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  1. Sea World December 2017 Improvements

    The sneak peek thing is really just a demonstration of behaviours they have been teaching the isn't too bad. Actually if they demonstrated a few more things and explained everything as in-depth as they do in this "preview" then it would be decent. I expect the actual "show" to be worse as it apparently emphasises how we should protect the environment by recycling etc. Saying you should recycle 100 times is not educational...this is one of my huge criticisms of the affinity dolphin show. They don't actually tell you any facts about the animals, in that case the dolphins but over-emphasise a sound bite without giving you much to relate to. Not very memorable. Hopefully Seal Guardians is better and does actually create some memorable moments....
  2. Come on, doesn't it just look awesome!!!!!!!! How many logs have they actually installed this on? This isn't going to be opening on Tuesday....probably not even in January...
  3. The other point I have is TOT part of a line up of a successful Dreamworld in 10 years time? I don't think so. Giant Drop, Wipeout and Hot Wheels also fail this test for me.
  4. But plenty of trick art museums in Japan and some parks over there also have trick art rooms in them. At a guess the trick art museum in Odaiba (tourist attraction central) is probably more popular than the haunted house also there. Either of those is well down any Odaiba bucketlist, just like a trick art museum on the Gold Coast.
  5. Tips for Asia Trips

    AFAIK all Star Tours worldwide were updated to include The Last Jedi. Beauty and the Beast I'm pretty sure is what you're referring to. The tip is for a fantastic e-ticket attraction. Big Hero 6 is also going in there somewhere too.
  6. I believe it is meant to be a trick art museum...slightly better than just a place to take selfies. Trick art museums can be pretty fun even if you don't take a lot of photos.
  7. Is backwards included in the FastPass? It should be at $149. Really backwards is a very cheap way of getting a fastpass on the ride and an intensely good experience.
  8. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    So I think we've now established this isn't really a price increase to $200. More like to $139 for locals and maybe $169 for visitors but that's really $149 now. The groupon $169 deal now includes a $20 giftcard to be used in park. Also given consultants were used, this makes it even more likely demand based pricing is in play here. Onepass really just replaced memberships-why did they take away monthly memberships? Probably because they weren't working, maybe too many people doing December to January for 14 months and then cancelling or too many payment issues?
  9. My point was....why try in the first place? "We're going to invest in new, modern and safe ride systems" sounds so much better than "we're going to try and restore some rides that weren't in working condition (that everyone knows are not really safe to operate in their current state, hence the need for a long maintenance period)". It is credibility issue. Just get rid of them now, rather than try and see if they're viable.
  10. Warner Brothers Studio Tour. If you're interested in how movies or tv shows are made or like some particular WB movies or tv shows then it should be a pretty enjoyable couple of hours.
  11. Signage / website mistakes

    Should say it is not worth waiting for. My real hope is @pushbutton gets to visit Japan and ride some monorails that are actually useful! Here's a show just about Japanese monorails for you:
  12. Operated like that during the soft open when 2 trains were running and a dedicated operator lining people up for the rows. Would always take 2 for the last row essentially and more if there were odd groups. Very single rider friendly. How many ride operators? There were four loaders, one allocator and one person pre-queue to check height etc when I was there in September. Plus I guess one in the booth. Not cheap top operate but a good operation-I mean I guess they could squeeze it down to 2 where they had 6-just two people loading and one of them forced to allocate people and also load.
  13. Not surprising-why the CEO last month sounded such an optimistic message on it I have no idea. Didn't look likely to happen then, would be better if they called it that way-if they want the public to have trust in them having safe rides. This is the same reason I don't get why they're trying so hard to make wipeout work again. It is an old ride, tell everyone that and take it away. Safety and an image of safety is way more important to the park than some nostalgia.
  14. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Already the VIP magic pass is down to $169 on groupon...this is likely to be the pass that is discounted rather than the onepass which is really just replacing $12/month memberships at $139 for locals. Seven days at $149 is still cheaper for most tourists though for now. VIP magic passes will almost certainly be discounted after school holidays...although I hadn't really thought about the Commonwealth Games...