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  1. Clearly, the "Aussie coaster that's as old as the Titanic" refers to Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway and "Australia's biggest ride disasters" refer to the 1979 Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train fire and the 2016 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride incident. Looks like a very interesting program which hopefully balances the positives & negatives of the theme park industry! '7News Spotlight - Ride Of Your Life' airs Sunday the 6th of June between 7pm & 8:30pm AEST on Channel 7.
  2. I've always have had this question fueling in my mind. Personally, I think that probably another incident. Maybe even worse would have happened. But, let's pretend that there was NO INCIDENTS AND THERE NEVER WAS! I think Wonderland would of never been built because it was because of the void of LPS that got Wonderland going in the first place. 7 people would still be around today. A family would not be in smithereens. Probably the owners would of either tried to knock down the park like they tried to do in the early 70s. It may of been successful. But I think that if it stayed. The Big D
  3. This obviously could mean anything, and I am not up to date with LPS’ current plans for the future, and I know LPS hasn’t been talked about on here for a little while now however, a few days ago on instagram LPS posted a photo and captioned that they have something “BIG” coming in may that no one will want to miss. Obviously it could be anything as they do a wide range of interactions through social media but I am hopeful we will get something new soon, very hopeful.
  4. Luna park has had yet, another down since 1995! This one is not that bad but is going to be written down in the history books! The Milson's point ferry warf has been under repairs for over 3 months and at about 1:00 PM today (29/8/17), the 200 tone crane has snapped and sent a metal rope flying, damaging the blue part on top of the hair/spikes (whatever they are) In the above photo, you can see how the metal rope dangling from the top above the forehead Luckily, the park was closed today and nobody was harmed. Witnesses say they thought a bomb went off. "
  5. Long time viewer but have never posted before…! Long time Sydney based theme park fanatic though (and looking forward to WnW opening soon in my backyard!) I have a LPS annual pass and visit LPS regularly with my nieces. Every time we go the place is packed and I wonder whether this will still be the case once WnW opens in Sydney. Does anyone know if LPS are planning anything new & permanent to counter the opening of Wet and Wild? In recent years I’ve noticed they have improved the atmosphere of LPS with a lot of new entertainment & characters (this is what my nieces look forward to the
  6. Hi everyone. I haven't been to a theme park since I was 15 or so(almost 30 now) but I've been browsing these forums for a couple of weeks just reading old threads about Wonderland(I'm born & bred in west Sydney) and it's got me all nostalgic. I've started remembering how much I loved theme parks when I was younger. I've done the GC parks, and was even lucky enough to visit all the major parks in California when I was about 11. These places were just magical to me as a child. I only ever went to Luna Park in Syd a couple of times as a kid, and my girlfriend has actually never been! I've dec
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