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  1. The Buzzsaw will probably stay, as long as it passes all safety inspections. As far as demolishing the entirety of Gold Rush Country, I doubt they'll send in Caterpillar dozers to remove every last bit of it. Most likely is that it will be renovated to a different theme (if that does indeed happen) and given a new name.
  2. And IIRC parts to refurbish Eureka Mountain Mine Ride are rarer than hens teeth...
  3. Hmm... Here's my 2c. The Mayhem Maze = good idea. I reckon it's about time Aussie World got a scare attraction. (For years I'd hoped they'd put in a ghost train, but this is just as good) Octopus/Wild mouse removal = inevitable (as stated above). Pity though, loved the Octopus. Fairground classic. Never rode the Wild Mouse though, so can't exactly rate that one. As far as the rest of it goes, with the addition of a water park that includes a tin shed with a simulated storm inside, that's a pretty unique idea. Not so crash hot on that Professor dude and his robot though taki
  4. Or, worst case scenario, no flow at all. The water would just drain back out into the storage area.
  5.     If they hadn't had a guide rail on those cars when I was younger, Dreamworld Management would have sent one of their number down to the local police station to report one car stolen Remembering that ride brings me to mind the question, how on earth do those cars run? They're obviously speed-limited for one thing, but are they using a modified engine or is the guide rail electrified?
  6.     Wonder where the Arrow trains went? Probably sold If I had had any money at the time I would have bought the entire train. Not sure what I would have done with it as I have no track to run it on. Could think of many things to do with old roller coaster cars, including one of my pet projects where I would have converted one into a petrol powered go-kart, not as fast as the stripped down racing equivalents but with plenty of grunt to get from A to B.
  7.     Speaking of the cars, are they about the same size or larger than the Speedy's Taxis cars? And you're probably right, it might open in time for the September school holidays - then MW management will see whether the ride was a good idea or not. I'm thinking that it may have huge line-ups in the first few weeks then the line-ups will slowly dwindle. Just my 2c.
  8.     sounds awful. I'd hate to be on the 'smiley face' shift... especially with the stroller brigade lined up outside Taz Cars or Sam Train... or Speedy's... that last one i'd probably be able to stand about an hour of... But back on topic as far as the new ride is concerned - would the new Mini Cars track be the same width as Speedy's Taxis track or would they double it up and put two tracks side by side for a two-lane road?
  9.     Remote system, hm, sounds like a car immobiliser type thing, although its triggered manually to shut the power off. When I rode Speedy's back in '07, the attendant had some kind of transponder thing which had a bunch of buttons on it and a stick which could have been a makeshift aerial, push a button and at the end of the ride that shut down the car the operator selected, or started them when it was time to ride. EDIT: And while we're on the subject of Speedy's, last original ride, does anyone know whether the ride was purchased from a manufacturer or an in-ho
  10. I dunno about you but I would have, if i had had the money, bought the lift chain and, if they had kept it, the front car off the old Arrow 'Corkscrew' themed train. I'd probably convert the latter into a vehicle independent of any roller coaster tracks. Found one goin for $850 on Gumtree... way outta my budget but would be pretty darn cool: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bald-hills/collectables/sea-world-bermuda-triangle-theme-park-attraction-alien-prop/1047780213 and it's almost my height!
  11. Looks like it might be better than Speedy's yet, here's hoping so. Speedy's I've ridden, at least back in '07, twice. Woeful both times, only a few cars were actually functional (one broke down halfway through and thankfully it wasn't the cars I was behind the wheel of) and every ride you hoped that your car wasn't the one to give up the ghost in the middle of the track... absolutely woeful ride. The paintjobs on the cars were awful too... from looking at a blog post on that ride now it seems they've repainted the cars to look more like taxis Now onto the cars, either they're possibly going
  12. iirc back in the old Corkscrew days when I used to ride that before they butchered the ride name and got rid of the old Arrow trains they had two ops (at least on the days I was there), one op would step over the train when it was empty and he'd stand there, let the guests in, let em get comfy in the train, put the restraints on, then one op would check (and lock) the manual restraints from the entry side, the other op would check the restraints on his side, give the all clear, and iirc the 'Go' switch was on the exit side so all that op would have to do is hit the button once given the all-cl
  13. I reckon VR are gettin a little too ambitious with Wet N Wild projects all over the shop. They've got one in QLD, then they want to expand to Sydney, then Las Vegas, Nevada... still, nice idea if you want to cater to international customers for your parks. but will each WnW be a carbon copy of the QLD one or branch out with different rides? That's what I wonder about - id rather not have each WnW a carbon copy of each other - they can differ depending on location imo.
  14. That he probably is - plus 3 rides a visit... honestly you could take the kids to the kids WB world and let em have fun there - that will make them and him quite happy... either that or they just want to go on SE every single time... which takes about an hour to get into.
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