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  1. Pretty funny that a $2 gouge for each time you want to ride superman is bad, but $4 more to use fast track once is way too much! I still believe it should be bundled with other fast passes. Can't believe backwards isn't also forced into a larger bundle. That'd put the cost of a visit up $50 every time, rather than just $19. Wouldn't use fast track for a forwards ride anyway, but would definitely pay more for backwards.
  2. Japan rollercoasters

    VR Zone in Shinjuku might also be of interest: Yet to go myself, hopefully soon though. Agree with most things in this thread except about Joypolis. I went a couple of years ago, I didn't like it-hour waits for everything and wasn't that good. Didn't actually do the coaster in there though but no intention of going back. There's better things to do in Odaiba IMO, including the future of science museum. Haven't been to the Legoland Discovery Center there though. On Tobu Zoo, easily the worst zoo I have been to in Japan. Zoorasia is the nicest zoo in Japan that I have been to, but it is out of the way in Kanagawa. Although I think Tobu Zoo is out of the way too with it being at least an hour from central Tokyo by train-I don't think it'd be on a list of things to do in the first 3 weeks of travelling in Tokyo really.
  3. The Off Topic Topic

    I visited on a Friday a couple of weeks ago. Every ride was walk on basically. The attraction line up isn't that good either but kind of what you expect for Legoland. The miniland is great and kind of the only reason I went. Although there were already some non-working parts in that. I will also say the staff were happy and friendly, they'd wave at everyone walking past. It is overpriced at ¥6900 yen (about $80+AUD). Discounted by ¥1000 yen if you buy 7 days in advance. What is also over-priced for Japan is the food and drink inside the park-bottle of coke was ¥220 from a vending machine. Usual is ¥160 and that includes inside the airport. Disneyland at ¥200 is the highest I can recall (although it has been 2 years since I went). I also felt merchandise was overpriced too. So it isn't just the gate price, it is pretty much everything that will be seen as overpriced by Japanese people. Maker's Pier just outside the gate provides plenty of other food options though if you're so inclined to check it out and a standard amusement center. I guess my problem is, if you're an teenager or adult you should go to Nagashima Spaland and for kids go to Japan Monkey Park. I imagine Legoland is also a big negative for Japan Monkey Park and whether it can survive, although they clearly built some new pools recently. Legoland is easier to access than the other two parks though. The other problem is, it is the second best attraction at the station you access it from. SCMaglev and Railway Park is better and it only costs ¥1000-driving a train is way more fun than any attraction at Legoland.
  4. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    Backwards should totally be included in a fastpass. Saves disappointment and pain all around. Get one ride in an entire fastpass deal, like $50. I'd pay that for a guaranteed backwards ride (allocated timeslot) and a few rides forward with minimal waiting. That's what people who are on holiday do, I've done it on Universal Studios visits. You can have a backwards queue too, sell half the capacity on fastpasses though. Will I buy a fastpass without the hypercoaster being included? No way. This is easily their best chance to make fastpass sales and also provide a massive benefit that is actually worth paying for. They're going to make way more money out of bundling it than putting in place a small upcharge. And induce more fastpass sales because of it. More people using fastpass means more reason to buy a fastpass as well.
  5. @AlexB This license only covers the area surrounding the park in Florida. Nowhere else in the world.
  6. Hahahaha. Marketing people claim to be experts all the time. More often than not they're just making it all up!
  7. Ummm, I think we're talking about different things. I think the question was about the unlimited dining which you could go to Ricks Cafe several times for, as opposed to just once. Maybe I've misunderstood.
  8. I can't find it. Also looks like the Hunger Buster offer is also no longer available for their other food places.
  9. Luna Park Sydney 'Gateway' Re-Installed

    Looks great on the train going over the bridge. You see "Welcome to North Sydney".
  10. Good example of how to load and locker is probably eejanaika at FujiQ with separate pens and lockers (just a key with an elastic band to put on your wrist while you ride). I mean you can expect to wait 90+ minutes to ride it but they keep churning through riders quickly as almost any Japanese operated ride does...
  11. Sea World future attraction ideas

    I think the theatre/vikings revenge is prime to be replaced for something else. A 3D simulator of some sort with a good show length is my vote. Pretty easy to theme to the sea in some way...not pirates, not spongebob or some other ip...something unique to SeaWorld.
  12. Finally getting my passport! Yay!!!!

    Totally understand and respect that. Just in certain cases Tokyo Dinseyland may be a very similar price overall I suspect, like a Jetstar 2 for 1 sale or $1 return. Then again if you get ridiculous mistake fares to LA then CA Disneyland stacks up pretty well as well. Adding FujiQ and Nagashima and Osaka and Hiroshima certainly stacks a fair bit more on. The AUD is also much worse against the Japanese Yen than it was last year and the year before, so that kind of sucks at the moment.
  13. Finally getting my passport! Yay!!!!

    @AlexB Why is it not Tokyo Disneyland over HK Dinseyland? Not sure why Aussies want to go to HK Disneyland first. I haven't been to HK myself but reports are way more negative on it than Tokyo Disneyland I generally find. I guess the positive thing is the queues are shorter and the crowds are less insane. If you get the right Jetstar sale, Gold Coast to Tokyo is cheap and I'd imagine everything else would end up about the same in terms of costs. And DisneySea is an amazing park.
  14. Looking at the US pricing, I think $20 will be during the morning hours and getting more up to like $50 for an hour at night. Possibly more expensive, not sure that Australia is going to be cheaper than the US on this. If they're going to have a hotel, they need entertainment options, particularly at night. This is part of that solution and I think a bit more exciting than just building a cinema or bowling alley. Realistically MovieWorld and DreamWorld are in the middle of nowhere with nothing around them, not that tourist friendly outside of just the parks themselves. They need to build in other things to do. I get the impression other shopping and restaurants will be built along with the hotel. (Think Universal CityWalk or a Downtown Disney but not on that scale.) Still not sure I'd want to stay in the area though. You can stay on the beach at Surfers pretty cheaply and get to the parks very easily, which provides endlessly more to do of an evening. Some of these problems will be solved if they get better public transport at night.
  15. 2016 for Movie World

    But is it a separate charge or a charge on buying an apple itself? (GST is just much easier if it applies to everything IMO.) No more expensive than cash really. You have to count it, mistakes can be made with cash. Their merchant fees should be less than 1% or are about to be. It would be more justified to charge me for how long I take to order-it will stop the people standing at the counter for two minutes trying to make up their mind. Plus it isn't charged when you say you're going to use debit and then accidentally hit credit, so the system is just a waste of time. Same applies to any other business really.