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  1. Hey everyone. Thought I should make a thread for everyone wondering, what the best days are to go to the parks in the holidays. I know it’s best to avoid them all together, but for everyone who can only go in the hoildays, What’s most likely going to be the best days to go to MW through the June/July school hoilday’s? also what’s everyone’s different strategy to get on the most rides when it’s busy? I have one for the other parks but I don’t have one for MW.
  2. Do the gold coast theme parks have any rides you get wet on, like flume rides, whitewater rides etc?
  3. We all know that Hanna-Barbera is owned by Warner Bros, and the WB parks use it to their advantage. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi has rides based on Scooby Doo, The Jetsons and The Flintstones, and Parque Warner Madrid has rides based on The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Scooby Doo. What does Warner Bros Movie World have based on HB? Nothing. Yes, they have Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, but that it based on the 2002 movie that comes from Warner Bros, not Hanna-Barbera. Here is my reason why they don’t have it: Movie World does not have permission to use Hanna-Barbera characters. It is another reason why the Kids WB area has Looney Tunes only, and none from Hanna-Barbera. If they did have HB rights I’m sure they would use it. So basically SDSC has to remain based on the films, not the show due to them not allowed to use Hanna-Barbera.
  4. Heading to the Gold Coast next week and Saturday is the only day I can get to Movieworld. What can I expect for wait times? Do they only run 2 trains in school holidays or do they run the 2nd train on weekends? Worried about a massive line for rivals seem superman and Scooby are both down at the moment.
  5. So a little later after creating the Green Lantern, I decided it was time to start on the Superman Escape. This would be were the true fun would begin. Now, I've built this coaster a number of times in the past. But every time I build it, I just feel like it doesn't look how it should look with the right angles and such. So the hardest part about this coaster was mostly, just the curves and well, everything. I started designing this moc around just a few or so weeks after the GL. And the coaster was really just the coaster when I started the process. See when I start a coaster, I start a bit of the coaster, then the cs, coaster, cs, coaster and so fourth. But with this build, I just built the whole thing first, then started adding the cs along with it. So I'm going to include some pics of what it looked like in the making of the coaster. And don't worry, these are full vanilla pics from my pc. (copyrighted) But that's all for me, now it's time for you to tell me what you think on the coaster, and what more could be done to it. And here is the video to let you see what the finished product is like. XD Hope you enjoy.......... "NOTE" I'll be making an update for all the coasters before my next build begins. (sorry for the poor music on this video) Shot0021.bmp Shot0022.bmp Shot0023.bmp Shot0028.bmp
  6. Hey I'm new here but been following the construction at MovieWorld on Parks for awhile. saw this today thought you would all like to see
  7. *STILL IN PROGRESS* This is not a recreation of Movie World Gold Coast this is a Theme Park based on Movie World but focused on the world of DC Comics. Front entrance of the park Close up on the ticket booths The big entrance into the park DC Comics Store found near the entrance Superman Ultimate Flight Building (not to be confused with actual ride Superman ride in real life) Track of the Superman ride Close up of the Doomsday Ride Zoom out of Doomsday ride including Daily Planet and Villains Area Bizarro Ride Entrance Bizarro Queue and Ride Zoomed out Sinestro FreeFall of Fear Ride Entrance and freefall top Stunt Show Area Villains Unleashed 4D Entrance and Inside The WB Water Tower and Hollywood Stage n' Street Show area behind the DC Comics store next to the Superman Ultimate Flight Gotham City Cars Building (in Gotham Area) The Penguin Plane Escape The Dark Knight Building Track of The Dark Knight Side Street next to the Dark Knight Exit and Store of the Arkham Coaster The Arkham Coaster Building and close up entrance Side Buildings with Gotham Grill next to Arkham Batman and Batmobile area for photos in front of Joker Chaos Coaster Joker Chaos Coaster (not to be confused with the real life one at Six Flags)
  8. Is anyone else wondering what movie world could be doing for his Anniversary??
  9. Hi everyone the other night i was doing some looking around on Facebook and came across this picture ride could this be one of the many rides being planned for near future? Could it be MovieWorld Or Dreamworld
  10. It had been a while since my last visit when I turned up at Movieworld yesterday. The entry for Lethal Weapon had been moved since I last visited (it was on the front of the sound stage building beside Superman last time). There was new graffiti art work and a new set of switchbacks inside the building where the old stack of cars used to be. I also found some markings on a few of the support posts - not sure if this symbol is something from the building/engineering industry or if it's a logo for the new ride. Photos are attached.
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