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  1. ThrillRider

    Reef Diver Closing

    I agree that a giant inverted boomerang would be amazing...But i heard that it often break down and so I don't really think this is the best idea for Dreamworld. It used to stop on the top of the cobraroll and that's why Stunt Fall first row is always empty now ( and they added stairs to access the top of the cobraroll).
  2. Superman and batwing will look ridiculus next to it! The skyline is going to be weird with two tower rides with one really smaller than the other...
  3. ThrillRider

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    Something's happening where the pirate ship used to be and something happening too bellow the Imagine show...
  4. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    They aded more than in the first test run videos
  5. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    Yesterday i was to MW too and the train was very slow, like the el loco in France...and they aded also trim in the drop! And they are doing something with the ground, gravels under the coaster and soil for future garden.
  6. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    The pathway of the exit seems to be built too
  7. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    I leave the gold coast the day after tomorrow --"
  8. ThrillRider

    Superman Escape effects?

    I think the water used in the spray Damages the steel more quickly ( oxidation faster)
  9. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    The entrance si in fact the old way to the batman shop, it is what i wanted to show you with my photos...and along the queue there is some extract from the comic book GL ( but i couln't take photos of this) So the queue is under the palm trees for the first part and continue on the bridge of the studios entrance...
  10. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    Was at the park yesterday!
  11. ThrillRider

    Green Lantern Coaster

    Nearmap Update
  12. ThrillRider

    Lethal Weapon's New Trains

    I hope not! xD It's out of the batman zone....
  13. Aparently it's the first time KumbaK does slc trains
  14. ThrillRider

    Fave Major GC Theme Park?

    Movie World for me, especially thanks to the addition of Green Lantern and also the new trains on Lethal weapon (a completly new experience with new trains I think). And there's our favourite coaster in Australia