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  1. See I personally don't think there is much long term vision or strategic planning going on. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the introduction of the super cheap passes was a knee jerk to the GFC. Of course once you discount so heavily it's hard to justify to the public increasing the price, unless there are significant new attractions or gradually by utilising the tiered system Alex suggested. Obviously we are the 0.1% actually complaining about cheaper things and if their model of a cheaper gate is working for them why change it now.
  2. Totally agree joz. $75 is really throwing the parks into the bargain bin.
  3. The new version of the show is undoubtedly the worst show I've seen at any theme park. It is now primarily two utes, some sort of buggy and a couple of hot rods that don't do much other than to distract the audience from the fact that nothing is really happening. The trailer at the end is so bad that you actually believe it was shot and cut during the 9 minute show. The original HWSD is miles and miles ahead of this. While I'm on my VRTP rant - JL was closed for a good chunk of the day with no one out front, just chained off with a closed sign. Scooby was also down. When it opened, zero fog in the main room and barely audible music. Horrid operations on Superman again. At Sea World, painfully slow operations on Jet Rescue. Have to wonder if this is questionable procedures or just operators that are over their job, but on multiple occasions the train sat in unload for a long time and grouping wouldn't be done until the train was in load, despite having more than enough staff.
  4. I'm not sure if it's still being sold but Scream Machines (similar simulation to No Limits) had this available as a track type. The train sat within the depth of the track. Very fascinating indeed, shame a model wasn't built!
  5. Manhattan Express at NYNY rides horribly. It beats you up, is slow and boring after the MCBR but doesn't actually make you wail in agony like a particular YouTube POV would have you believe. From what I remember of Thunderbolt it was much worse.
  6. Couldn't agree more GoGoBoy, nailed it. Despite buying a platinum VIP pass with WnW Sydney entry included I didn't have any real desire to visit this season. My first couple of visits were underwhelming and I think it all came down (for me, anyway) to point #3. The purpose of a theme park is to feel like you're stepping out of the real world and into fantasy. All of the GC parks manage to do this very well, WnW Sydney feels like a bunch of slides next to Eastern Creek. It's a shame because the original concept images for the park showed that their intention was to create something truly special. From a fantastically themed park-wide lazy river/transporter to moving it to an irrelevant corner of the park with some trees... The general public consensus seems to be that WNW GC is the better park, despite it having far inferior slides. Anyone not in the 13-18 age bracket appreciates theming and the overall feel and atmosphere of the park.
  7. ^ Highly doubt that being the reasoning for lowering the speed. California is one of the most regulated and sue happy regions in the world and SFMM have no issues running their version at top speed. Nothing more than power saving/cost cutting really.
  8. ^ That is interesting. I'm not sure what the process would be reversing the car with the lift's anti-rollbacks, but I'm assuming it wouldn't be as easy as switching the lift to reverse and winching the car back.
  9. Great update. Most concerning is the height (lack thereof?) TOT reaches. Seriously pathetic - SFMM managed to crank it back up, surely the cost can't be that significant to justify sacrificing half the ride experience.
  10. ^ I believe all Vekoma components on BSG were unique so no other rides were affected.
  11. I'm really interested if other El Locos are/will be closed. I believe most parks that have them haven't opened for their season yet, but I can't find any info on Adventuredome's. Flamingo Land opens in 2 days so we'll see what happens to Mumbo Jumbo. You'd think with such a catastrophic failure the rides would be shutdown immediately - unless of course the cause was found relatively quickly.
  12. Just did a bit of Googling around. Firstly the coaster was almost entirely designed and manufactured by the Sansei (Japanese) arm of the company - explains the non conventional track and odd shaping (transitions, based on videos on Youtube, look very rough too). It appears that as a car was ascending the lift, the chain disengaged, anti rollbacks failed and the car crashed into a waiting car in the station.
  13. The Wikipedia article on Twist Coaster Robin describes the incident. From my understanding the coaster opened, cars crashed on the same day and it has been SBNO ever since? Shortest operational period of any ride ever surely!
  14. I think the only reason it was iconic was because of the loops. The rest of the layout was slow, boring and rough.
  15. Downunder that's a fantastic suggestion. Lightning Run looks batshit crazy and it's literally half the price of a Mega Lite - $7M for Lightning Run, $14.5M for Kawasemi.
  16. In regards to the "hydraulics being restarted", remember that a lot of the GP think that cars/trains have motors in them. They didn't realise that the car had stopped at a point in the track where it was unable to move. They may have heard brakes/compressors/tyre kickers firing.
  17. Not sure if S&S use the same sensors but here's an interesting read on Gerstlauer's. Most notable is the transponders fitted on the cars - perhaps if Mark Shaw is reading he can fill us in on exactly what they transpond
  18. Absolutely zero to do with maturity. Everything to do with geographical location. As a direct comparison, have a look at TPR's SFMM thread around when the Ninja incident occurred. Pages and pages of speculation and analysis. We had a thread with a few replies on the incident. When something as serious as this occurs in our own backyard of course there is going to be more discussion than that on an overseas site.
  19. Seems to be off the front page of major news sites this morning which is good news for MW. I hope they've moved the car though - you don't really want to be seeing a part derailed car while buying tickets to ride roller coasters.
  20. Not sure if this has already been noted in this thread but the footage clearly shows a second set of wheels resting on the second MCBR platform at 1:57
  21. S&S made the trains. The wheel assembly would be very similar to other El Locos so I would say they'd also be shut.
  22. So the car isn't in a block? Surely a wheel hasn't come off but it is concerning that it didn't reach the first block considering it has plenty of pace in the first section
  23. Flea

    Bush Beast NL2

    For a first coaster it's great! Very impressive, I don't have the patience to learn
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