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  1. They used the same image to promote the event over the Christmas holidays too. Here’s hoping it means they are actually planning on opening it and it’s not just a case of slack marketing.
  2. While I love this kind of effort in marketing, it’s a little sad that the bus stop has more theming than the ride appears to have...
  3. While the length of time for SX360 to open has been excessive, I believe that would have been due to changes in regulations between the purchasing of the ride and the commissioning. There is nothing to suggest that there will be the same delay with The Rat and I would expect to see it testing soon and would be very surprised if it wasn’t open by Easter.
  4. Calm down chief, we're on the same side. When I started this thread in July 2019, it was to highlight they'd be announcing the opening "in the coming weeks"...
  5. Last night I caught the very end of a television commercial for SX360. Unfortunately, it didn't run again while I was watching so I didn't catch when it was opening. The listing for the ride hasn't been updated on the website and the only indication of it being open is it is included in the artwork for their Ride the Night events running every Friday night in December and January, so this would suggest the ride might already be open if not could be by Friday. Their recent post states the park has now returned to 7 day trading until the end of January, but seems to contradict the above post that they aren't open for day trade on Fridays. Great to see them returning to normal and finally opening their new ride. Hopefully The Rat isn't far behind!
  6. I am hoping to get there before Christmas. Will certainly grab photos if/when I do.
  7. The latest Nearmap update of the Sunshine Coast (29 Oct, 2020) shows plenty has happened at the Palmview park. A large rectangular slab has been placed adjacent to the yet to be opened SX360. Plenty of orange track, grey trusses and a crane are all clearly visible. This also means we now have three coasters under construction at the same time in South East Queensland. Coaster cars perhaps?
  8. Have you ever unwrapped a present that was in an iPhone box, but when you open the box it was a pair of socks? That’s what riding the “new” scooby coaster is like.
  9. Not yet. Latest images are from 1st August and just show the empty slab. Pretty sure they were shared in another thread.
  10. It’s been listed as ‘opening soon’ on the website for a little while now (I think I first noticed it about a month ago). It was briefly advertised as being opened for their Halloween event, but that went quiet and obviously didn’t eventuate. It is conspicuously absent from their Summer marketing so I would guess they aren’t willing to bet on a date either. We are keen to visit but will probably hold out until we finally get the SX360.
  11. ^ You’re welcome. You missed my 😉. I actually quite like both ideas too and agree they’d be a good addition. It’s quite an art form and quite enjoyable. It is time consuming though.
  12. Yes, because a theme park trying to recover from a tragedy and restore its safety record should definitely be handing out knives to children. 😉
  13. That Lego movie short is kinda scary...
  14. Getting yourself decapitated is no way to get ahead in life.
  15. Deepanshu Bhatt speaks in third person. Strop hates that.
  16. It is the peak of theme park reporting!
  17. Maybe they gave him the steering wheel but it’s on a rail like the vintage cars?
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