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  1. The themeing is never acurate, it could easily be a artists impression. DOnt get to decipointed.
  2. I think there are only 4 decent Aussie sites, r-c.com.au, ozcoaster, AAF and thrill history. They have easily the best forums/sites all original. AAF is a bit old school these days but was my first dip into Amusement park sites. I love the site though, tells the truth.
  3. one of my freinds said she had to wait 45mins for Superman in the holidays. She said that she hate movieworld cause' the lines were so long but loved Dreamworld cause' no one was there.
  4. Dosent someone here know the family realy well?
  5. Anyone have to suffer the pain that is half capacity Giant Drop?
  6. The WWF pre-show was a little speil by a scotr who did alot of westerns just about the movies and stuff. It was in a little room just before you board. Mabye because I am a massive LW fan I allways enjoy watching the movie once when I go but wow that pre-show that was origanaly planned sounds sooooo damn cool It aint funny
  7. The pre show movie bit on WWF got a bit annoying.
  8. Can we have some confermation? I think your a staff member matt. Hmmmm, I liked the LW themeing ALOT. Mabye cause I am a LW movie fanatic.
  9. I got stuck just before the first lift once. Everyone seems to have been stuck on WWF once in there life.
  10. Go to Movieworld on new years eve!!!!! Last year we did and the longest we had to wait was 20mins for Lethal Weapon!!! All others were between 10-20 mins!!! I rode superman escape at least 15 times in 1 hour or so. It was awosme, the shows are choccos full either and if you have small kids that love looney tunes ride area then they get walk ons all day as loonytunes was deserted. I got atleast 2 re-rides on road runner. I'm not sure if dreamworlds the same though. After this we went home at 6 and we were fine to go out and watch the fireworks and stuff.
  11. woah i rember i found out on the news and came straight to here the went to another aussie site, can rember it. its an old school site. australian ammusment fanatics I think.
  12. YOu can look straight ahead at the fake station and you can see curtain and track leading off to behind the curtain.
  13. January holidays 06, apprently its realy smooth again.
  14. In that case does anyone know if the china town theming opended with the ride? Otherwise i have no idea, mabye they wanted a china town theme? :S can a old MW staff member inform us?
  15. LW4 is based around Chinnese gangs ect and theres a Chase through chinatown.
  16. chinatown used to freak me out when I was younger, the earie silent adds to the atmosphere. I think they should actually have the scence from Letahal weapon 2 where the beamer fliped over in the shop front with the coins everywhere and the murtaughs station wagon is there all shot out with a couple of LAPD squad cars around the are with there sirens on with no noise though. WBMW germany did this I think. Being a lethal weapon movie fanatic this would be bloody awsome. That is the scence shown in the cinema aswell witch would be good visualy for people who watched it before they rode.
  17. I wish we got the lethal weapon mentioned before I would love some gritty back street LA theme, current one does it it well but it can be better.
  18. Last time you said MW were putting a plazza into there theming we got a few tarpoles and grass.
  19. Last night ont the show they said the wernt doing ti anymore.
  20. I love it how Lethal Weapon is themed and the American voice overs make it heaps good, but you win some you lose some. I definatly agree with ride-ops at MW, there the best on the coast.
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