pm and you can get about 480 people through in a day. Similar could be done with Paradise Country, Dreamworld, Currumbin and other similar places. Also a great time for behind the scenes tours to be conducted in groups like this. Maybe it would only be practical for a couple of days a week. Sure things like this aren't much compared to normal business but JobKeeper is subsidising a lot of staff wages to get the doors open in the first place. The extra cost of doing something like this would be super payments and some hand sanitiser. Crowds of 5,000 aren't going to be allowed anywhere, anytime soon and the only way venues will be allowed to have that many is through building public confidence in how venues manage that. That means starting at the smallest possible number which is 20 and building from there.
  3. Once again another PR round that merely kicks the can down the road-no actual decision or announcement. At the rate it is going, Sky Voyager opening in December this year could be optimistic.
  4. I agree that Korea can be a good trip if you're looking for a cultural experience but none of these parks really come close to USS, USJ TDL or TDS (don't know about HKDL but assume it is also better). I visited all three of those parks in 2015. Lotte World is probably the pick of the parks for having a massive indoor section but the rides outside were old. It really has a lot of very average rides/simulations. Everland is decent but it is a long way from Seoul, a good two hour trip with a bunch of transfers but I'd take Fuji-Q or Nagashima Spa-land over it although Everland is probably more kid-friendly than either of those parks. They make a decent effort of a night parade as well. Everland prices at $69 AUD vs Tokyo Disney at $92 AUD-it isn't really that much cheaper for something that is nowhere near the same experience. Seoul Land to me is below average but props they gave me the foreigner discount at the gate with me knowing nothing about it. But it is a run-down park in my experience. On par with Hirakata Park in Japan, or Hakkejima Sea Paradise or Tokyo Dome City or Toshimaen and more like that which would price out as not more than twice the price on admission as Seoul Land I would think. And you can generally get tax-free shopping for tourists in most countries at certain places-not really a unique selling point.
  5. I'm of the view that this is little more than a good PR stunt for now. Building a big coaster in 5 years is not a lot of hope for how bad the park could be over the next 3 years. Honestly, it almost sounds more like preparing the ground to remove ToT or HWSW or some more rides. "Yeah, we're going to build something new but in order to that we have to remove something". Nice bit of spin and I do support removing rides but there's little commitment shown to building any more rides. I mean the suggestion of two in the Bulletin article seems more like a thought bubble than anything actually remotely planned. What is notable is that the GC Bulletin article is that Sky Voyager merely gets a passing mention at the end. Obviously no quote provided about SV being open anytime soon or in the context of anything else.
  6. Certainly possible to get 3-star hotels near Tokyo Disney for under $200 AUD with forward planning. Look around the Shin-Urayasu area. Anywhere on the monorail circle of the parks is obviously expensive though. If you want to ride Toy Story Mania at DisneySea that'll be difficult generally or involve waiting a long time. But DisneySea is awesome as just a place before adding in the rides etc. If you're looking at June-August though crowds and humidity will both be bad generally. There's plenty of blogs/crowd calendars that can help with that aspect of planning. Another aspect is language-the default in Japan will be Japanese. Most shows/presentations etc will be in Japanese primarily although sing songs in English and will make important announcements in English. I believe USS and HKDL both default to English for shows/presentations(?). You'll be able to get around perfectly fine using English in Japan-probably not yet as breezy as Singapore or HK but that's part of the experience. It also depends how long you want to go for. If you want to spend more days in parks then Japan is probably better, if you want to only spend one day then HK or Singapore are probably better. I'm biased but Japan probably also has more that you can do outside of the parks including kid friendly activities-train museums, amusement centers, public parks/gardens etc I don't have a kid though.
  7. RossL

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Thirty minutes early for a 20 minute show? How is that skipping the queue? Guaranteed entry 2 minutes prior sounds better. There's a lot better upgrades they could offer around this, like a photo with Cosentino, or a Q&A session after the show etc. $30 for a soft drink and popcorn is way overpriced.
  8. RossL

    How to fix Dreamworld

    So build a giga. Just start building and tell the world that they're building something big. Nobody will then care if they close ToT. Build first, scrap later.
  9. RossL

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Even 3 months would be ridiculous. They're not losing money on operations. Unless you're mothballing the entire park you wouldn't even close it for a week. For mine they really just need to take a massive swing with a high quality coaster-dump $30M+ into and swing for the fences on a single great ride. And once you open that coaster then you can sell a vision about the future. The little fixes or maintain what they've got is not cutting it-I wouldn't worry about repainting facades. If that means they have to axe ToT and HWSW to save on operational costs then do it. They don't need to be the greatest park in the world, they just need something that is really good. Their current line-up is all thoroughly average to poor, Giant Drop may be the one exception although it clearly has operational issues as well.
  10. RossL

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    It is called Central Park.
  11. Well they have a cost saving target of $5M to reach, which presumably reduces head count by a fairly sizeable number.
  12. RossL

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Well it is clearly better than $100K worth of flowers as suggested a few weeks ago.
  13. RossL

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Preferably to vanish Wipeout and ToT.
  14. RossL

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Cosentino...based of Dreamworld's recent follows on Instragram.